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  1. AustinJ427

    Restrictor plate math help

    Long story short, my road racing car makes too much power for it's class. I need to lose anywhere from 11-15whp. I asked another guy for some help on restrictor plate sizing, he gave me info on his LT1, which has a twin 48mm TB, and putting a 40mm restrictor plate knocked it down 15hp. A...
  2. AustinJ427

    Wilwood brake calipers

    I have a 98 Cobra road racing car. The class limits the rotor size to 13.1", so the factory Cobra rotors are just about perfect (and I don't want to change them). I was BSing with another guy who has a 95 GT and he runs Cobra rotors, with Wilwood calipers and a mounting bracket that he was...
  3. AustinJ427

    Data logging with an app

    Sorry if it's been asked before, but does anyone know if you can get decent info with an iphone app? My race car (98 cobra) is having some odd issues after a few laps and I need to log timing, IMRCs, and coolant temp. The previous owner gave me an old SCT with the car, it suggests I can log...
  4. AustinJ427

    Duramax guys - need some help

    I've been digging around on various forums and I haven't been able to find a reliable answer. 2015 2500 HD LML CC LB, stock aside from an SB intake and an edge monitor (no tune). This morning I started the truck, made 2 turns out of the neighborhood and the StabiliTrak flashed and the truck...
  5. AustinJ427

    Emissions issue 99 4 Runner

    My buddy's 4 runner keeps getting failed for high NOx. 3.4 v6, slushbox, 4x4, non-cali truck, 260k miles or so. These don't have EGR, we looked on various forums and most people suggest a new front O2 and a MAF cleaning, we did both of those on Saturday and while the NOx lowered, it's still...
  6. AustinJ427

    2012 6.2 Idler pulley torque specs

    Pretty much as the title implies, can anyone find what the torque specs are for the idler pulleys? They are noticeably bad on my truck and I'm going replace them. I can't seem to find any info on it for some reason though. Thanks.
  7. AustinJ427

    Lincoln Coach Door Continental

    So... I guess they did it? Is this on the new Aviator chassis? Any chance for it to be RWD?
  8. AustinJ427

    Antarctica thread - Can we go there to explore?

    In an effort to keep the other thread from de-railing, lets move this over here. @SVT-BansheeMan mentioned you can't go to Antarctica and explore, yet I can't find any evidence for this. It seems as though the only requirement is to contact the treaty and let them know you are going. As for...
  9. AustinJ427

    2018 GT PP2 wheels

    I don't have a PN or a VIN unfortunately, hopefully you can look these up. My buddy brought up a good point that these wheels with some Goodyear 3Rs would be a killer combo.
  10. AustinJ427

    2010 F150 Platinum wheel cap

    1FTFW1EV6AFD55854 One of dad's wheel caps was either stolen or fell off. Can you get me a price on that and verify it's for a platinum? Thanks.
  11. AustinJ427

    MT H2H 2018 Mustang GTPP1 and SS 1LE

    It's on Motortrend on demand right now. I'll put cliffs further down, for anyone who wants it to be a surprise, stop reading. Should be out on YT in a month. Just a photo I grabbed from google, those aren't the cars they tested. Cliffs 1LE has significantly better steering More grip...
  12. AustinJ427

    2017 Mustang GT Grabber blue

    Sorry this will be kind of long. I took the week off between Christmas and New Years so I had some time to get some stuff done I had been putting off. One of them was correcting and coating the Mustang, so that's what this thread is for. I did the work at my mom's place, mine isn't really...
  13. AustinJ427

    Secret Santa help

    Fiancee's side of the family is pretty big, instead of a bunch of small stupid gifts, we each get one person and spend decent money. My secret Santa is her sister in law, she is a stay at home mom and she likes to quilt. I can't really think of any other hobbies that she has. She is super into...
  14. AustinJ427

    iPhone 8 & 10 Ton of information in there for anyone interested. The 8 is a progression phone it seems, wireless charging, better chip, better camera, etc. The X has facial ID and Apple says it's quite a bit more secure than past...
  15. AustinJ427

    ZL1 1LE Laguna seca

    I poked around in a couple places and I haven't seen it on here yet but I watched it on Motortrend on Demand last night, they reviewed the ZL1 1LE. First of all, on the street, you can from the video it rides like it has no suspension but it looks incredible while it does it. When Al O said it...
  16. AustinJ427

    2018 Bullitt?

    I'm not sure if there is any truth to it but I've always loved the green.
  17. AustinJ427

    2017 Ford GT Competition Series

    The Ford GT Competition Series is the lightest, highest performing version of the Ford GT road car and the closest one can get to experiencing the car that won the 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans. Unique Exterior Highlights: · Standard Lightweight Gloss Carbon Fiber Wheels with Titanium Lug Nuts ·...
  18. AustinJ427

    2018 Expedition

    Credit Jalopnik and Truck Trend. I don't really have any specs, there was an embargo till noon but I guess Truck trend blew their load early. I hear it's aluminum, I have a feeling it will get the 3.5 with the 10 speed too. I think it looks pretty good, nothing super exciting about it though.
  19. AustinJ427

    24 Hours of Daytona

    Anyone gonna watch? In GTLM, the Ford GT qualified 1-2-3 and 6th with their 4 cars. The new 911 RSR looks like it has good speed, it's a mid-engine car now for anyone who hasn't been following. Cadillac was super fast too, took 1-2 overall in the prototypes. I wish I could make it down...
  20. AustinJ427

    Electrical guys - please advise

    My parent's new house has too big of a shower and you freeze your ass off in there, they have a can light directly above the shower and want to install a heat lamp. Is anything special required for this? As far as I know it's a standard can fixture and it has an LED. 120v on it's own switch...
  21. AustinJ427

    iPhone to Pixel help

    No idea why I haven't posted this here first, you guys would probably know better than the other forums I frequent. My gf got a Pixel, nice phone. I can text her directly, she gets the text, can reply, all is right in the world. If you add her to a group chat with other iPhones though, it...
  22. AustinJ427

    2017 Focus RS brakes

    Any word on how far out the rotors and pads are?
  23. AustinJ427

    Worth a shot?

    H78-15 black wall military or husky lug. For an old FJ. Thanks.
  24. AustinJ427

    Track days are hard on rotors

    I may have to replace with stock because the aftermarket doesn't seem to have much yet, so I want to see what it will run me for OEM rotors through you guys. 1FADP3L98FL240919 EJ7Z-1125-A < I think that's the right PN but it keeps telling me 14. Just want to make sure it's correct. Thank you.