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    The 2021 Bronco is Here | Built for Dominance

    I'll take 2 please.
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    One of the First GT500's to be Delivered

    One of the nice, small touches I really appreciate with this car are the badges. The big snake up front and back and the smaller one on the sides.
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    Has anyone seen Midway yet?

    Most of the time I don't care what the critics say. I just didn't read all the comments on here and only saw negative reviews of the movie. I'll watch it for sure and make up my own mind as what I typically do for any movie.
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    Gold Rush - 1600hp

    What'd you say!?!? ;-)
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    Has anyone seen Midway yet?

    Oh man, that is terrible to hear. I was hoping this one was going to be good. It's been awhile since a good war movie has been out. Hopefully that WWI movie that is suppose to be coming out soon (I think) will be better. I can't remember the name of it.
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    All Electric Mach-E SUV is Officially in the "Mustang Family"

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    Good deal? 1999 Camaro SS

    I love those cars. One of my most favorite Camaros out there.
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    Star Trek: Picard | NYCC Trailer

    IT's looking like a winner for sure.
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    Boba Fett's father, perhaps?
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    Star Wars Nerds, The Mandalorian!

    I'll watch it.
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    Neat WWII story. When a Bf-109 spared a stricken B-17.

    That is very interesting thing to take into consideration. And I know there are a lot of redundancies built into the planes nowadays but it's nice to see that ideology has a long rooted past. Are the modern air forces of the respected countries continuing on with their typical doctrine of...
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    2020 GT500 Weight Revealed + Critical Specs | GT350 Updates

    I figured it would be lower but not by that much. I was thinking the safety standard requirements would be vastly different between the two because of the build date gap. Oh well, what can you do...
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    2020 GT500 Weight Revealed + Critical Specs | GT350 Updates

    Well... How much does the ZL1 weigh?
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    Neat WWII story. When a Bf-109 spared a stricken B-17.

    I love those B17s, and a very cool story. Thanks for sharing.
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    Spy Shots—’21 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    I love the current body style Jeep. It's going to be hard to beat.
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    Shots Fired at USBP Boat Patrol from MEX

    Wow, 12 friggin hits on the boat?! That is a pretty brazen attack.
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    Armed citizen stops potential mass shooter as Missouri Walmart

    Seems like they will go where ever there isn't going to be a big police presence.
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    At least 18 dead, 22 injured in El Paso mall shooting

    Holy crap, those are a lot shootings I didn't hear about. Except the Pulse one. It just seems the more this stuff is put in the news the more of it happens from copy cats.
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    The Boys NSFW (lang)

    That is it for sure. I couldn't put my finger on it exactly why he is a good fit for the parts he plays but that is it.
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    The Boys NSFW (lang)

    Yeah, I did enjoy the Dred reboot too. Karl Urban is a good actor and should get more play.
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    The Boys NSFW (lang)

    It was when is the second season coming? =D
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    ZOMBIELAND 2: DOUBLE TAP Official Trailer #1

    I loved the first one and will love this one I'm sure.
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    Thoughts on GAFA

    Ohhh, I didn't know he moved over there. Well that would make their product less desirable and I'm sure would affect sales sadly. But could be what they will eventually do. It's very sad that the US is being portrayed in such a bad light lately. This country is by no means perfect but all...
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    TOP GUN: Maverick

    Unless Goose had a twin brother with a call sign of Duck!