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    feeler: fs/ft spotless 91 lx hatch 5.0 5 speed

    *update* $4600 firm, No trades. I have a white 91 lx 5.0 hatchback, hardtop, clean title in hand, white with black trim and black interior. Condition is 9 out of 10, 113k original miles, original motor, power everything and everything works, the car is originally white and was repainted...
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    FS: 97 black cobra *unmolested* clean title in hand, well maintained!

    FS: 97 black cobra *unmolested* $5300 *Price Edit* Hello I have a 97 Black Mustang Cobra, clean title in hand, everything on the car works and it drives great, just under 134k mainly highway miles, hardtop, black leather interior which is in great shape, I have all original documents and...
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    question on 97 cobra

    hey guys my buddy just bought a 97 cobra and we got to looking and we know its a true cobra because he was given the svt certificate with the vin on it and it all matches, but he's worried about if it's the original motor in it, everything looks exact except one thing, it doesnt have the svt...
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    Good price on 91 5.0 lx hatch? (Need help!)

    (ADDED PICS) Hey guys i believe i have found me a car but i would like a few opinions as to if im making a good decision or's a 91 mustang lx original 5.0 car, 111k original miles, 5 spd, white with perfect black interior, lowered, LT's with full dynomax exhaust, short throw, cai...
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    WTB nice 90-93 5.0 coupe...SERIOUS BUYER! CASH IN HAND!

    Hello I am looking for a 90-93 hatch or notch mustang, must run flawlessly, must be an original 5.0 car, original motor, must have clean title in hand! Must be a 5 spd, as close to stock as possible, nothing over 120k miles, NO JUNK! but with that said i'm not wanting a barrett jackson car. As...
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    FS: 98 Trans Am blk m6 *Clean Title* 7k takes it home (video)

    Ok guys listing my car, hopefully this is the last time i have to. The vid tells longer for trade though.]YouTube - 100_0510[1 Mods: slp lid, ls6 maf, a.i.r. delete, no cats and dynomax bullitt muffler. Price is 7k firm, to go with...
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    wtt ls1 car for 99-01 cobra *clean title in hand*

    wtt ls1 car for 99-01 cobra *clean title in hand* video added YouTube - 100_0510[1].MOV 98 Pontiac Trans Am, black, t-tops, m6, 111k miles, ebony leather interior, it is not a ws6 but does have aftermarket ram air hood, car is currently parked so mileage will not change, about 100...
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    98 trans am ls1 m6 for sale *clean title in hand*"]YouTube - 100_0510[ I have a 98 Pontiac Trans Am, black, t-tops, m6, 111k miles, ebony leather int., it is not a ws6 but does have aftermarket ram air hood, car is currently parked so mileage will not change, i'm in no hurry to sale...
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    WTT 98 Trans Am ls1 m6 + cash for 99-04 gt

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    ***WTB: 87-93 5.0 notch coupe***

    I am looking for an 87-93 5.0 notch coupe, preferably under $1500, southern cars only, i am located in northwest alabama and can travel within a reasonable distance to pick up, i am not going to be very picky with this so pm me with what you have and we'll even up the odd ends with my price and...
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    wtt my 98 blk t/a m6

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    wtt for a mach 1/cobra

    didnt know how to delete the thread so i jus took everything out of it so it wouldnt waste anyones time
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    feeler: wtb 94-95 5.0

    just figured i'de see what came up, i am considering buying an sn95 5.0, prefferably under 150k miles, manual only!!, lemme know what you guys have, thanks!
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    wtt my 98 blk m6 t/a for....

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    feeler: wtt my 98 blk trans am 6-spd

    wtt my 98 blk trans am m6 expired
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    good price on 03 gt?

    hello everyone, i found an 03 silver hardtop gt, that im looking to trade my 98 t/a for, the gt has full exhaust, magnaflows, lt's, o/r x-pipe, k&n cold air, and a diablosport predator, the car has 72,000 miles, the interior is leather and in great shape, and everything works properly, and it...
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    gt500 clutch question

    does anyone have any info on the recall for the gt500 clutches? apparently some of the gt500's have a problem with the clutch making a ticking noise??? thanks!
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    09 gt500 blower question

    hello everyone, my cousin's stepdad bought an 09 gt500 the other day and we were driving it around and noticed just how low of a wine those blowers have, well someone at the ford dealership said that if we took the battery terminals off and put them back on, the blower would scream, jus...
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    sn95 5.0 header question

    will 87-93 longtube headers fit a 95 5.0?, i already have a bbk h-pipe for lt's, what lt's will work with it, i kno i can get 94-95 lt's for $279, but i was wandering if the cheaper 87-93's would work, wanna get feeback what would be the best setup, a blown 306 or a 347 with nitrous for a daily...