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  1. OldYeller

    F'n Fast Shift Knob Group Buy!

    If they look like the original I’m in for one.
  2. OldYeller

    New wheels on the GT500

    My rears are 20x11 +56 F14's with a 315/30/20 R888R. Fits perfect on my 2011. If you lifted the car and let the rear axle fully hang then it would hit the bumpstops. I really don't think there was any way it would have hit during normal operation but I went ahead and relocated the bump stops...
  3. OldYeller

    Wtb basani cats

    How much? I’d be interested if the OP isn’t .
  4. OldYeller

    5 X 7 Replacement dry air filter for JLT big air causing cruise surge

    Did the original filter have the wire screen on the outlet? My 11 does the same thing. It seems to not like any of their filters other than the one that originally came with the JLT. I’ll be curious to see what you come up with.
  5. OldYeller

    Tire and wheel package

    I did a staggered set of Forgestars on mine. 19x10 with 285/35/19 up front and rears were 20x11 with 315/30/20.
  6. OldYeller

    BMR - Spherical bushing vs Poly bushing

    I have the BMR upper/mount with Poly on mine, and the lowers are Poly as well. It picked up maybe the faintest increase in NVH over stock.
  7. OldYeller

    Michelin Cup 2's or R888R's

    20x11 Forgestar F14’s. +56 is the offset.
  8. OldYeller

    Michelin Cup 2's or R888R's

    315/30r20 for the rear.
  9. OldYeller

    Michelin Cup 2's or R888R's

    I installed mine yesterday and they fit good. Plenty of bump stop clearance on the 20" wheel when its on the ground but it will hit if you let the axle hang. Looking at them on the car I don't think a 35 series would fit without rubbing.
  10. OldYeller

    Michelin Cup 2's or R888R's

    Those look solid on your car. What offset is your wheel? I ordered mine this week as well. Had a set put on my 04 a few weeks ago that replaced some old NT05’s. I’ve been super happy with the R888R on that car, hopefully I get the same results with my 11
  11. OldYeller

    315/30R20 r888r rear tires

    thanks-if memory serves the sport cup twos are even fatter than most tires in the same size. I’ve seen your other threads and it seemed like you avoided rubbing for the most part on the 325’s unless on a off camber surface? I have zero problem removing the bump stops if I need to, just don’t...
  12. OldYeller

    315/30R20 r888r rear tires

    Anyone ran the R888R rears in a 315/30/20 on a lowered 10-14 GT500? Curious how they fit before I pull the trigger, and if they were any fitment issues. Wheel they will be going on is 11” wide +56 offset.
  13. OldYeller

    WTB: 03/04 Steering Rack

    FWIW- I just had to replace the rack in my 04. And it seems the rack 03/04 rack is damn near impossible to find through Ford. Aftermarket was not much better, I wound up going with a reman from NAPA (rebuilt by cardone). They did have a separate part number for the 03/04 cobra vs the GT of the...
  14. OldYeller

    Screaming yellow pic thread

    Thanks! I try to keep it lookin good. I would agree most of the 03/04 you see around now are in pretty darn good shape. Still one of my favorite body styles of mustang too.
  15. OldYeller

    Screaming yellow pic thread

    My 04. Realized I need to get some new pics of it. 55k ish on the clock.
  16. OldYeller

    How to reinstall the diff pumpkin?

    Is the diff mount attached? I originally attached it to my cover a few weeks ago and then realiZed that due to the size I needed to have the mount off the diff to get it in place.
  17. OldYeller

    Prothane rear sway bar bushing, how do you know if they are the updated version?

    did them on my 04 while the IRS was out a few weeks ago. Exact same part number. Fit perfect.
  18. OldYeller


    Still got the EGR stuff? Shoot me a PM if so I’ll take it.
  19. OldYeller

    Dropping IRS, prothane control arm bushing or leave stock ones in?

    I just got done with the all of the IRS bushings on mine. I did the maximum motor sports kit on mine. Given the condition of the rubber ones I removed I can’t see how doing at least the prothanes ones would be a bad thing.
  20. OldYeller

    Stock Shifter-Free

  21. OldYeller

    Stock Shifter-Free

    Cleaning up some junk in the garage. Stock shifter from my 2004. Have a set of gaskets too. You cover the cost of a flat rate box and it’s yours. 907-two eight zero-nine 333 Dan
  22. OldYeller

    WTB Forgestar F14 20x11 or 19x11

    W What size tire you running up front on the 10’s
  23. OldYeller

    WTB Forgestar F14 20x11 or 19x11

    Figure I would try used before buying new. Looking to snag a pair of 11” rear wheels. +55 or +56. 20” preferred but would consider 19x11 as well. I’m looking for the Piano Black Finish.
  24. OldYeller

    Best long tubes?

    Did the Kooks 1 7/8 on my 11. Fit great and have plenty of ground Clearance. I also like how easy it is to swap out the mid pipes to catless for off-road use. With the cats and stock mufflers it’s just slightly louder at idle and when you step on it it’s plenty rowdy. Installed them myself on...
  25. OldYeller

    Looking for new tire recommendations

    I wasn’t able to run a 295/35 on the rear of my 11 with Alcoa’s with out rubbing. Car is lowered and the rear end is centered, looked great sitting but would rub over bumps.