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  1. Jimmysidecarr

    Sold: Jimmysidecarr's 2004 Mystichrome Coupe #539, 2.3L Whipple

    SOLD: This is a one owner(ME!) Mystichrome coupe with under 42,000 miles. Nearly all mods done by myself personally. Looking to get $27,500.00 firm and considering the very functional modifications, the very low miles for the year and it's excellent condition, I think that is more than fair...
  2. Jimmysidecarr

    It's been a nice run! I've had an absolute blast with this car!

    Well I hate to say it, but it is time for me to let go of my most favorite car that I have ever owned. I'm getting old and I am no longer into doing car stuff all the time, like I was before my transplant. It's been very fun reading threads and advising forum members, friends and buddies on...
  3. Jimmysidecarr

    Finally getting back on track after many years of laying low after my transplant!

    Hell YES I'M going!!! TWS! (Texas World Speedway, College Station, Texas) A Track Guys event! Jeff Lacinta and Dell Hughes! March 29th-30th Come on out and see the old geezer run... LOL!:rockon::beer: You know you want to! Really looking forward to this...
  4. Jimmysidecarr

    Please Vote for my brother Mark's ridiculously fun to drive 911

    Please Vote for my brother Mark's ridiculously fun to drive and very cool (IMHO) 3.0L "back date" Porcshe 911!! This car completely caught me off guard, just how nimble, light, stable and quick it was. What a freaking blast it was hammering this thing through the twisty back roads! 50...
  5. Jimmysidecarr

    Microwave missile test a success!

    Boeing Successfully Tests Microwave Missile That Takes Out Electronic Targets « CBS St. Louis Pretty cool! Boeing successfully tests a new missile that can take out electronic targets with little collateral damage. The aerospace company tested the microwave missile last week on a...
  6. Jimmysidecarr

    Sorry accidental thread delete JLT info thread

    Yep, that was me and it was an accident. I'm still kind of newb for a mod and screwed that up. I was moving some posts from the two different threads and merging some posts and some how Jay's info thread with the freshly moved posts got wiped out... :bash:Sorry:(:nonono: I am posting this...
  7. Jimmysidecarr

    Are you freaking kidding me? I bought the wrong car!

    Saturday, TWS, Track Guys event Jeff Lacina and Dell are putting on their usual pretty much flawless event. So I decide I have waited long enough and I'm healed up from my liver transplant so let's find out if my meds are going to effect my reactions OR NOT. The good news is they do not!! So I...
  8. Jimmysidecarr

    NEW RULE! If it's not yours don't post it for sale here.

    If it's not yours don't post it for sale here. Addition rule changes coming soon.
  9. Jimmysidecarr

    Hey all you NEW GUYS!

    Hey all you NEW GUYS! Hello and welcome!:beer: Search Forums Show Threads Show Posts Tag Search Advanced Search Search Site / Google <---Use this one!!! Web Read all the stickies at the top of the page, especially this one->...
  10. Jimmysidecarr

    (MY!!!) Terminator OIL recommendations and capacities.

    I answered a PM from a member here and afterwards he asked me why I don't just post it all in a thread, so that if it is searched it will pop up. I didn't really have a compelling reason not to so here you go. Hopefully next time someone actually bothers to do a search something helpful will...
  11. Jimmysidecarr

    FAQs & Hotlinks updated

    I made some updates to the FAQs & HOT LINKS sticky. Including this awesome thread from the cleaned up how to section. Do not post "I need a how to for ______" in the how to thread. It will be deleted.
  12. Jimmysidecarr

    Bought an 04 3 door SVT Focus today, I like it!

