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  1. john11gt

    Godzilla is going to be a beast

    This is the only thing from Ford that I’ve Been excited for, for a long time. 790hp NA while setup for a blower. Still on stock heads. I don’t have Wolfe’s Facebook for the graph, maybe someone here does.
  2. john11gt

    Wtf is this Netflix

    I saw someone post about this on Facebook and I had to google it for myself. Pretty ****ed up, the indoctrination that’s been going on is wild.
  3. john11gt

    7.3 Bronco or 392 Wrangler

    Which would you rather have, Bronco or Wrangler/Gladiator?
  4. john11gt

    New demon record - 9.55 @ 140

    Only mod is a Hoosier drag radial. That 60’ is crazy for a stock car
  5. john11gt

    Anyone order a green or silver gt500? Might be a little late..

    Saw it on the book of faces.
  6. john11gt

    Ford, why are you so gay

    Seriously guys? I know we would joke about it but ford ACTUALLY is pumping in engine and exhaust sounds into the new Mustang. Lol “mustang”. The Ford Mustang Mach-E Pumps in Fake Exhaust Noise When You Accelerate
  7. john11gt

    Mustang inspired “Mach-E” spy shots

    This Is The Ford 'Mustang-Inspired' SUV Caught Almost Totally Undisguised Don’t think I care for it much. The drawing of just the body lines looked decent but these pictures show a different look. Windows are so narrow with very tall doors. It reminds me of a Tesla suv or an Infinity.
  8. john11gt

    Mustang based EV debuts in November

    Mustang-Based EV Crossover Teased In-Depth, Debuts In November Mustang based wagon could be kind of cool. Not sure about the whole electric vehicle aspect though. Bets on if this hits the streets before the Gt500?
  9. john11gt

    Stock c8 makes 558whp 515wtq

    Dyno Test: How Much Power Does the 2020 Corvette C8 Really Make? - Motor Trend “ The double-paned windows are not enough to keep the engine note from reaching other parts of the facility. The speedometer on the screen reads 150 mph, but the front wheels are not moving at all. Once the engine...
  10. john11gt

    When will the first gt500 be delivered? POLL

    With the dates being pushed to the right as of late, when does everyone think the first gt500s will be delivered to customers, not just to a magazine. I’m thinking, end of January, possibly into February and that it would take an act of god for them to be delivered this year.
  11. john11gt

    347 Dyno results

    I dropped my car off at Redline Motorsports in Illinois to get a few things done to it and I just got the results. Its a stock block 347 in a 85 gt with a T5. 10;25.1 compression AFR 185s 236/243 .603/.588 108 lsa cam non ported Victor Jr. intake quickfuel slayer 750 carb with 2” HVH super...
  12. john11gt

    2016 Camaro SS drops 223 lbs and runs 12.3 @ 116 "Chevrolet testing shows the all-new, 455-hp (336 kW) Camaro SS coupe – the most powerful Camaro SS ever – sprints from 0-60 mph in 4.0 seconds and covers the quarter-mile in 12.3...
  13. john11gt

    No more Nürburgring times?

    Just saw this on facebook, it says theyre implementing speed limits on parts of the course now.
  14. john11gt

    Friends mom just passed, need some help if you can

    A good friend of mine just had his mom pass away a couple days ago. Back in August she was in a car accident and ended up in a coma, she has been on life support for the past 8 months. My friend just made the call to take her off life support a couple days ago and she has since passed. The...
  15. john11gt

    Which rear shocks for street/strip racing and what kind of 60' improvements to expect

    Im thinking about buying some rear shock to help get my 60' down some more. What shocks does everyone recommend? Ive looked around and it seems the Vi King d/a shocks and the Strange s/a shocks are popular. Is there anything else besides these two that are good for racing at the track and the...
  16. john11gt

    Big-ass firework

    Ill take 2, please xeEyOQJsdi0
  17. john11gt

    A French soldiers view of US soldiers in Afghanistan

    I just came across this and though it was an awesome read. " What follows is an account from a French ISAF soldier that was stationed with American Warfighters in Afghanistan sometime in the...
  18. john11gt

    Tuned, intake, pulley C7 Z06 numbers

    Stumbled across this on facebook
  19. john11gt

    Need some info on Bridestone Arena in Nashville

    I bought the girlfriend some concert tickets for Christmas and its at the Bridgestone arena in Nashville. I bought tickets for section 119 row FF. When I bought them they looked good because the whole center on the seating chart said stage but now when I look, the stage is all the way back by...
  20. john11gt

    GoPro vid of me autocrossing Ferrari F430

    For our anniversary, a couple months ago, my girlfriend got me a pass to autocross an F430 and a Gallardo LP-somethingornother through an exotic car rental place called Imagine Lifestyles. BUT they lost the videos of me driving that day, so to make up for it, they gave my girlfriend and I both...
  21. john11gt

    Broken UCA bolt, safe enough to drive to dealership?

    Long story short, I snapped one of the bolts for the UCA and need to know if its safe enough to drive the 20 miles to the dealership to get it fixed. The bolt I broke is one of the two holding the bracket to the body, not the one under the back seat. Almost the entire drive to the dealership...
  22. john11gt

    Positive/Negative buyer/seller feedback forum?

    With all the transactions that take place on this site, it seems like a good idea to have a forum just for the purpose of informing who is a good buyer/seller and who is not. There is the trader rating but this would allow to give a detailed description on how someone was treated, good or...
  23. john11gt

    Having trouble getting shifter in 6th gear

    I went to the track the other day and everything was fine on the way home but the next day, I was on my way to work and it was super hard to get into 4,5,6 gears. By th time I got to work 4-5 were fine but sixth gear still gives me trouble. It does go in gear but it only travels about a...
  24. john11gt

    Very loud gear whine after UCA install, is there any cure?

    I installed a Steeda UCA with the stock mount this weekend and when I took it for a drive afterwards I noticed some pretty bad gear whine between 60-80 mph. There is a faint whine below that speed but not real bad but at about 60 it gets loud, like you cant NOT hear it. Around 70 its still...
  25. john11gt

    How to lose a million bucks