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    1995 Porsche Carrera C2, operation daily driver!

    Nice little PD blower tucked in there. It must be a hoot to drive. And as always great job.
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    Congrats and good luck. Doesn't the M4 Comp run 0-60 in 2.5 and the 1/4 in 10.9. They're fast stock
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    Oldest son bought a 94 dad got one

    Congrats! When you do the dragy are you going to do the C4 also?
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    1995 Dodge Ram Club Cab | Retro Review

    They were something else when they came out in '94.
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    2023 Turbo Porsche

    Amazing job! That was bad for a 2023. I think if you sneeze near a black Porsche you will leave swirls. The black on my BMW isn't anywhere near as bad as my Porsche, either that or I just care less.
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    Merry Christmas SVTP Friends

    Merry Christmas SVTP.
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Idk maybe I'm just an old perv. Seen this on FB Marketplace.
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    Ugly car corral

    Few more ugly's Rolls Royce Camargue Aston Martin Lagonda. This is even ugly on the inside. The Ferrari 400
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    Ugly car corral

    You guys covered most of the bases already. I do take exception to the E23 BMW and Panamera. Here's my contribution.
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    Favorite Junk food (There’s no wrong answers, only weird ones)

    A Whooper with cheese. I get a craving for those about once or twice a year. Every other year I'll crave a Big Mac.
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    Eulogy for my Dad

    Sorry Klaus, I dread the day this time comes to me. I don't know how you processed those phone calls but I hope you found them as a comfort that you were the one he reached out to you in that moment. What could or could not have been said will forever be a mystery but take comfort that it was...
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    1986 Ferrari Testarossa

    Beautiful job. I want one of these so bad.
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    Next up CT5-V Blackwing...

    Nice car, congrats. My brother just bought a new '23 BW. It's a nice car, great handling, sounds amazing. I didn't jump on it too much as he was still in the break in range so I can't speak to the power. I would still take my 750i over it on the interior alone, but I'm an old man and those...
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    RIP Jimmy Buffett

    You need to separate the art from the artist^. Like Sid said I never cared for him until I got older. A pirate looks at forty is a great song.
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    Which is the best looking wheel to ever come on an American automobile?

    Hmm, Best looking stock wheel on an American car. I have to go with GM 15" Rallye's off the top of my head. They just looked good on everything.
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    FORD PASS reward points

    So they are not redeemable for service? Do I just pay the parts guy with my app? Excuse my ignorance but I'm a bit of a luddite.
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    Anyone have a ZR2 Silverado?

    ZR2 is pretty slick looking and the new interiors are finally nice. I would go for the Denali Ultimate but I like farty trucks.
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    FORD PASS reward points

    How do I redeem them? I just checked and I have 139k
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    What say ye?

    What's wrong with working for the money? They didn't even offer to set up a car wash or something. Nope, "Give me money for the kid". F-that kid and her shitty parents. They sound like a bunch degenerates.
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    Supreme Court vs. EVs?

    Even with huge incentives and manufacturers forcing them down dealers throats most people don't want them. How do they expect to get people to buy something they don't want?
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    2023 BMW M2 | MotorWeek Track Test

    The M2 doesn't look bad, now the new 7 series...........Oof! I have the previous gen 750i and can assure you I won't be upgrading to a current gen 7.
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    Current New Vehicle Market

    Because they are too busy making the Cuck-e and Lightning that no one wants.
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    New Toy: 2023 Ducati Panigale V4S

    Beautiful bike. I was helping my son shop for his first bike and they carried Ducati's. I looked at one of these and realized the time has passed me by to enjoy it and exploit it. Sure I could afford it but I couldn't use. Enjoy and stay safe.
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    I just ordered a 2023 Genesis G70 3.3T. I'm psyched!

    Congrats! They are sharp looking cars inside and out.
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    Triumph Rocket 3 Chrome Edition...

    Pure muscle bike. I'd ask you how you like it but I see you only have 3 miles on it. OT, I can't believe you still have the M8 Comp. That fact alone is a testament to how good that car must be.