    Well I finally found one that was traded in at a dealer near by that was reasonably priced and in reasonable good shape. It still needs to go through the safety check and clean up at the Toyota dear it is at, so I don't actually pick it up until about Wednesday. I am already chomping at the...
  13. Jimmysidecarr Do you know where your kids R right now? Seriously, do you know where your kids are right now? Pretty funny but also a bit disturbing since these vans are actually out there somewhere in a neighborhood near you.:dw::eek: ANATOMY OF A SUSPICIOUS VAN Location location...
  14. Jimmysidecarr

    NEW GUYS!! FAQ/Sticky list thread updated!

    NEW GUYS!! and old guys too!!! The FAQ/Sticky list thread has been updated to a new and improved level of AWESOME!!! Check it out! Answers to questions you have not even thought to ask yet are waiting for you there!! Where...
  15. Jimmysidecarr


    HOT LINK LIST! READ!--> PLEASE READ-->FAQsTerminator FAQs Fastest Cobras: 2014: 2013...
  16. Jimmysidecarr

    The Engine coolant radiator burp fill procedure

    From one of the Ford Service publications. Radiator Re-Fill Procedure Re-fill the radiator with a 50/50 Mix of Gold Anti-Freeze and Distilled Water following the procedure below to burp air from cooling system. Re-check Radiator Fluid Level. Repeat as necessary to ensure proper engine cooling...
  17. Jimmysidecarr

    Shift improvements to the MT-82 6 speed, what has worked for you.

    I have been tracking threads all over and have been studying the feed back on the different solutions that have been tried. I would love to get some additional feed back regarding fluid changes that worked and fluid changes that didn't. Please give a little back ground as well, since...
  18. Jimmysidecarr

    So just how fast are these things anyway?

    Thought some of the new(and OLD) guys might enjoy this information.:beer::rockon: Feel free to chime in with any updates you might have. Original compilation by->IronTerp as of 10/09... Standing Mile results: [email protected] "205.3 mph at Texas mile"...
  19. Jimmysidecarr

    The authorized "Reasons why LFP SUCKS or is Awesome" thread!"

    Here is where you can post about LFP (Lightning Force Performance) experiences. Feel free to post both positive and negative if you feel so inclined. They were a well respected paying vendor for many years here at SVTP, that was Terminated as an authorized vendor due to too many customer...
  20. Jimmysidecarr

    It's official I will be back to work 5/16/2011

    I can finally confirm that I will be working for Royal Purple Synthetic Lubricants starting Monday the 16th.:banana::rockon::pepper::dancenana: Am I excited? HELL YEAH!:rockon: I have been out of work since August of 09, having had to quit because of getting too sick and weak as my liver...
  21. Jimmysidecarr

    Sam Crumpacker shows why auto racing is a real sport!

    Sam Crumpacker shows why auto racing is a REAL SPORT, and ball games are just... meh... Watch full screen with the sound up!:rockon::beer: Texas World Speedway NASA CMC2 FTW!!! Congratulations Sam!!:rockon::beer: TWS Race 3 - 5/1/11 on Vimeo
  22. Jimmysidecarr

    Taiwanese cartoon news Bin Laden DEAD!!

    I almost died laughing.:lol: from NMA world edition (May not be safe for work) (PORK CONTENT WARNING! contains PORK) UiDyrkU0WAQ
  23. Jimmysidecarr

    MUST READ Do not post help threads here!!!

    DO NOT POST HELP THREADS HERE!!! How to threads are for you to teach others how you did it. First how to compilation New how to compilation...
  24. Jimmysidecarr

    I-Phone sigs.... WHY? Really?

    Why all the endless witty and sometimes less than witty I-phone sigs? And why are they in every single post? At least forum sigs are just in the first post of each page and then they go away. Now I am seeing for sale ads in both the forum sig and the I-phone sig at the same time...
  25. Jimmysidecarr

    The proven best Terminator cooling mod EVER!

    Not for the faint of heart, but it is VERY effective.:rockon::bowdown: There are some people in the Terminator enthusiast community, that also enjoy hard tracking their cars, that have mentioned that they would be very likely to purchase this, if a full function, hinge and latch capable...