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    03/04 cobra parts

    I have a new Billetflow 2.93 pulley/ hub with bolts sold Gates Micro V belt K080755 (new) 15.00 plus ride Steeda pulley puller/ installer part number 555-8900 150.00 plus ride Email is [email protected] everything is BEST OFFER
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    WTB 2.3L Whipple Box

    hi I’m looking for a Empty 2.3L Whipple box please, I bought a used one and need to send mine back to Whipple for a rebuilt, and don’t want it damaged. Would like a Whipple box so it stays safe. Thanks Dustin
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    WTB Steeda 555-5078 K member

    Hi I was looking to see if anyone had a nice used or one they didn't use Steeda 555-5078 K member for the 30-04 Cobra. Please let me know what you have. Thanks Dustin
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    Whipple rebuild services

    Hi I was wondering if someone can tell me who is the best shop to do a rebuild service on my 2.3L Whipple for my 2003 cobra? I know Whipple does them but they are about $1000.00 , anybody know any other place?
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    WTB cobra snake patch for floor mats

    I’m looking for a red cobra snake embroidered patch that I can put on my floor mats. I need a left and right side. If anybody has anything please let me know. Thanks Dustin
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    WTB, ford perfomance front lower control arms, m 3075d

    Hi Im looking for ford performance front lower control arms part # m 3075 d, If someone could let me know where I can get a set please let me know. or if someone on here rebuilds them to factory 03-04 cobra specs. I guess they have the stiffer bushings in them and the low friction ball joints...
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    WTB, ford performance front lower control arms, m3075d 94-04

    HI, Im looking for the 03-04 cobra replacement front lower control arms, ford performance part # m 3075 d . they have the stiffer bushings in them with the low friction ball joints. Please let me know how has them or If there is anybody on here that rebuild them. I don't see them anywhere...
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    WTB, BilletFlow upper pulley install/take off puller

    ih guys I’m looking for a used BilletFlow puller/ install . Looking for used one in good shape before I buy new. Thanks Dustin, [email protected]
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    WTB, KOOKS X pipe WITH OUT CATS, 2.5", 2003 cobra

    Hi Im looking for a KOOKs X pipe WITHOUT CATS, 2.5". Im in Eastern Pa 18103. Thanks Dustin
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    WTB, KOOKS X PIPE WITH OUT CATS, 2.5", 2003 cobra

    hi I'm looking for a KOOKS X pipe, WITHOUT CATS, 2.5". Im in Eastern Pa. 18103 Thanks Dustin
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    EGR delete how to's 03 Cobra

    I was just wondering if someone can tell me where I can find how to do an EGR delete on my 03 Cobra? Where to get the specific plug deletes and new vacuum routs. thanks dustin. or should I just keep it, the only thing I'm doing is putting kooks headers no cats, bigger injectors, sct 2600, 2.76...
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    03-04 cobra valve stem hole size

    Hi I want to put a good set of machined valve stems in my car when I change the tires and don't know what size hole is in the rim for the valve stems. I guess they make different dia. valve stem holes. If someone could please let me know . Thanks dustin
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    WTB, 2003 remake of original window stickers

    Im looking for someone that makes new or original like 2003 SVT cobra window stickers. I just bought it and got all of the SVT paperwork but no window sticker! and would really like to put everything in a fame together, ever know it wouldn't be real, from what I understand they look pretty darn...