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    WTB turbo or supercharged S550

    Brian, where are you located?
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    Svtpp wheels, great shape

    How's it going guys. I have a set of svtpp wheels for sale. These are 19's and 20's. I just purchased these Friday, and as luck would have it my car sold Monday. The new owner could not afford the wheels. So, I have a nice set of wheels with nothing to put them on. I purchased these from...
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    Another happy VMP customer

    I just want I let everyone know what a great experience I had with VMP. I decided it was time to break the factory seal on my 2007 gt500, and mod it. I called BJ and he was nice enough to talk to me and give me his recommendations of what I should do as my first mods. Mind you, he was on the...
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    2003 sonic blue $17k in Texas

    Car has been sold!
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    Great service!

    I just wanted to thank you for the great service. I ordered a gauge mounting pod and a BA2600 meter. The prices were great and the shipping was very fast. Thanks for being a good vendor! Kyle
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    rear o2 sensors and sct tuner

    Alright guys and girls, this may be a silly question. I purchased a new SCT tuner from a vendor. I am looking to turn off the rear o2's. Under my user options tab, I can only change spark advance, axle ratio,cooling fans, tire revs, WOT and idle speed. Do you not have this function on the SF3...
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    Vortech rebuild question

    How's it going guys. I have a question that I can't seem to find an answer for. I recently purchased a 1997 Cobra that has the V-1 Supercharger installed. The charger has been on the car for around 50,000 miles. My question is, when do these head units need to be rebuilt? The car still pulls...
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    Modded SN-95 goes down

    Well tonight was another wonderful night of cruising. Each Thursday night here, all of the car nuts and their hot rods cruise our Sonic drive thru. Well after I finished up at the gym, I decided to make my obligatory drive through to see what hot new iron was out. The place was packed, and there...
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    Magna flow impressions and ???'s

    I installed my magna flow exhaust today. My first impressions are,the system is very nice in build quality and fit. The system went on easily, fit well and sounds great. It is not loud at idle, but when you step on it, it sounds great. Not too loud, but you can definately tell a difference...
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    The mod madness has begun!

    Yup, thats right. I made the call Thursday and ordered the Magnaflow catback. The Steeda CAI is on the way as well. The car only has 700 miles on it and it is going under the knife. Does the urge to go fast ever stop? Lets hope not. I would like to pass this gene on to my 3 year old son! Kyle
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    My first race...kinda

    Well, tonight I encountered my first race. I was on my way home, sitting at a red light when I hear the sounds of revving exhaust. It is the ear peircing sound of a v-6 Camaro. I have my passenger window down, and I hear a "hey dude, you want some?" I reply no thanks, I appreciate the offer...
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    Radio whine noise??

    Does anyone else here have the annoying alternator whine noise through the speakers? I have only had my car for 3 days. Now, I notice a loud alternator whine coming through the speakers, especially if I am sitting at idle. Am I the only one with this extra Mach sound system upgrade???? Thanks...
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    SVT documents??

    I have a question. I have been so excited about actually getting the car, I forgot to ask the dealer about the SVT documents and certificate. The only thing I received was the window sticker and owners manual. Are these other items mailed to you from Ford? I assumed they were, but thought I...
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    I am so proud!

    Well, I am the new guy here. I am located in Lubbock Texas, and I am the proud owner of a Silver 03 Cobra. I just took delivery of the car tonight. I had high reservations about spending this much money for a car, but on the drive home I was smiling the whole way. I made the right decision...