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    RV - buying one for the MIL and need advice

    Mother in law has asked me to help her find a class C RV. She has a sky high budget (LOL) of $35k. Fortunately the interior she can redo but it needs to be mechanically sound. Possible or unpossible? best place to look? FB Marketplace? RV Trader? Fantasy land? Any and all advice welcome!
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    Number 3

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    Smoke Stang

    Didn't see this posted yet. Western Champlin put a Cummins 5.9 into a S550 with a GT500 front fascia. He's got a whole video series on the build. 7:30 in the video below for the start-up.
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    Ferrari F8 Tributo

    So my dad got an unsolicited call from a Ferrari dealer with an offer for him to buy a 2020 F8 Tributo at list. He hasn't purchased a Ferrari in many years. I doubt he was their first phone call. We joked that this is a sign that the stock market hasn't bottomed yet. Still, he's considering...
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    Venting: FEMA sucks balls! Stupid inaccurate flood map nightmare.

    Ugh! Trying to buy a new house and the FEMA flood map is plainly wrong is so many ways. Elevation, location, etc. The creek is drawn through the middle of my driveway, roughly 40 feet from where it actually is. One can plainly see this discrepancy on the FEMA supplied map. The roadway is a...
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    Amsoil 5w50 and EaO11 Filter / JLT Induction Kit / BMR Camber Bolts

    7 Qt of Amsoil Signature 5w50 and an EaO11 Filter - BNIB: $75 shipped. JLT Induction Kit (no tune - hear the S/C whine!) 2000 miles: $100 shipped BMR FC001 Camber Bolts (2 degree) - BNIB: $40 shipped
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    Paint chip repair AKA am I crazy to try to spray this myself?

    Backed into a stray shopping cart at Home Depot. Got an awesome dent in the tailgate of the Ram. I was able to completely pop out the dent but some of the paint flaked off (down to bare aluminum) during the repair. You can see some additional paint is spidering below the chip. Am I crazy for...
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    Absolutely Insane Car Collection / Garage / Man Cave

    I am not a fan of Salomondrin but this video he just posted of this car collection / museum / garage / man cave / etc. is completely nuts! EDIT: Video removed Instagram, etc...
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    Thinking of buying a classic Mustang? Am I crazy?

    So because I'm a sucker for punishing my bank account and increasing my time in the garage I'm kicking around the idea of picking up a classic Mustang fastback. Budget is $40k or so. Obviously this won't be a numbers matching GT500 or some car that's had a rotisserie restoration, etc. I want...
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    Funny or interesting license plates

    anybody have or see on the road any funny or interesting license plates? Not necessarily talking about personalized plates, but random plates issued by the DMV. For instance, my dad was issued "420 LGL" by the state of Missouri roughly in the year 2000 or so. No joke. He had it on his 4Runner...
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    2012 Factory Mufflers 17k miles

    Factory mufflers off of a 2012 GT500. Pulled with roughly 17,000 mi. $300 shipped - SOLD
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    FS: 2012 GT500 - Kona Blue, Red Stripes, VMP 800 kit, Lots of BMR, Viking, Strange, etc.

    2012 GT500 SVTPP Coupe Kona Blue with Red SVTPP Stripes Recaro Seats with Red Stripes Electronics Package with Navigation Shaker 500 3.73 rear LSD 31,xxx miles Location: Denver, CO PRICE: $36500, which includes ALL of the below items I'm the second owner. Car was stock (11,475 miles) when I...
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    Talk me out of (or in to) a C7 Z06 A8...

    Thinking about swapping out the GT500 for a 2016-17 C7Z with the A8. I feel like I've reached the point of diminished returns on mods for the GT500 unless I want to spend big bucks to pull and build the engine and the M6 just can't compete with the new auto cars. I have the Porsche for fun...
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    Finishing detached garage

    My detached garage is 22' x 18'8" with 10' ceilings. Completely unfinished other than epoxy floor. An exterior wall of the garage is 28' from the main electrical box. It appears that only one measly 15 amp circuit is feeding the entire garage. Even if there is a second 15 amp circuit (which I...
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    Cutting / polishing pads and compounds

    Let's say I have Groits Fast Correcting Cream and Groits Perfecting Cream and a variety of Lake County pads. Defect to correct: 2 year old daughter rubbed felt furniture moving pads on dirty door. A couple of scratches you can barely feel with a fingernail. Several swirls. I've done a full...
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    Dealer markups have gone full insano

    $20k markup on a 4runner!!!!!!!!! If you really like "voodoo blue" that much you could color change for 1/10th the cost! 2019 Toyota 4Runner TRD PRO (RARE) We have a brand new and rare TRD PRO 4Runner on our lot in the new Voodo Blue color. These are high demand and rare Trucks and they all...
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    Talk some sense into me: daily drivers

    Guys, time for a change in my vehicles. Wife daily drives a 2015 Land Cruiser. I daily the GT500 and weekend drive the 930. We have a 2.5 year old and a 5 month old. The wife will not drive the GT500 although she is definitely qualified to drive it (she used to drive an extensively modded WRX)...
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    DRIVEABLE Bugatti Chiron... Made from LEGOs!

    Lego for the win! LEGO built a drivable Bugatti Chiron out of a million pieces of Technic
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    FS: Bob's Billet Lower Control Arms 2005-14

    Used roughly 2500 miles. Switched to adjustable LCAs. Bob's Billet Lower Control Arms Fit 2005 through 2014 Mustang (All flavors) Milled from 1.25" x 2.5" billet 6061 T6 aluminum Poly bushings Powder coated black Some rubbing to the inside sides where the brake lines touch. See photos - finish...
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    Window stickers on USED Fords

    Need help looking up a couple of window stickers on some used F150s so I can check the options, etc. I can't seem to find anymore websites that work unless the vehicle is on the lot of a Ford dealer. I'm not going to pay Ford $25 per sticker just to look up options. Not sure why Ford would kill...
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    Order of making suspension adjustments?

    About to finish up adjustable LCAs, and adjustable UCA, and lowering springs. What's the correct order for making all my adjustments? 1. Set LCAs to proper wheelbase length? 107"? 2. Adjust UCA to proper length for pinion? -2 degrees? 3. Adjust panhard to center rear end? 4. ??? 5. Profit
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    Strut top nut

    Anyone know the size and pitch of the nut on top of the strut assembly? Installing strange struts with BMR springs later this month. Not wanting to take apart both stock strut assemblies just for two nuts.
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    need some help: cutting the head off K member brace stud

    Hey guys, I'm attempting to install the CHE K member brace and torque limiters. 2011 and up have studs on the K member to hold the brace. The CHE instructions say to cut the head off. Any tips of how to do this? I cut off the head with a grinder. The bastard rotates in the hole but wont come...
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    BMR driveshaft safety loop

    Used for roughly 3,000 miles. One corner of the brace that attached to the vehicle has been modified (detailed photos below) to allow this loop to clear Lethal ORH pipes. Any paint scratches or nicks have been documented below BMR part number DSL010 in wrinkle black. $45 plus the ride. I get...
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    Decided to go E85

    I've been using Sunoco 260 GT exclusively for the past 2 years. I can get it at the pump. Prices are up nearly $2/gal recently to $8.05/gal. Doesn't help that the pump is 20 minutes away, although I do fill 2 6gal racing containers up when I fill the tank. So, I'm switching to E85. There's a...