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  1. sonicx

    2007 GT500 JTL CAI & Tune

    I went through this almost to a T. No need to reflash back to stock. Take it to someone whom you trust and have a tune built. It’ll rewrite where already on here. If you’re doing remote and /or wanting extra piece of mind… dual wideband monitoring. Pre 2011 GT500 didn’t have these...
  2. sonicx

    Suggestions for detailing supplies

    Skip the wax and do a DIY ceramic kit coating. Saves you then of having to wax on wax off. Then it’s just rinse dry and repeat with a a ceramic booster shot every other month.
  3. sonicx

    O'Reilly's lost me forever as a costumer

    Was that for the MC 5w-50 weight? I know Napa had castrol 5w-50 on sale for 6.85 a quart. Sorry to hear for your troubles with the Irish O.
  4. sonicx

    Which year Shelby to buy?

    Someone else spot check me when I say this please but I know of this, “three-way settings on the EPS & Available Recaro seats in terms of differences”.
  5. sonicx

    Let's see your 2013-14 Shelby GT500 Birth Certificate and Authenticity

    Got a Shelby not a SS but I like this thread!!! Pretty sick rides everyone ^
  6. sonicx

    NGK TR7IX or Brisk GR12YS plugs?

    I use the NGK TR7IX but I’m still running pump.
  7. sonicx

    Recommend Paint Correction / Compound Products?

    @5.0Black I hope this (Sonax 246141 Profiline CutMax) gets the side door scratch out. Otherwise I’m semi mad that I ordered pinnacle when I probably could have gotten by “as it”. Anyways… appreciate it. :)
  8. sonicx

    Recommend Paint Correction / Compound Products?

    @5.0Black No offense take. No apologies needed. Maybe you’re right the vapor silver hiding more or I need something better? Face Palm. I bought on Cyber Monday pinnacle ( Swirl remover & their polish cream) as I thought it’d be a step better without going too aggressive. Mighta jumped that gun...
  9. sonicx

    Robby Gordon's Entire Baja 1000 Run

    This^ this is cool! Love to see Robby reach out to Travis and do a nitro cross rally…. Think he’d be competitive. I think he (Robby) wasted to much of his prime years in Nascar. Definitely been a better off roader.
  10. sonicx

    Recommend Paint Correction / Compound Products?

    @5.0Black - here’s what I got… Meguiars Ultimate Compound SPTA pads Meguiars m205 Meguiars Glaze & sealant m21 Meguiars m20 wax
  11. sonicx

    Anyone try Cerakote Ceramic Trim Coat?

    Been using this product for over a year. It held up well over the winter on the daily.
  12. sonicx

    Recommend Paint Correction / Compound Products?

    What’s the opinion of: Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover
  13. sonicx

    FOR SALE: 2007 Tungsten Grey/Satin Stripe Shelby GT500 57k Miles near Mint

    Car shortage ain’t ending by spring. I could be 100% wrong but I feel you’re going to have more interest then vs heading into winter now. Beautiful car either way you go in terms of the decision you make.
  14. sonicx

    Recommend Paint Correction / Compound Products?

    @NastyGT500 I am planning on a ceramic coating Job and planning on doing all the steps this next go around with my gt500 (silver), I done some reading but the paint correction stage what to use vs. not use seems to be like pandora box. Luckily silver or maybe my specific car isn’t marrd to bad...
  15. sonicx

    Recommend Paint Correction / Compound Products?

    Where the “go-too” stuff that gets the job done without too many passes and something user friendly not to burn through the clear? What says the groups… is one of these good or something different (love to know) DK Affect Spray compound chemical guys C4 Meguiar's M10508 Thanks
  16. sonicx

    Original-Owner 2003 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning on BaT

    I’d second that… I’d say upper 30s
  17. sonicx

    ‘22 order upcoming let’s talk new color choices

    I am glad they added grabbler blue vs coming back with the ole gabbler green… I may have sold 1 kidney to buy something I couldn’t otherwise resist and or afford. Back on point @biminiLX dude I’m jealous. The EP is probably what I would go with and this is coming from someone partial to blues...
  18. sonicx

    Black Friday purchases - what’re you getting and where?

    Miscellaneous Christmas shopping, not as much BF driven as it was I am getting it done to amake sure a) it’s available b)I get it shipped in time. I get with the shortage and lack of availability… but nothing like in years past for discounts or items.
  19. sonicx

    I know its early, but 2023 GT500 questions

    Ford gotta be itching to re bring rename plate (Boss) again so why not make it a my23/24’ ;)
  20. sonicx

    Why did you sell your Shelby?

    The 13/14s commanding a premium over the (especially) last year into this year. If you have: had multi cars and/or wanting to try the new 20+ great time to capitalize on your investment coming out ahead.
  21. sonicx

    Hellcat the world to end in 2023

    I was speaking with a volumed dealer whom sells a ton of kittys and scats. Told me the situation is fluid but there’s still goin be a at least (1) 2dr except it’ll be slimmer (weight reduction) and there looking at different platforms and marrying drivetrains still…as for it being 100% EV is on...
  22. sonicx

    I know its early, but 2023 GT500 questions

    Dodge isn’t getting out of the muscle game in 24 they’re revamping due to the current platform not being able to meet the standards the government is dishing out toward the industry. There going to have a new 2dr sports, it won’t be a gas hooning s/c v8 though.
  23. sonicx

    Anyone seen this KB 2.2 on Ebay?

    Yes, but at the cost to do it…. Not sure many would be willing to throw the moolaa down vs another sc and or new. I am sure we’re talking thousands (plural) to get it right.
  24. sonicx

    biggest inflation surge in more than 30 years

    Ewww manual labor? Lol But really I’d wager that the average American wouldn’t know how to use those things, even if they were given instructions.