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  1. NVRL8TE

    More Nitrous

    M122 swap, on 20 psi, twin DW300 pumps, -8 feed, on E85, with a 100 dry shot. Looking to convert to a plate, and add another 100, wet. Would you guys tap into the line before the rails to avoid the lean spike, and has anyone done anything like this before? Looking for high 9's/140 trap in a...
  2. NVRL8TE

    M122 Swap/Terminator

    I'll be done with the swap, and running E85 next week. I'll be keeping my .048 dry post maf jet.... Anyone ever done this? Results?
  3. NVRL8TE

    Cobra Engineering M122 adapter kit

    I plan on doing this kit this winter. Has anyone else here done this kit? Is there anything I should know that's not mentioned in the Cobra Engineering kit? Can you expect 650 on E85 on a stock engine?
  4. NVRL8TE

    DW300 Fuel Pumps Is it true, a drop in stock hat, E85 friendly pump setup that doesn't require any wiring upgrade, or modified FPDM setup? With these, and 80's, will it support 650 on the stock line setup on E85?
  5. NVRL8TE

    8 Bolt Cobra crank

    WTB 8 bolt Cobra crank. 440/876/7233 text
  6. NVRL8TE

    96 Cobra P1414

    The car throws a P1414, and I have longtubes, no cats, EGR delete, and no emissions equipment on the car. Car is rich at idle, doesn't hunt for idle (actually idles flawlessly). What can I do to get rid of the code? I assume thats why it idles rich...? Thanks, in advance!
  7. NVRL8TE

    AEM 320's

    See these things going for a good price(110-135 each) and wondering if anyones ran them? If they work well for our returnless systems and if they install in a stock hat easily. I'm thinking of some sort of upgrade as I dont think my stock pump/bap will handle my nitrous if I up the jets a little...
  8. NVRL8TE

    MSD-8969 Window Switch

    I have an MSD-8969 and want to know where I should get my ECM tach signal from. I think I should do it the way the instructions state, as follows... 5 volt conversions and pin locations On many DIS applications, you can connect the White wire to the ECU Tach Output. Following are suggested...
  9. NVRL8TE

    Terminator vs C6, GOOD runs.

    Terminator vs C6, GOOD runs, last night.
  10. NVRL8TE

    New sig needed

    Thanks! maybe black letters, with redfire outline? THANKS!
  11. NVRL8TE

    1996 Mystic Paint

    I give up. Can't find paint anywhere. Can anyone help me?
  12. NVRL8TE

    $1000.00 fuel system.

    Too good to be true? Anyone using this? Thoughts?
  13. NVRL8TE

    Dry 100 shot / fuel system.

    I want to spray a dry 100 shot on my Terminator. My mods are ; Posi port #316 JLT RAI Full Dragon setup ( plentum/ tb) 2.76 upper 76.5" Gates Green HD belt 3 100's, 1 90, idlers NGK Iridium 7 plugs 60# injectors BAP MAFiA Autometer Wideband Gauge / Autometer Boost Gauge (Phantom Series) Kooks...
  14. NVRL8TE

    My Terminator, at one of my track openers 4/30/16.

    Spin fest, on opening day, on Saturday.<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" style="color: rgb(170, 170, 170); outline: 0px; background-color: rgb(7, 7, 7);">Spin fest, on opening day, on Saturday.&nbsp;
  15. NVRL8TE

    16" CCW Classic drag pack

    I am wondering what you guys have done as far as front valve stems. The conventional style will not fit at all, as it's too fat. I hope someone can help me, as I'm dead in the water until I can get this figured! Thanks in advance!
  16. NVRL8TE

    My setup.

    This is the setup I am currently putting together. Steggy 5 JLT RAI Full Dragon setup ( plentum/ tb) 2.76 upper, likely will add a 4 pound lower. 60# injectors BAP MAFiA Kooks 1 7/8" to 3" X pipe, to 3" bassani, all stainless. Afco double pass heat exchanger Reichart 170 degree thermostat Lethal...
  17. NVRL8TE

    Steggy 5 boost.

    Is 19 (2.76 upper, 4# lower) psi too much?
  18. NVRL8TE

    Won't stay running.

    After doing a MM clutch cable, quadrant, and firewall adjuster, my 03 Cobra won't stay running without jumper cables on it. No battery light, or check engine light. No codes. Tried 2 different batteries. Any ideas?
  19. NVRL8TE

    NVRL8TE's 2003 Cobra. "The Strawberry".

    The car that sees a lot of time after 10 o'clock. The car not often talked about. My 2003 Redfire Mustang Cobra. My dream car. The ultimate, unmatched machine. The. Car. I've been waiting since 2002, to call myself "the owner", of such car. A car that sounds like angels falling from the...
  20. NVRL8TE

    Weld RT-S'

    What needs to happen to bolt 15x10/6.5 backspace Welds on a bone stock 03 Cobra?
  21. NVRL8TE

    WTB. Coyote engine.

    Coyote engine. Lmk whatcha got. will get you the quickest response. Thanks.
  22. NVRL8TE

    WTB. Coyote engine.

    Lmk what ya got. 440/876/7233 text for quickest response.
  23. NVRL8TE

    Poorly WTT, teal wanted....

    For my Mystic Cobra... Any interest? * Not "poorly", but "possibly" LOL
  24. NVRL8TE

    For you GT guys.

    I got a kick out of it. I know, "ain't nobody got time for links", but... 1998 Ford Mustang GT Road Test - YouTube
  25. NVRL8TE

    Dyno time!

    Dynoing the Rainbow Warrior Sunday, what do you think it'll make? $50 for 3 pulls. Can't pass it up.