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  1. AustinJ427

    1966 F100 with 3.5 Raptor Power Exceeds 600 RWHP on Dyno

    This truck is popping up on various social media platforms, I think that article blasted it around. Good work, I had no idea you could make that much power with an essentially stock engine.
  2. AustinJ427

    Anyone else noticing a motor oil shortage?

    Lol this got me, just ordered. 12 for my race car 12 for the beater 4 for the Duramax 4 for the Fiesta That was expensive but maybe oil filters will become the next bitcoin lol
  3. AustinJ427

    Black Friday purchases - what’re you getting and where?

    Tires for my racecar. It was only $50 off of all 4 but because we have to run these, and they are price controlled from the manufacturer, finding a deal is basically non-existent.
  4. AustinJ427

    Scotch, Scotch, Scotchy, Scotch, Scotch

    Not much of a scotch drinker but my brother had a bottle of dalmore 15 he got as a thank you from work and we crushed it way too quickly. I liked it a lot.
  5. AustinJ427

    NASA Time Trial TT2 Win Carolina Motorsport Park

    That's rad. None of our guys can touch the pro lol.
  6. AustinJ427

    NASA Time Trial TT2 Win Carolina Motorsport Park

    Makes sense. We have a professional driver who comes out and helps some of the guys on practice days. I think he is usually 1.5 seconds faster in their own cars on slightly longer laps. One of them was less than .5 of him and was pretty proud about it.
  7. AustinJ427

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Lol my buddy did something similar when he was a 7th grader or something. He was helping someone move, bent over to pick up a dresser with someone else and farted. A little turd dropped out of his shorts, he kicked it to the side and pretended it didn't happen.
  8. AustinJ427

    NASA Time Trial TT2 Win Carolina Motorsport Park

    That video was kind of busy, I ended up just ignoring your portion lol. Curious what level of amateur that guy is, 2.X seconds is a lifetime for that short of a lap but that's not bad if he is new to it.
  9. AustinJ427

    Took my ‘69 Lincoln Continental to a track day

    They made 80 of them the first year and the second year there was no limit. Ford would pull cars off the line and send them to a coach builder for that.
  10. AustinJ427

    Took my ‘69 Lincoln Continental to a track day

    Did you push it at all? How did the brakes do?
  11. AustinJ427

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Lmao I like how they are 100's too. Too bad she didn't dress like Camel Wides. Liking this comment wasn't easy but I got it done.
  12. AustinJ427

    Random Picture Thread

    Lol that's half the fun, my car drives like garbage. Besides W2W, more fun than fast. At least to me.
  13. AustinJ427

    Random Picture Thread

    Certainly we are talking about Nascar only right?
  14. AustinJ427

    longtime lurker first time posting

    Can I offer a suggestion? For the price of 3-4 laps in one of those cars, you could be out at the track with your car all day with NASA or SCCA or even open lapping (although I do recommend seat time with instructors, they are worth it). I don't know anything about your GT but unless it's...
  15. AustinJ427

    Need a knife for my son, ideas?

    Kershaw here. I'm partial to the scallion (I have 3 of them in various flavors), the hand grip seems like it's for a smaller hand but the shape allows you to tuck your fingers up into it on the odd occasion you need to gorilla grip it. I prefer non-serrated, USA built ones.
  16. AustinJ427

    Breaking the universe

    Did you recognize him or just ask a random dude at HD if we are living in a simulation?
  17. AustinJ427

    It’s not a Mustang….

    You are well within your right to refer to it as what it is. I still refer to my GT350 as "the white mustang."
  18. AustinJ427

    C8Z06 unveiled today

    Spend some time at a track, it's absolutely true. We have a 3 that frequents our local track, a novice driver and he cuts every session short because A) if he ran the full 20 minutes, he wouldn't have enough time to get it recharged between sessions and B) he said it overheats after a handful...
  19. AustinJ427

    C8 Z06 670HP NA FPC!!

    This is bad ass.
  20. AustinJ427

    Truck tires

    I greatly preferred my Bridgestone Revo IIs to the BFGs I had. The life and grip I got out of them was night and day. Never tried the Revo 3 (which is the current version), but they would be a consideration for me if I needed another set of tires.
  21. AustinJ427

    The Eye -- It's Coming For Your Car

    A lot of companies have these telematics options, currently it's only 3-4 months worth of monitoring and discounts are given depending on the company. I'm sure if this gets pushed through, it will be 100% of the time and there won't be a discount as much as a rating factor like credit, driving...
  22. AustinJ427

    What Color?

    Midnight blue