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  1. 44shelby

    dsg cobra with true forged wheels

    im looking to see if anyone has had this combo on a dsg coupe. I been looking and i cant seem to find one. brushed faces with polished lips and no exposed bolts
  2. 44shelby

    WANTED: stock chrome cobra wheels

    im looking for 2 stock chrome cobra wheels in mint condition lmk what you got!
  3. 44shelby

    WANTED: 1R3Z-6313300-BAB

    I’m looking for a nos p/n 1R3Z-6313300-BAB Shoot me a pm if you got a set
  4. 44shelby

    stock clutch

    what is the most power you have made on a stock clutch? Just curious on if anyone has made 800. I have made 700 rear wheel but i was wondering if someone has made more.
  5. 44shelby

    WANTED: bassani catback with the angled / slash cut tips

    I'm looking for a bassani catback mainly the tail pipe section in perfect shape that have the tips that "flow" with the curvature of the rear bumper.
  6. 44shelby

    FOR SALE: 2013 gt500 5800 miles

    Up for sale is my 2013 gt500 with 5800 miles on it. It comes with all the original paper work. window sticker, marti report, shipping documents, oil change paper work from the dealership ect. It also comes with the shelby car cover and the front splitter attachments that were never installed at...
  7. 44shelby

    WANTED: borla touring

    I'm looking for a new borla touring system or one that is like new. I'm located north of Houston and I have no problem driving a good distance or paying for shipping.
  8. 44shelby

    WANTED: ccw classics

    im looking for a set of 18 inch polished ccw classics. im in the houston area and dont mind to travel and or pay for shipping.
  9. 44shelby

    wtb 13/14 parts

    im looking for 13/14 gt500 mufflers that are low mileage and have the factory clamps still attached. im also looking for the factory over axle pipes as well.
  10. 44shelby

    wtb stock parts 13/14

    I'm looking for the following parts from a 2013 / 2014 gt500. injectors, supercharger, throttle body, mid pipe, manifolds, and over axles. shoot me a message and let me know how much you want for what you got.
  11. 44shelby

    WANTED: bassani catback

    I'm looking for a bassani catback in perfect shape. I want the old version that has the tips cut on an angle that goes with the bumper. lmk what you got.
  12. 44shelby

    wtb m55 exhaust 1500$

    I'm looking for a perfect condition m55 exhaust. It doesn't need to be polished it just needs to be concrete rash and dent free. feel free to send me a pm im willing to spend 1500$ plus shipping and pay pal fees.
  13. 44shelby

    baer brakes and 18's

    I'm looking into doing the 6p brakes with the 14 inch rotors. Does any one know if that will fit with a set of 18 inch ccw sp500 wheels. 18x9 or 9.5 in the front?
  14. 44shelby

    bassani cats

    how robust are these cats at say the 600-700 hp level on e85 and 93 octane?... assuming you have a good tune.
  15. 44shelby

    WANTED: white, sonic blue, mystichrome

    Im looking for the following. white, sonic blue, mystichrome, dsg coupes. prefer bone stock or with very minimal mods. Looking for sub 15k miles on them. the budget is 40k and under. No turbo cars No auto swaps No solid axles No cages Feel free to pm me and we can exchange info.
  16. 44shelby

    gen2r market

    Im about to move on up to a gen 3r and was going to list my gen 2r for sale. Is there a market for those on the 13/14 gt500's ? I seem to be in a small crowd that had used one on a 13/14. I mean it did everything I asked for it to do but now that im going with a built motor I think it will fall...
  17. 44shelby


    who has recently recieved a tune from lund and has had an offroad mid pipe ?
  18. 44shelby

    exhaust systems

    So who here has experimented with multiple exhaust's on the 13/14 platform? I have a full stainless works system and the damn thing is just too loud. I was thinking about having a local fab shop build me a mid muffler style exhaust system. If that wont work then ill resort to a stock muffler...
  19. 44shelby

    lets talk spray bore vs sleeved blocks

    At what power level if any at all does the spray bore become an issue. 900? 1000? 1100? 1200? Id like to hear some concrete information backed up with some data here. I don't care about the rods or pistons ect. Lets just talk about the spray bore and sleeves
  20. 44shelby

    WANTED: vmp twin 67

    im looking to buy a vmp twin 67 if anyone has one and wants to upgrade let me know.
  21. 44shelby

    vmp gen2r

    does anyone have a gen2r on their 13/14 gt500. if so do you have a direct comparison between the stock trinity and the gen2r?
  22. 44shelby

    gen 4 whipple 2.9

    For those of you that have whipple gen 4's on you car what pulley size are you running and how much boost / power are you making ?
  23. 44shelby

    tuned for pump e85 what can i use

    my 2013 gt500 is tuned for pump e85 and is pretty much my weekend hotrod. what can i use out of a drum that would be more consistent and not require a tune change ? c85 one ethanol ect?
  24. 44shelby

    WANTED: catted x pipe

    I want to buy a stainless works catted x pipe for a set of long tubes. if any one has one and took it off to go offroad x pipe id like to take it off your hands before I go buy a new one from them.
  25. 44shelby

    WANTED: 2013 / 2014 gt500 mufflers

    I want to buy a set of mint 13/14 gt500 mufflers. looking for a set with no damage or anything like that.