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  1. stangfreak

    Harpell auto fab

    Has anyone ordered from harpell before?
  2. stangfreak

    c85 users

    Gentlemen, anyone use c85? I heard that c85 has an additive in it to combat the corrosive properties of e85. Has anyone used c85 in a weekend car that sits longer than your average car?
  3. stangfreak

    Built motor

    whats up boys. You guys that have a built motor, what compression are you now running? Im looking at getting a 2016. I really want a coyote. I see racing videos but they never mention the compression they are running in there built 5.0. Man these cars with boost, are insane. stupid fast.
  4. stangfreak


    10 speed auto over kill for the terminator or is it better than the 6R80 as far as performance? Thoughts?
  5. stangfreak

    True forged Mach five

    Decided to keep the cobra. So I want to spice it up. 17 or 18 on the true forged Mach 5? Right now I have cobra replicas. 275 40 17. And the rear are 315 35 17.
  6. stangfreak

    Upgraded whipple

    so who's going to be the first one to try out the new 2.9 whipple? By reading the thread about the new whipple, it sounded like whipple was going to supply the 2.9 owners the parts to upgrade. But I spoke to whipple and they said we have to buy a brand new kit. 4300 hundred and 5800 for the...
  7. stangfreak

    94 cobra

    Hey guys. what is the going price for a 94 cobra in good condition? I am thinking of buying one. Trying to keep my 03 cobra as well. Ill try. I want to leave my 03 as is. Build a crazy 94 cobra since there is no emissions for it here in NY. I can do what I want.
  8. stangfreak

    6R80 swap

    Has anyone done this on a 03 cobra? I know one member is doing it to his turbo car but he still has to get the parts. wanted to see if anyone actually has one already in there cobra.
  9. stangfreak

    T56 magnum

    Is there a ford part number for the t56 magnum?
  10. stangfreak

    Got a retune

    Today I retuned my car on ms109E since NY can't sell gas with MTBE. The 109E was a few octane less than regular 109 so I dropped the boost. I went back to the original pulley setup. 3.5 upper 4lb lower. 2.9 whipple standard inlet. The very first time we tuned it, it made 710rwhp 650rwtq...
  11. stangfreak

    Need a retune

    so yea, gotta love NY. I go to sk speed to pick up ms109. I run my car on race gas all the day. I never take it out and its weekend only. so I leave it set on kill. 24lbs of boost 2.9 whipple. The guy at sk speed goes to me, we no longer carry ms109. I said why not? He hands me over...
  12. stangfreak

    Kurgan cams

    Anyone on here have KMS cams? Just looking for some feedback
  13. stangfreak

    cg fab kit

    Besides the turbo's and k member, what else needs to be done to make this kit complete? I know its not a complete kit like thp, hpp and hellion. we have to complete the piping as well correct?
  14. stangfreak

    Nice to see these cars are still wanted.

    so many threads month after month about people getting either another terminator, or there first one. Its like a cult that follows these cars. 13 years later I still have my cobra. I still love it. Every time I open the garage door, I get the same feeling as when I first took it home from...
  15. stangfreak

    ET street R

    I figured I would get more hits here. Anyone running the new mickey ET street R in radial size?? I was looking at the 315 35 17's. Looking for some feedback. The new s/s tires look good as well.
  16. stangfreak

    Fuel system done. Numbers didn't change.

    Got the return system done. So I decided to add more boost and switch to ms109. I know weather plays a big role. 22lbs vp100 I made 710rwhp 650rwtq. 2.9 whipple btw. The 710 was a cooler day. But today wasn't that hot. 25lbs ms109 I only made 716rwhp 642rwtq. We did notice the tq curve...
  17. stangfreak

    adjust tune?

    so I swapped out my magnaflows to a mac catback. I wanted something more aggressive. sounds really good now. I noticed, just driving around, the car feels sluggish and lost throttle response. Its almost like im giving it gas to go but it just doesnt have that crisp feeling anymore. anyone...
  18. stangfreak

    Received CG v7 car wash

    Finally got my v7 shampoo. The v7 quick detail is one of my favorites. It's on my top 5. curious to see how there car wash is. Anyone try it yet?
  19. stangfreak

    spec stage 5

    anyone on here have one? Not for nothing, for the price, that bad boy holds up to 1150 tq.
  20. stangfreak

    Finally going return

    just ordered a fore return fuel style kit from trbo vnm. went with a level 2 kit with walbro 465 pumps. New setup will be 25lbs of boost, e85. currently running 22lbs on my 2.9 whipple and vp100. :coolman:
  21. stangfreak

    Drove a 2015 finally

    so I had to get my 03 cobra inpsected yesterday and decided to stop by mustang magic. It was gorgeous out. was talking to joe, the owner of mustang magic and said to me if I saw his new car in the back of the shop. I said no, I had no idea you got a new 2015. He gives me the keys and says...
  22. stangfreak

    UGR saleen

    since I didnt post a video, I decided to put the thread in this section. I was wondering if anyone has the video of the underground racing saleen racing a supra. Not easy to find and was taken down. Not sure if anyone has it saved. crazy video.
  23. stangfreak

    what to do.

    I get more hits in this section. Im ordering true forged mach 5 wheels. 18 inch wheels. I know you cant have it all and will be hard to hook any high car on the street. 18x10.5 wheel. you think a 305 40 18 will make the car sit too high in the back and set off the abs sensor? I can do a 305...
  24. stangfreak

    Tire setup question

    So I'm planning on getting some 18x9 18x10.5 true forged wheels. Fronts are going to be a 265 35 18. Overall diameter of 25.28 Rears I want to run a 305 35 18. Overall diameter is 26.4 Do you think it will be noticeable? I can run a 315 tire but it will be a 30. I want something with...
  25. stangfreak

    so we got a new blower

    Just checked kenne bells website and just saw that we now have a 3.2 mammoth available for the 03 04 cobra. :coolman: