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  1. NGO

    NASA Daytona Nov 1st

    NASA Daytona Nov 1st (added new vid link) Nice cool day that this car needed... NASA-SE combines HDPE 3 and 4 so it was a little busy out there at times. Here's a link to a first day run. 2/23/2015- I got lucky and scored some free Daytona...
  2. NGO

    Rotor Pad Combo For A Heavy Terminator- Need Advice

    Last time out at Sebring, I warped a stock set of rotors and went thru a set of Hawk DTC70. This time out, I had a brand new set of slotted rotors and DTC70, cracked the passenger sider rotor, pads are spent. I bedded them per procedure. What rotor pad combo do you guys recommend for a 3600...
  3. NGO

    Sebring NASA March 2014 Vid

    Wish I could make it to the June NASA event... Looking at some previous video will have to do for now. In this clip, my instructor suggested that I take my buddy who was here for his 1st HPDE event and show him the track. Made my best attempt to show him the proper lines...
  4. NGO

    1999 New Edge Hood Fit 2003 Terminator?

    I am looking for a cheap hood to mod with louvers for heat extration. I found a 1999 new edge hood for sale. Does anybody know if it will clear the Eaton blower? Thanks
  5. NGO

    Sebring Oct 2013 NASA HPDE 1

    Finally got some time to upload videos from my second OT weekend at Sebring... This a clip following my buddy in his 2006 GT with all the handling goodies. This is earlier in the second day and I had never seen my IAT2 temps and coolant temps running so high so I followed him around this...
  6. NGO

    Front Brake Theory Of Operation

    Stupid question ... While changing out my front pads last night (thanks Sebring) it dawned on me that i just dont understand how the outside pads move in to make contact with the rotor. The inside pads have the pistons pushing on them but the outside? School me please
  7. NGO

    Replacement For Stock Clutch Advice

    I have to replace my clutch now but the RXT is out of touch. I just missed the sale... What stock replacement clutches can I go with for now? I am making 488 HP/511. Thanks
  8. NGO

    Measuring Timing With A Predator Tuner

    Does any one know the parameter on a Predator Diablo for actual timing. I only see SRPADV which I believe is the intended timing. Thanks.
  9. NGO

    Low Mileage Cobra- Drive it?

    Need some advice... I bought my first '03 Terminator with 19,981 miles on it back in July. I love the car but I am afraid to drive it because I don't want to put miles on it and lower the value (has 20,890 on it now). I am considering selling it and buying a high mileage replacement so I...
  10. NGO

    HP Decline At 5K RPM

    Have an opportunity to buy a terminator with 46K on her. Problem is, the HP severally declines starting at 5K RPM (470 HP) and is at 300 HP at around 5.8K RPM. The torque continues to climb to 481. The car has 3" pulley 74" belt. In the pics, don't see any cusom idlers so I am thinking it...