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    MG 2001 Cobra Terminator Swap - Build Thread

    enjoying your posts. Incredible attention to detail. Rewrapping the wiring harness is beyond me. Great job.
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    Pushing my fuel pump to the limit?

    Your tuner should be able to recommend what pump will work with your new goal. Talk to him before anything
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    01 with P1SC looking for more fuel pump help

    Pump and filter changed together. Data log shows pump driver maxed out and injector pressure dropping at that point.
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    01 with P1SC looking for more fuel pump help

    Looking for some help getting more fuel without going crazy on my 01 cobra with a P1SC. Currently running a Deatschwerks 340lph pump in the stock basket. Got to 5700 at 451hp and the tuner stopped the pull as the pressure at the injectors started dropping. Looking at the data log it is maxed...
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    Retune for adding hi flow cats?

    Your rear O2s are turned off. You have an air fuel ratio that is not adjusted from the interaction of the upstream and downstream O2s. Get a retune and you won't have the unburned hydrocarbon smell at idle and could get better mpg at part throttle and cruise.
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    WANTED: Oem low mileage 24lb injectors

    01 cobra set. 41k mi
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    Mushroom filter/options for Procharger P1SC inlet

    Thanks Any idea what radiator hose you used for the thermostat to radiator connection?
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    Mushroom filter/options for Procharger P1SC inlet

    Do you have a pic of how you ran your lines? I am have no a hard time visualizing your setup. Much appreciated.
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    Mushroom filter/options for Procharger P1SC inlet

    I am running a turbo guard screen on my P1SC. Limited space due to AC lines and the On3 coolant crossover made using the stock Procharger plastic pipe impossible. Even with the coolant crossover out of the way I don't see how the Procharger intake would work due to the AC riser and the thermal...
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    The Official Centrifugal Pulley/Boost Combo Thread!!!

    1. 4V C-Heads (01 Cobra) 2. Type of Blower: Procharger P1SC stage 2 kit 3. Stock long block. 45k miles on motor. Short block Ford warranty replaced at 30k. 4. Stock 5. Stock cams 6. Stock intake, 7. Procharger sheet metal 3 core intercooler 8. Exhaust Combo: BBK full length headers, catless H...
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    Procharger bullet bypass valve. Where to get vacuum?

    thanks for the suggestion. I put it teed off the line that the PCV runs off of but I think I am going to move it to the FRPS to shorten the line.
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    01 cobra build thread. (One step closer)

    Congrats on the numbers. What size pulley and do you have a pic of the finished engine bay. I still can't figure out how to get the stock intake pipe on. AC components and the radiator sensor are both in the way.
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    Procharger bullet bypass valve. Where to get vacuum?

    I am installing a P1SC stage 2 kit on a 2001 Cobra. It has the black "bullet" open air bypass valve. Where should I get the vacuum reference for the top fitting on the bypass valve? I assume it is after the throttle body but didn't know if I can tap into an existing vacuum port. Any help is...
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    01 Cobra IRS clarification

    See above. Common early hop up was to get 03 half shafts from guys upgrading to aftermarket ones.
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    01 cobra procharger kit

    This sold a while ago. I should know..
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    Its been a while...

    What got all the bolts and nuts looking decent? Just cleaning or something else? Also, only two pics show for me.
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    Who’s running nitrous ?

    Iirc the 100 shot was considered safer matched to the 125 or 150. Plenty ran that but with a window switch, full throttle switch and a fuel pressure switch. Timing can be pulled in a tune and was recommended on higher hp jets. This is my recollection from years ago on this forum.
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    2020 Volvo XC60

    My wife has the same car. What was the process for the trim? Same as you use for the paint?
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    Pro charger or not??

    Going the same way with a Procharger and long tubes. Told the tuner I want around 400 but keep seeing higher numbers. No dragging the car, just a fun weekend toy so I am thinking a higher number may not be as big a deal for a goal. Opinions? Where were people with a stock motor for HP and...
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    How to fill / burp coolant with ON3 bypass hose kit?

    Sound a like I get another tool. Any input on. Fac fill kits on amazon? They run from $45 to hundreds.
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    How to fill / burp coolant with ON3 bypass hose kit?

    Q Going procharger and I have an ON3 coolant crossover kit. I have not figured out how to fill the system and to burp the system as there is no crossover fitting to burp it. Any real life experience would be appreciated?
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    Aftermarket wheel size

    Anything wider than 9 up front and bigger than a 275 will cause issues. 10.5 x17 and 315s are common and you just should use a rounded bolt or thin head bolt on one of the IRS mounting points to keep it from rubbing the sidewall. I am not sure if a 10.5 x 18 will be any different than a 17
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    Forged internals.

    If you are looking at only 450 and having to forge the internals then you are spending a ton fior that last 30hp. The stock internals seem ok at 420 on a Procharger as long as you are not spending a ton of time at the drags or doing extended high boost / speed runs. Procharger on stock...