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    Lund auto lope tune

    I was one of the first to have the AED auto lope tune and I loved it. I rocked it until I put my car back to stock when attempting to sell it. I sold the tuner and not the car LOL. Now I am pining for another lope tune. Has anyone tried the Lund or a non AED auto lope tune?
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    2015 bucket list test drive

    So I went to the mall today to do some shopping and they had this cool 2015 test drive deal set up. I walked over and they had a course setup where you could drive an ecoboost down a straight and around a 180 then a short slalom. After you got done driving a guy from Ford took you around in a GT...
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    sct x4 using tunes previously used on x3

    I sold my x3 awhile back because I was going to sell the car. Never happened so I still have a bunch of tunes on my laptop. Any idea if tunes that I used with my x3 will work with the x4? I would assume so but figured I would ask.
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    select shift retrofit

    I was at the dealer getting an oil change today and I had them take a look at my shifter handle as the silver paint is bubbling up a bit. Then while walking the lot I was looking at the 2014s and their different shifters with the select shift. Has anyone retrofitted the select shift into an...
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    exhaust clamp bolt size

    does anyone happen to know the bolt size for the stock exhaust clamps? I snapped mine and the only replacement I had was short and isn't really doing a great job. Id rather not have to pull the bolt out and then run to the store with it. Thanks guys
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    Car to car trans swap

    I have seen threads where people have done a trans swap but I don't recall one where the trans was swapped from car to car. I am looking to swap my auto for a manual and am looking for some tips on how to best accomplish this. I think I have a grasp on the big parts but am hung up on the...
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    another gutter guard foglight cover

    I did the gutter guard foglight delete mod with a twist. I kept the fogs in place. I think it looks alright but may change it up at some point.
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    how to do a compression test

    Anyone have words of wisdom on how to perform a compression test on these cars? I have a tester and have tested other cars but there are a few bits that are different. 1) easiest way to stop fuel- I assume a fuse pull but am wondering 2) easiest way to stop spark 3) how to crank engine-...
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    Long tubes with DIY H pipe??

    I was reinstalling my offroad H and sizing up the car for a potential future header install. Looking at the routing of the H pipe I don't see why a hacked up OR-H would not work. Has anyone tried this? If so what brand of headers?
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    SCT KAM reset

    I had to send my SCT in for service and they got it all setup with the latest and greatest updates. When I uploaded my tune the other day I noticed it had another menu for KAM reset which I am pretty sure I never noticed before and is a welcome addition to someone like me who flip flops...
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    side mirror wiring help

    My mirror got knocked clean off and in the process it yanked the harness connector off the wires. If someone could pop the little cover off where the mirror control stick is and tell me the position of the wires I would appreciate it. My car is a 2011 in case they changed the wires. Here is...
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    strategy and ecu codes

    I recently had some issues with my SCT tuner where they had to wipe my handheld. Now I am having issues loading tunes into my handheld. I suspect it may have changed my strategy somehow. I have no idea what my original strategy was but the code on the ECU is UHB2 and the strategy shown on the...
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    Another SCT story of whoa

    I know there is several posts on the subject but I think having multiple posts will help bring these issues to the fore front. I have had my SCT handheld for a few years now. I originally had it for my 2011 manual and kept it when I got my 2011 auto. I have had dozens of tunes without issue...
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    19" wheels and tires (Chicago)

    I have a nice set of Bremmer Kraft BR-05 wheels 19x9(R) 19x8(F) wrapped with the highly acclaimed Hankook V12 Evo tires 275/40 (R) 255/45 (F). They have 9,000 miles on them with 80% of those miles being turned on a long road trip on the highway. They come with the hub centric rings, lugs w/...
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    FRPP K springs VS. Eibach Sportlines

    I installed a set of Sportlines on my 2011 today and I wanted to do a comparo between them and the FRPP K springs that I had on my old 2011. As far as drop goes they look pretty similar. I only put about 60 easy miles on the Eibach so they may drop a little more. The ride is where the...
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    cat delete pipes

    Has anyone installed a set of cat delete pipes without issues?
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    WTT: Wheels & Tires (Chicago)

    I have a nice set of Bremmer Kraft BR-05 wheels 19x9(R) 19x8(F) wrapped with the highly acclaimed Hankook V12 Evo tires 275/40 (R) 255/45 (F). They have 5,500 miles on them with 95% of those miles being turned on a long road trip on the highway. They come with the hub centric rings, lugs w/ tool...
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    those with tinted windows

    To those with tinted windows, did you install that moleskin stuff? I heard that the earlier 197 cars needed it but have not heard much about the newer cars needing it as well. Any insight?
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    manual to auto guys

    I know that there are several of us and several threads on the subject but I was looking to make a support group of sorts. If you are traditionally a manual car driver and bought an auto 2011+ or if you bought a 2011 manual and traded for an auto. Here is the deal. (please excuse the...
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    best MPG

    I'm taking my 2011 on a bit of a road trip soon. My old 2011 manual got 26+MPG on the same trip. On a similar trip that I have taken twice with my auto 2011 I have only gotten 23 MPG. I am currently rocking a VMP 93 tune. I can go back to stock or I also have three different American Muscle...
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    TCI torque converter

    I know it was unveiled at SEMA but does anyone have any more info on it, mainly a price point and release date?
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    Coil on plug replacement discussion

    Instead of muddying up a vendors thread I figured I would start a discussion. IMO if the gains are to believed they are probably a decent deal for the money. We have somewhat high compression and big HP so perhaps they do help. However my experience with aftermarket coils is limited to the...
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    remote start

    Has anyone installed a remote start? I just ordered one and will be tackling the install soon and am looking for tips.
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    upgrading speakers

    I made a thread awhile back asking about stereo upgrades to my base car. Since then I have traded up to a premium with Shaker 500. I love the functionality of the Shaker but it still sounds terrible. For now I just want to upgrade the front speakers. I was reading that you can fit...
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    confused trans

    I have had some strange issues with my Bama tuned auto. Sometimes when I am go WOT nothing happens for a few moments and then the trans abruptly downshifts. This really came to a head yesterday at the track. The situation was far from idea but the back end of my car stepped out on the...