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  1. briangsxr1000

    FS: Cylinder Heads

    SOLD--------I will list this for the third time as my item keeps being moved even though it meets the criteria for this section! I have a low mileage set of heads without cams. One head has a stuck valve. This head will need to be reworked. The other head appears ok. I took these on trade...
  2. briangsxr1000

    FS Convertible too cover and cargo net

    Bot like new condition-vert top cover literally used once for a show and stored properly. Sold the car and have no use for it anymore. $150 Shipped for both
  3. briangsxr1000

    FS: 03-04 Aluminum flywheel

    I have a used aluminum flywheel off my 03 cobra. Has around 12K miles on i if I remember correctly. Sorry for low quality pic. $110 shipped
  4. briangsxr1000

    FS: Aluminum Flywheel

    I have a stock aluminum flywheel off my 03 Cobra. Good condition with low miles. PM me a cell number of email of pics. PC is being stupid and won't upload on here. $160 shipped as gift or add 3% for fees.
  5. briangsxr1000

    FS:Vert coil springs

    Looking to sell a set of four Vert STOCK coil springs. I prefer local pickup but will ship at buyers expense. $40
  6. briangsxr1000

    Engine wiring harness

    SOLD--------Used harness I had picked up for a project. Everything is there, but one connector needs replacement. See picture for details. I believe it is the alternator plug. Looks to have been modified at one point for some reason. $115 shipped plus fees or gift.
  7. briangsxr1000

    Black License Plate cover-COBRA

    Used Cobra plate bracket in black. This is a Licensed product by ford. Comes with mounting screws and black caps. $28 shipped-paypal gift.
  8. briangsxr1000

    Cobra LicensePlate bracket-chrome

    SOLD-------Gently used! Very heavy duty plate frame. Comes with theft proof mounting screws and screw driver bit to install them. $45 shipped plus fees or send as gift.
  9. briangsxr1000

    WTS:Aluminum Flywheel and Stock Clutch

    Take off from my 10K mile cobra. Stock parts all in very good condition! $160 plus shipping for flywheel. $50 plus shipping for Clutch\Pressure plate.-SOLD All prices plus fees or send as gift. Pics available via PM with email or cell number.
  10. briangsxr1000

    WTS:Autometer Boost\Vac

    SOLD-----I have a gently used Autometer Boost\Vacuum gauge, part number 5907. Kit is complete in original box. Used for 1 year and very few miles. $40 Shipped plus fees or gift. Rock bottom price here..
  11. briangsxr1000

    WTS: 2-Fuel Rail Pressure Sensors

    I have two used FRP sensors. Excellent working condition and I had these for spares if I ever needed them. $30 shipped each. Both work like new! ALL SOLD
  12. briangsxr1000

    WTS:Sto Clutch and Flywheel`

    Stock Clutch setup used of 10K gentle miles. Includes, Clutch disc, pressure plate, and flywheel. Tons of life left in this stuff and the flywheel is in great condition! Also comes with stock TOB retainer and bearing! Everything works great! PM me for pics and include an email or cell number...
  13. briangsxr1000

    WTS: Stock Coil Covers

    I have set of stock coil covers and includes gaskets. Good used condition. PM me with a cell number or email for pics. $43 shipped plus fees or gift it. THIS IS MY ROCK BOTTOM PRICE
  14. briangsxr1000

    WTS:Stock Heat Exchanger lines

    SOLD-------I have a set of gently used Heat Exchanger lines\hoses for sale. $115 shipped plus fees or gift. These are in great condition and boxed up and ready to ship!
  15. briangsxr1000

    Wts: Kb bap 40a

    SOLD-------I have a gently used 40A BAP. It is complete with Hobs switch and remote dial. I ran it on 100% all the time for the ease of having it tuned that way. Has 2K miles of use on it and never had a hiccup with it. $190 Shipped plus fees or gift payement. PM me with cell number for pics.
  16. briangsxr1000

    WTS:Stock Shift knob

    SOLD----Excellent condition shift knob off a stock t-56. Used for very low mileage. $45 shipped plus fees or gift. PM me if you would like pics and provide an email or cell number.
  17. briangsxr1000

    WTS: AEM Wideband

    Sold------I have a gently used AEM wideband kit. Used for a year with estimated mileage of 800-1K. I also have the cable that is used to connect it to your SCT tuner for data logging! Worked great for remote tuning. Included black and white faces and is the digital UEGO design. I can text...
  18. briangsxr1000

    WTS: SOS Pillar Pod Vert

    SOLD-------I have a 2 gauge pillar out of my 03 Vert. Like new condition and needs to find a new home! PM me a cell number for pics. $150 shipped.
  19. briangsxr1000

    Wts: 275\35-18 bfg kdw2

    SOLD------I have two BFG KDW2 that have an easy 100 miles on them. They still look brand new! $350 shipped plus fees! PM me for pics and I will gladly text or email them.
  20. briangsxr1000

    WTS: Convertible top cover

    I have a mint convertible top cover for when you have the top down. No need for it anymore. Can text pics if need be. PM me your number if you would like pics. $125 plus ship plus fees or send as gift.
  21. briangsxr1000

    WTS: Hawk HPS Rear pads

    SOLD-------Used rear pads with maybe 1K miles of street driving. Like new with original box, etc. ROCK BOTTOM PRICE $50 shipped in small USPS priority box plus fees or gift.
  22. briangsxr1000

    WTS: Motorcraft Tie Rods NEW

    SOLD----I have a set of brand new unopend FRONT outer tie rods for 03-04 cobra. Paid $85 for them. $50 SHIPPED PLUS FEES FOR BOTH OR 30 SHIPPED FOR ONE. ROCK BOTTOM PRICE
  23. briangsxr1000

    WTS: FTBR Adjustable rear stab links

    SOLD-------I have a gently used set of FTBR adjustable rear stabilizer links. Part number FT1900. Used for roughly 2K miles. Sold the car so they need to go. $45 shipped plus fees or gift. firm Pics sent upon request via text.
  24. briangsxr1000

    WTS: Billetflow Snub Idler and Pulleys-red

    SOLD____________I have a gently used snub idler with the added 3 pulleys and 2.76 BF blower pulley. Used for 2k miles. I can text pictures on request. This is the newest version snub idler an bracket too. I can include the correct size green stripe belt for $25. $225 Shipped plus fees or...
  25. briangsxr1000

    WTS: Stock Fuel Pumps

    SOLD------I have a set of stock pumps with PPRV. I believe around 20K miles on them. $50 shipped plus fees. Pics available to text if needed.