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    Has anyone driven a 2021 Raptor?

    I wanted to know if any of you have driven a 2021 Raptor and what you thought. How does it ride compared to a regular F-150. How do you like the new exhaust? I'm thinking about ordering one to replace my '19 Platinum. I also have a '21 XLT for a work truck and in comparison to my '19 with with...
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    Getting Lost, West Virginia Peeps

    I told the wife I want to pack up my shit and get lost for 3 or 4 days. I just want to get out of the northeast, and traffic, and everything associated with both. The vehicle, my 2014 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited. I'm looking to backroad to nowhere and to see nothing. I plan on scooting out...
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    Biz Markie Dead

    Other one from my generation dead. I enjoyed with contributions with the Beastie Boys. Rest in peace Biz Markie, 'Just a Friend' rapper, dead at 57
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    Myrtle Beach

    My wife and I are going to Myrtle Beach at the end of the month. We are staying at a friends place in Surfside Beach while they aren't there. We've never been down that way before and wanted to ask what some of you that have been there recommend or think is interesting. Neither one of us are...
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    Best way to care for leather, wood, & top

    I recently bought a 911 and shockingly it has an almost perfect full leather interior. The dashes in these cars are susceptible to drying and having the leather separate especially around the corners. 1.What is the best product and/or technique to maintain the leather, 2. Also what is the best...
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    FL Resident buying an out of state car FL DMV ?

    I sold my car to an FL resident and the car is still in my garage waiting on shipping. The person tried registering it and FL DMV told them they need a vin check performed by a cop and notarized. I'm in PA and the nearest cop shop is a half an hour away and I am booked 24/7 for the next few...
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    My New Company Vehicle & Impressions

    I am happy to report I got a new company vehicle this week. My 2015 Transit Connect has been passed on to another employee after 133k mostly trouble free miles. We had been talking about getting a new truck due to my TC getting up in the miles and my role within the company has evolved to the...
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    Buying a Car Out of State Tax Question

    I was inquiring about a used car that is located in the Phoenix area and the dealer said if I pick it up in person I have to pay a 2.75% AZ sales tax. If I have it shipped I don't have to pay it. I told him I thought he was wrong and to double check his information. He did and insisted I had to...
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    Sell, Mod, or Trade.

    I've been thinking about moving on from my car and trying something else out. The problem is the car is modded so it's not an easy sell. It's held relatively good value if it were stock, and I've gotten some respectable offers using the instant offer on KBB. But none of the dealers want a modded...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving pricks. Of all the things I'm thankful for one of them is this forum. Especially this year. Have a great day folks.
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    After 10 Years I'm Back On 2 Wheels

    After having a 600 lb steel beam dropped on me and destroying my back I gave up on riding forever. Well that and the amount of idiots on the road also played a part. But recently my son has been talking about learning how to ride and it reignited the desire to get back on 2 wheels. I...
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    401k Question

    My wife has a sizable 401k through her work. Is there a way to convert it to something safe for a period of time than perhaps convert it back? Are there fees involved in this,etc? I'd like to pull it now then hold it until say early next year. It took 20 years to build and I'd hate to lose it...
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    Motorweek Lincoln Mark VIII Review

    I know this is usually Sid's thing but I was thinking of a simpler time and remembered the 1994 Mark VIII my dad traded his 1992 SHO on. It was green like 50% of the Mark VIII's were back then. And it was pretty far ahead of its time. IMO it was Lincoln's last really good, uniquely Lincoln car...
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    Battery Tenders & Chargers

    I'm looking for a decent battery tender for my Mustang as I don't drive it enough to keep it charged. I have an ancient battery charger I bought 20 years ago at ACE hardware but half the switches don't work and it's not something I want to leave plugged in 24/7. Also I want a new battery...
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    Dow is Down 900+ points Today 2/24/2020

    I just checked the market and seen it is down 900 points. They say it is due to fears of the Corona virus. What do you guys say, are we all doomed or is it time to buy on the dip. I'm thinking of picking up Apple.
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    EPA to Start Aggressively Enforcing Emission Defeat Devices

    That includes tuners, hand helds, So called off road pipes, etc.
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    Favorite Charities of SVTP

    I know many of you are generous people and have charities you like to support. I didn't start this thread to virtue signal but to see what charities you all donate to and why. At the end of the year I donate a portion of my bonus to my favorite charities and still have about $250 to give...
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    VMP Gen3R Dyno Results

    I finally got a chance to put my car on the dyno after swapping out the Paxton for the VMP. Car is 14 GT 6r80. Mods are Gen3r, O/R H-pipe, Tune by VMP, 93 octane. The lower number is the Paxton.
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    Paxton/Vortech Torque Booster Wastegate Kit

    [SOLD] I have Torque booster for 2011-2014 Paxton's & Vortechs. I used for about 300 miles then went in a different direction (VMP). It has the 10lb spring in it and the belt and 3.33" pulley. It cost me $686 I want to get $500 for it. I don't have paypal or want paypal so cash in person or USPS...
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    Road Trip to Nowhere Trans-Labrador Highway

    Well in a few days we will be taking off North as far away from people as we can get. The plan is to take the new F150 up from Pennsylvania to Montreal, then to Baie-Comeau, then Route 389 to Labrador City, Happy Valley, Blanc-Sabon, to New Foundland to see where the Vikings landed. Then off to...
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    VMP Gen3r Install Questions

    I have a few questions in regards to the brake booster & PCV. 1. Can I eliminate this and plug the intake and blower ports and retain my filters? Question #2. I need to hack up my stock hose to get this aspirator thing to work so I can have power brakes. I'm reading through VMP's Gen2R...
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    Today I Embarked on a Journey to Answer an Age Old Question

    Which is better, TVS or Centri. I know that is a subjective question but who cares. My new VMP Gen 3R arrived today. I should have listened to you guys when you recommend the VMP but I went...
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    Paxton 2200 on Gen 1, Has Anyone Been Successful in Eliminating Belt Slip

    Before I abandon this set up for most likely one of the new PD's or a Turbo I was wondering if anyone has been successful in eliminating belt slip? I recently put on a 3.33 pulley with the wastegate & 100" Green belt but lost 60 rwhp. I felt underneath the pulley & sure enough there was belt...
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    Travel to Isreal

    My wife has to go on business to Tel Aviv in July. I kind of want to go as it would be a once in a lifetime trip and probably the only place in the Middle East that an American can still go. I'd like to go to Jerusalem, but other than that what is there to do? How is traveling around? I am bit...
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    New GT500 Limited to 180 MPH

    I wonder why this is? And why is it taking so long to get HP and pricing? This car continues to disappoint. The 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Has a Top Speed Limited to 180 MPH