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  1. SVTStampede

    Will Forgestar CF5V 19X10 42 offset fit the front?

    Has anyone tried the 19X10 42 offset CF5V in the front of an S197(11-2014 with Brembo specifically) without a spacer? Or any of the forgestar models in that measurement. I've seen some mention that they might not fit without spacers due to Brembo clearance, so checking to see if anyone knows...
  2. SVTStampede

    FRPP Relocation bracket issue

    I'm installing FRPP control arm relocation brackets, and the metal spacers for the original bolt locations appear to be too long to fit inside the original control arm mounting location. Of course my digital caliper died on me, but they both are about 2 9/16 inches wide. This seems to be about...
  3. SVTStampede

    Heat exchanger without cutting 2012 CS/Boss front bumper?

    Probably a long shot by how tight the 1 inch Magnuson heat exchanger fits in there(and it's pushed all the way back), but do any other heat exchangers fit behind this bumper without hacking it up too much? Mainly I don't want to cut the 2 "ribs/supports" in the lower opening. I don't need...
  4. SVTStampede

    Any experience with Grams throttle bodies?

    I've noticed a few venders carrying these recently, and C&L I think is selling them rebadged too(judging by the looks). They are apparently precalibrated so can be run untuned, so I would assume they aren't a pain to deal with like I've heard the 90mm frpp unit is. Anyone have any experience...
  5. SVTStampede

    Adding a vacuum fitting to a silicone elbow/coupler?

    As the title, I need to add a 5/8 vacuum fitting to a 4" ID silicone elbow for a PCV connection. It's from my driver's side PCV to the connection between my mass air meter and throttle body on a 2012 GT with a Magnuson supercharger, if you need to picture it. The 16mm fitting from Revotec looks...
  6. SVTStampede

    Weird check engine (wrench) light..Looking for insight.

    2012 5.0, has a Magnuson supercharger, stock throttle body, C&L meter with AED tune. Problem was present with the Magnuson tune and stock meter. Just listing that for completeness. Over the last year I've had a weird check engine light that has shown up about 4-5 times. The weird thing is that...
  7. SVTStampede

    FS: (2) Nitto INVO 255/35/20 and (2) 275/35/20 Tires

    Local sale only, North East FL-South East GA $200 235s have 9/32 tread 275s have 7/32 tread
  8. SVTStampede

    People with cervinies hoods that have louvers...

    I was looking to get a stalker 2 hood for my 2012. On the pictures from their site it doesn't look like the back vents are functional. It appears to just be a tiny slit under each. Is that just a bad camera angle? I really need functional vents.
  9. SVTStampede

    AWD Dynojet with an Eddy Current versus Mustang Dyno?

    If you dyno a RWD car on an AWD Dynotjet(front wheels on the front roller even though the wheels arent powered) with an eddy current, would it read more similar to a Mustang Dyno? Not asking what's better etc, and I know dynos are tools etc, just curious since a local shop that is big in the...
  10. SVTStampede

    P2135 code

    2012 GT, Magnuson with magnuson tune and 3.9 pulley. Got it dynoed today and I noticed the idle wasn't completely steady. I brushed it off..but then I got the dreaded wrench and engine symbols. Only code is P2135. The magnuson kit uses an extension for the throttle body connector. I...
  11. SVTStampede

    Adding a fan(s) to heat exchanger.

    I've got a Magnuson and during hard street driving in Florida(including stops) I'm seeing an average intake temp of 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit above ambient. Car will be doing autocross and HPDE later this year so I was contemplating putting fan(s) on the supplied heat exchanger since that will be...
  12. SVTStampede

    265/35 20 front 295/35 20 rear, any issue with ABS?

    Looks to be 27.3 inches front, and 28.1 inches back. Has anyone run that large of a difference without issues? I'm pretty sure it will be fine. Just looking for confirmation before I drop the money. Thanks.
  13. SVTStampede

    Some questions on a datalog of mine.

    It's a Magnuson on a 2012 5.0, stock minus GT500 axle backs and an open filter, using the supplied pulley which should be about 7lbs. I knew from others' experiences that the stock sized meter will max out, but I like to know what I'm seeing. It's a third gear pull onto the highway. It looks...
  14. SVTStampede

    EVAP hose retaining clip?

    Whoops..broke the retaining clip on the EVAP hose to EVAP Solenoid. That's the black clip on the engine side of the hose, not the green one that connects to the other line going out of the engine bay. Has anyone had any luck finding these without replacing the entire hose?
  15. SVTStampede

    Ngauge lights bright enough to be used as shift?

    I know the aero force is, but can anyone tell me if the ngauge is bright enough to be used as a shift light?
  16. SVTStampede

    Rattle from passenger side front cover?

    I honestly don't know if it's always done this or not. I've been dealing with failing timing chain tensioners/guides on my 01 explorer(death rattle), so maybe I'm just more sensitive to rattles right now. It's only coming from the passenger side head/front cover, so I'm sure it's the timing...
  17. SVTStampede

    Brembo 55D Springs, New

    I had forgotten about these. They are new and still in the box they were shipped to me in. These are no longer in production. If you're looking for a leveled stance these are good. $130 Shipped.
  18. SVTStampede

    Account banned due to multiple accounts?

    Wife's account was banned due to multiple accounts. She can't even post here. Is the site limited to one account per household? The new site (I guess) has some sort of IP auto ban?
  19. SVTStampede

    11-14 Whipple Supercharger(new front feed version), NEW IN BOX(es)

    SOLD Looking for local sale, North East Florida area. Selling a Stage 1 Whipple for 11-14 Mustangs. It is the complete Stage 1 Kit. Link to Whipple's site for a breakdown of the kit. Comes with everything from...
  20. SVTStampede

    Any input on the front feed 2.9 whipple kits?

    I ordered the Stage 1 kit for my 2012, and was wondering if anyone had any insights on problems with the install or any comments in general. It looks to be very well put together, but I like to know as much as possible when doing installs and I don't personally know anyone with one. I did not...
  21. SVTStampede

    Always on fuel pump boosters safe?

    I found some older talks and it looks like this is considered fine/safe for the 17v versions. Is this still the case for street driven cars? Any fatigue/failure issues? Thanks, just getting everything lined up and double checking parts. Hopefully blower this week.
  22. SVTStampede

    E-force times/dyno?

    Anyone here running an E-force? Looking for times/dyno and specifics on pulley size. Thanks.
  23. SVTStampede

    JPC Over Axles, new in box

    SOLD Bought these about 3 years ago but it was on a project that got sidelined. They are still new in the box, these are what I think would be the first gen versions. EDIT: Reduced to 200+Shipping Or pick up in Jacksonville, Florida.
  24. SVTStampede

    275/35 20 on a 10.5 in wheel?

    Anyone with this setup? While it's completely in the recommended wheel range, I'm concerned about it being stretched.