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    Buying a Volvo-Houston area

    Looking for feedback about buying an owning a new Volvo suv. Because of svtp I’ve always known what my Ford purchases were actually being sold for so it makes it a no pressure situation. Does Volvo have a comparable “invoice +” type pricing that we typically shoot for or is there a percent...
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    How to dispose of chemicals

    Alright so I just bought my first house and I can’t just pour shit down the sink like an apartment. Im a trashy motocross guy so I’m cleaning air filters frequently. How do y’all dispose of a high volume of nasty stuff?
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    where are the fords at?

    After years of browsing this site obsessively i had backed off over the last 18 months or so. Partially from other hobbies taking my time and partially realizing that lusting for things you cant responsibly afford can wear on you. Now that i'm finding myself thinking about a new ride more and...
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    subtle "groan" just before coming to a complete stop

    Does this sounds familiar to anyone? brakes are quiet and work fine while slowing from speed all the way until the final few feet at really low speeds before being stopped. base brakes. 26,000 miles
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    why aernt there more places to race?

    it seems to me that Houston has the money in the car scene to support multiple drag strips and roll race locations. All I ever hear are complaints about royal purple being over crowded all the time. We have several motocross tracks that are getting the attendance to stay open and its far more...
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    What do do around Lakewood CO

    I’ll be in Lakewood in a week to watch the MX National. Anyone have a suggestion for Thursday and Friday? Mountain bike rentals, brewery/hang out spot...
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    Bama tune shows 3 not ready in Texas...

    car is otherwise stock besides mufflers and stuff that shouldn’t matter. Put the stock tune back and drove it 110 miles. Sitting here now for a retest hoping all is good. Just a heads up for others. I didn’t expect it to be an issue
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    Where do you get your mpss?

    And how would you assure you're not getting "old" tires?
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    NO 20's Otherwise show me what you got. Prefer wheels only unless they already have mpss
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    How to get roof work done cheap

    It's actually pretty simple. 1. Be nice to the person in the office that takes your initial call. This person may not be the roofer or the estimator, but she/he will be giving the estimator the first impression we have of you as a customer. Unbelievable how people will talk down to the girls...
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    Street driven, lowered allignment specs

    Car is lowered on bmr springs and has MM camber plates. If a smooth street driver is my goal what caster, camber and toe should I have the allignment guy shoot for?
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    Credit and home buying wizards please enter

    I'm planning to visit a mortgage broker in the next few months to see where I stand in buyin a house. I have what I understand is average credit and my only debt is 6k on the mustang which is running about $300 a month. I can pay the balance of the auto loan without affecting my 20% down payment...
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    Let me see your 19x11 wheels.

    But only if you know the offset for certain. I'm trying to determine if a 19x11 +51 will poke too much. I understand forgestars are from 53-55mm.
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    OEM rear end link bushing

    The metal circular piece does not sit evenly inside the rubber part. It is shifted to the side to where it is not even coming through the rubber on the other end. Are they supposed to be like that or no? insoecting rear seat bar for a an audible knock while turning slowly
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    Mpss 295/35/19 on 11" rim

    Any pictures? Any experience? Will it be too stretched or a flat sidewall?
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    Will a mpss 295/35 be stretched on...

    An 11" wheel? I have some 19x11's that stick out the fender just a C hair. As I understand it the mpss are very wide for the size so the 305/35/19s will have the tire poking out a little which I can't have. Im hoping the 295s will roll slighty inward on the 11" rim but not look stretched and...
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    The beginning of fine swirl marks.

    I'm beginning to get some light swirl marks that I only see at night time under lights at say a gas station and at some angles around sunset. Is there a wipe on wipe off product to remedy this until I have the time/desire to do a whole paint correction process?
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    Who refuses to spend their money on shiny rocks?

    Can't do it. Probably be forever alone but I just can't do it. How many people owe more on their cars and homes then they have in savings but are buying pointless rocks to prove you are an adequate mate? Eggs are so expensive and the economy sucks derp
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    2012 focus transmission chatter under acceleration....

    I've read enough to know this will lead to failure because of the little gasket thing that is failing and leading to fluid getting on the clutch plates. Why is ford giving us shit about warranting this? abiut to bring all 5 ford vehicles in my control to the same dealer for oil changes and...
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    Creaky POS

    dont lower your car with stock strut mounts and struts.... Mine is loud as hell
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    Put cats back on so now I hear my transmission whine....

    I've always thought the tranny sucked but tried to ignore it the best I can. I put my cats back on recently now I can hear it's like a super charger under acceleration. This car has been so frustrating. I've been going back to stock so hopefully the dealer shouldn't give me crap about warranty...
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    Steeda cai-HOUSTON- $125

    95mm $125 im in league city and for $125 you will have to drive to me.
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    Slower, faster or equal

    What would y'all think would be the outcome assuming everything equal. Tune, cat deletes car or a e85 tune, stock exhaust car.
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    Tire size decisions...

    If I run a 305/35 on an 11" rear, will a 255/40 on a 8.5 wheel look goofy from being .4" shorter. Next tire is a 265/40 but I'm worried it will look to full on the 8.5 wheel compared to the 305 rear on a 11".... 19" wheel problems...
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    Tire size decisions...

    If I run a 305/35 on an 11" rear, will a 255/40 on a 8.5 wheel look goofy from being .4" shorter. Next tire is a 265/40 but I'm worried it will look to full on the 8.5 wheel compared to the 305 rear on a 11".... 19" wheel problems...