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  1. 4rd Toys

    roush/alcon brake lines ?

    Just responding to "save" in my profile for future parts reference- I'm going thru my basement and garage trying to re-organize; found I had a set of these brake lines... did a search & found what these were for. [When I had my '03 Cobra] I probably at some point was going to install/upgrade...
  2. 4rd Toys

    What Would You Do? Fox Body

    If it were me... 4.6L DOHC & IRS swap... try to go with the manual transmission found in either the 99/01 Cobra or Mach-1 Overhaul or rebuild the engine to handle more HP & see how much $$ is left over for possible power-adders...
  3. 4rd Toys

    19/20/21 Ranger "Black" Ford Emblems

    Parts Inquiry: Looking for both, front & rear, Ford emblems that are "blacked-out" [zero chrome] I found this part number which I believe is the Ford emblem in black for the front grille: LB3Z-8213-A Want to order the whole rear assembly [Pedestal/Camera/Emblem] in black or black-chrome...
  4. 4rd Toys

    Truck tires

    Cooper Tire Discoverer AT3 4S GREAT tire! I’m on my second set … got 50k+ miles on the first set. This is on a 2WD regular cab Tacoma too. But I “up-sized” to a 225/70R15 versus the OE...
  5. 4rd Toys

    My old Mystichrome at a dealer with rolled back odometer

    Not to go off subject- Was wondering if this one was owned by one of the forum members here... Kinda curious about this mystichrome convertible...
  6. 4rd Toys

    How to Post Pics and Vids

    Me too... With this new server upgrade, I thought I could upload pics straight off my CPU or iPhone I still get error messages or files are too large. I quit using photobucket & don't want to use flickr or imugr... sorta like trying to avoid whatsapp since the fb commies took over it. Trying...
  7. 4rd Toys

    Any original owners around?

    Yup, '01 Silver here. Literally 20 years of ownership this past April, plus my truck was built back in Mar '01 too. Unreal. Can't believe all the history with my truck & where we have been too.
  8. 4rd Toys

    Crankshaft Extension Pulley

    I found one cheap on eBay years ago... Made my job/project simple & easy. I couldn't get a wrench to "grab" or "lock" like everyone claims to work.
  9. 4rd Toys

    Crankshaft Extension Pulley

    The easiest way is to pull the starter and use some type of flywheel-locking tool [think OTC] to hold/lock the flywheel in place- OTC 303-673 Ford Flywheel Locking Tool OTC303-673 OT303-673 NEW OTC 303-673 Ford Rotunda 303-673 Flywheel Locking Tool F-150 5.4L #144 | eBay
  10. 4rd Toys

    Valvoline VR1 SAE 20W-50 on sale at WOOT!

    So I’m guessing and asking at the same time: So this is for older style push-rod engines and operating at or above 45F?
  11. 4rd Toys

    2002 thru 2004 SVTF Strut Upper Strut-Mount Components

    I forgot to ask: 98AZ-1A049-AC I found the parts diagram for the rear disc-brake version Focus but I'm confused since this bearing assembly part# pops up for BOTH drum & disc brake versions. Is this one correct for my SVTF...
  12. 4rd Toys

    2007 GT500 HID conversion harness? Where to find?

    The Retrofit Source | 2008 Ford Mustang with Halogen Capsule Headlights; Shelby GT500 The Retrofit Source: Here's the site with options for both HID & LED in the OE headlamp housing. Appears H13/9008 is the size for the halogen headlamp housing for the 2007/08 GT500. They are out of Georgia...
  13. 4rd Toys

    Talk me out of get a 2020 Ecoboost HPP !

    To me, the HPP version sounds exactly like my Focus RS...
  14. 4rd Toys

    2002 thru 2004 SVTF Strut Upper Strut-Mount Components

    Thank you! I was going to "recycle" the dust cap, but now I know the part# just in case...
  15. 4rd Toys

    Shelby heat exchanger pump failure: symptoms and repair

    Here’s another discussion with a different option or route to go with your GT500…
  16. 4rd Toys

    Shelby heat exchanger pump failure: symptoms and repair

    Here’s a thread discussing options and replacing the OE Bosch pump in general. Maybe it can help you out…
  17. 4rd Toys

    Car Cover Questions: Outside Storage.

    My SVTF had to moved outside from the garage when I put it in "storage-mode" during the winter months. I use a Covercraft Brand "Noah" Custom Fit Cover for the SVTF along with a generic clear plastic cover to keep the Covercraft cover completely dry and to hold it completely in place with zero...
  18. 4rd Toys

    2002 thru 2004 SVTF Strut Upper Strut-Mount Components

    Afternoon, Like before, instead of creating a "new" thread... when I'm referring to the same car just different part(s). 2004 SVT Focus with rear disc brakes- Not sure what you call the part but it's the inner ABS ring/cap that is pressed on the rear-wheel hub assembly. I found a Ford diagram...
  19. 4rd Toys

    svt cam caps markings

    My guess with the hand engraved numbers would be these may have been "pullled" from zetec stock and had custom "cut/grind" per Cosworth/SVT specs. So the engine line assembly could differentiate between "ZETEC" & "SVT" during the assembly process.... Again guessing here...
  20. 4rd Toys

    svt cam caps markings

    It's a mexican-built, cosworth modified & tuned engine that was mass produced. SAE 2001: Ford Taps Cosworth for SVT Focus Engine It didn't get hand-assemblied like the 4-valve V8 cobra/GT500 engines in Romeo, Michigan.
  21. 4rd Toys

    Random Shit Thread

    Good question.... I -or- I should say "we" have no idea... He's says: "Hey, they're cheap "right now" there [Missouri]".... So with beer in one hand & cash in another, we all "threw" money at him... Will find out tomorrow what kind of goodies he bought for us. I'm told its mostly "mortars"...
  22. 4rd Toys

    Random Shit Thread

    Collectively we're at $1300 Have a buddy that has been passing thru Missouri and picking a few every trip... up until 3 weeks ago and before the price bump...
  23. 4rd Toys

    Struts for non-lowered car

    How about OEM SVT-Performance struts for the '11 & "12 models? $103.26 not a bad price for OE stuff... It says can be used for left or right... 2011-2013 Ford Mustang Strut BR3Z-18124-L |
  24. 4rd Toys

    Where to buy higher end watches?

    Actually looking at Nordstrom RACK site... specifically this blacked-out Rado automatic watch. Wondering if this is worth it... Rado | Men's Automatic Bracelet Watch, 45mm | Nordstrom Rack