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  1. mickey03L

    2003 Sonic Blue for sale

    It's finally come the time to part ways with my 03. Rarely drive it anymore and I figure someone else would enjoy it more. Truck has 105,000 miles on it and I am the 2nd owner. I bought the truck bone stock with 28,000 miles on it. Truck currently has a 4lb lower, air force one intake with tube...
  2. mickey03L

    jlp air intake

    I picked up this intake a couple weeks back off a member on another board. It was silver but I painted it rattle can black. It had a bolt broke in it that holds the maf on soo I repaired it. Ended up going with a new style jlp intake and this ones just sitting around. 100.00 shipped
  3. mickey03L

    wtb 2 99-00 style wheels in good shape

    I recently picked up two 99-00 wheels and have about decided to use them for everyday use if I can find two more in good shape. Must be 14mm since I have an 03. thanks in advance Mickey
  4. mickey03L

    air force one intake and tube

    Up for sale is an air force one intake with the power tube. comes with a huge s&b filter. Filter is in good shape but could use cleaning. will include cleaning kit with oil. 200.00 shipped.
  5. mickey03L

    Stock eaton

    Stock eaton with about 40,000 miles off an 03 $350 shipped
  6. mickey03L

    2 Nitto 555s and chrome wheels

    Hi everyone, I have 2 nitto 305/45/18 555r for sale. They have couple hundred miles of driving plus 2 trips to track on them. outside grooves in tread measure .150 and center is about .110 , tires have alot of life left in them above wear bars. Asking $200 plus shipping. Also for sale...
  7. mickey03L

    WTB - 2 stock wheels for drag radials

    hi everyone, looking for two 18in stock wheels to use for drag radials. prefer 03-04 but others would be fine. rash not a problem, as these will only be used at track
  8. mickey03L

    Jlp cold air kit

    sold ]
  9. mickey03L

    Drag radial ?

    I have a pair of nitto 555Rs sitting in the carshed. took them off when I sold my chromies. I have a set of 18s also in the shed but they are 9in wide. I read on nittos site that recommended min width is 9.5. Anybody ever run these on a 9in wheel? Looking slowly for some stock L wheels but this...
  10. mickey03L

    Question about jlp air intake

    I just got a jlp air intake from the classifieds. It is missing the bolts that bolt the maf to the intake. Anybody know wat size bolts these are? Thanks in advance
  11. mickey03L

    Question about bed cover

    I just reinstalled my ARE bed cover today. I have a bedrug installed and would like to match the underside of the bed cover as I cant stand the look of the white fiberglass. Any ideas of where to get carpet that is close to the bedrug? Thanks in advance, Mickey
  12. mickey03L

    Help please guys, truck wont start

    For last couple months my truck has been acting up intermittently and now it wont start at all. Last month i went to get in truck to go to a work dinner and it wouldnt turn over, I figured dead battery so just jumped it off and went. On way to dinnter truck died on me going down the road...
  13. mickey03L

    Bottoming out

    I added some 01 leafs bout a couple months ago along with the ce slide a links. Since then I have been having a rough ride. First we found that I was hitting the bumpstop bracket with the bracket for the links where they clamp on the leafs. Still getting a bottoming out when hitting a hard...
  14. mickey03L

    New pics, dropped L a lil bit

    I finally got the L lowered a lil bit. got a great deal from slammmedsvt on some ground force springs up front and whitebolt01 on some 01 leafs. installed those along with my slide a links and fluidyne heat exchanger couple weeks back.
  15. mickey03L

    too damn cold!!

    here is a pic from a lil earlier tonight. been snowing for bout 2hrs. still snowing as of now. dang ms winter lol
  16. mickey03L

    WTB- pre 03 leaf springs

    I have an 03 with 2in belltech shackles and am lookin to lower it just a lil bit more. Looking for pre 03 leaf springs for the L. Thanks in advance Mickey
  17. mickey03L

    Times with new mods

    Our local track had what they call street heat, basically a test and tune with no times shown on the clocks but u can get a slip to see what u run. they had gamblers races and a few 10.5 cars there. The track is 600ft because of shutdown area 60ft-1.83 60ft-1.86 1/8 -7.65...
  18. mickey03L

    Chrome wheels

    For sale is a set of 18in x 9 in MB Motoring propeller chrome wheels. I ran them on my truck for about four months and they have been sitting collecting dust since I picked up a set of 03 chrome stockers. No nicks or dings, no flaking. Wheels are like new, only need dust washed off of them. $400...
  19. mickey03L

    WTB- 6lb lower and aux idlers

    I would like to find a interchangable 6lb lower ring , i have the lfp 4lb ring and hub and a set of auxilliary idlers to help with belt slip.
  20. mickey03L

    just back from dyno

    Just got home today from a trip to Troyer Performance for their dyno day. It was nice to meet everyone up there and get to double check the wideband in my truck with the one on dyno. only took one pull and mike said tune was giving af that he was commanding so it was dead nuts from start. mods...
  21. mickey03L

    FS- mbmotoring propellor

    Im looking to sell my mb motoring propellers. they are chrome finish and are in great shape. 18x9 size. I put them on the truck and ran them for bout 3 months then decided I wanted to go for a different look with the truck. Payed 700 for them 3months ago. would like to get 400 plus shipping
  22. mickey03L

    Went to track thurs night

    I took the truck to the track thurs night in north ala. Its not the best track in the world but I wanted to see how the drag radials and new mods helped. It was bout 85 or so when I got to the track and let the truck cool while I put the m/t drag radials on the truck. I have the 255/50/16s and...
  23. mickey03L

    Got some dyno numbers

    I just got home from southern speed after puttin the truck on their mustang dyno today. I did 3 pulls and got a best of 370hp and 470tq on the third pull. kinda surprised me being lil higher than I expected on mustang. My mods are 4lb lower, hi flow cats, bassani catback, air force one, tr6s...
  24. mickey03L

    Finally got all the new mods on

    Yesterday I finally got all my mods on the L for now. Put the bassani catback and magnaflow hi flow cats on bout a month ago. I had been waitin on my xcal2 to do the dreaded plug changed and add the 4lb lower. The plug change was rough and took bout hr and a half. Couldnt have got it done...
  25. mickey03L

    New wheels on the L. I also need a drop

    Friday I got the MB Motorin propellers put on the L. Already have 2in belltech shackles but sure looks like I need more drop. Still considerin what to do for that one.