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  1. OldYeller

    315/30R20 r888r rear tires

    Anyone ran the R888R rears in a 315/30/20 on a lowered 10-14 GT500? Curious how they fit before I pull the trigger, and if they were any fitment issues. Wheel they will be going on is 11” wide +56 offset.
  2. OldYeller

    Stock Shifter-Free

    Cleaning up some junk in the garage. Stock shifter from my 2004. Have a set of gaskets too. You cover the cost of a flat rate box and it’s yours. 907-two eight zero-nine 333 Dan
  3. OldYeller

    WTB Forgestar F14 20x11 or 19x11

    Figure I would try used before buying new. Looking to snag a pair of 11” rear wheels. +55 or +56. 20” preferred but would consider 19x11 as well. I’m looking for the Piano Black Finish.
  4. OldYeller

    Shelby Venice Wheels

    Anyone have a good pic of these installed on a 10-14 GT500? I’m contemplating picking up a lightly used set and am curious how wide of a tire can be ran on the 10.5” rears without sticking out or rubbing. If someone had the offset/backspacing specs that would be awesome as well. Thanks
  5. OldYeller

    Door Panel peeling

    Anyone have a good remedy to the grey vinyl on the door panel starting to peel or lift off the panel itself? My vert spends a ton of time in the hot sun with the top down and it is starting to separate near the door handle cups. Thanks Dan
  6. OldYeller

    SVE 19x11 rear wheels from LMR

    Anyone out there running one of LMR's various 19x11 options on their GT500? Im curious on how the fitment is in the rear and if there were any issues with rubbing when running a 305/35. Thanks, Dan
  7. OldYeller

    BMR LCA Relos-Brand New

    BMR lower control arm relocation brackets.I decided not to install these. Looking for $85 shipped in the lower 48.
  8. OldYeller

    Maximum Motorsports Caster Camber Plates

    Set of MM5CC6 caster camber plates for 11-14 mustang. Less than 1K miles on them. Looking for $180 shipped in the lower 48.
  9. OldYeller

    11-12 VMP Plug and Play Fuel Pump Booster.

    VMP Plug and Play Booster for 11-12 GT500. I bought this lightly used off another member and ended up not needing it. $250 shipped. Dan 907-280-9 Three three three
  10. OldYeller

    Stock 2011 Injectors

    Stock injectors off my 2011. Came off the car with less than 10K on them. $115 shipped. Dan- 907-280-9 three three three
  11. OldYeller

    Stock 2011 Exhaust Manifolds

    Stock Manifolds off my 2011 GT500. No cracks at all the car has less than 10K miles on it. $110 shipped. Text 907-280-9 three three three Thanks Dan
  12. OldYeller

    Brand New BMR double adjustable LCA's

    I have a pair of brand new never installed BRM lower control arms for sale. These go for 259.99 new. $215 shipped. They are boxed up and ready to go. Text for quickest response. 907-280-9 three three three. Thanks- Dan
  13. OldYeller

    Resonator Delete $40

    Found this sitting on a shelf in the garage, no longer need it. Pics show what you get, I don't know if I lost a clamp or it only came with one, regardless hose clamps are cheap. $40 shipped in the lower 48. Text is fastest nine07-28zero-nine333 Dan
  14. OldYeller

    Upper and Lower Billet Grille Inserts

    These were on my car when I picked it up, looked good with them but i preferred the look of the stock grille. $75 plus shipping. My phone is 907 two eight zero 9 three three three, text or shoot me a PM if interested. Thanks, Dan
  15. OldYeller

    11/12 Flowmaster Axle Backs

    11/12 Flowmaster Axle backs great shape, best guess is they have 3-5K on them they were on my car when I bought it with just over 7K on the clock. Sounded good just not my style. $300 plus shipping, or make me a reasonable offer. Text for quickest response 907 two eight zero 9 three three three...
  16. OldYeller

    WTB 1 piece Speedster cover

    Looking to snag a 1 piece speedster cover that will fit my 04. It is probably not feasible to ship one so I would be looking for one on the west coast or neighboring states around Idaho where I could go pick it up. Thanks! Dan
  17. OldYeller

    WTB Speedster cover near Idaho/PNW

    I'm looking for a speedster cover that would fit my 04. Willing to travel to the surrounding states around Idaho for the right deal. Needs to fit with the styling/light bar. pm or text me 907 two eight zero 9 three 33 thanks! Dan
  18. OldYeller

    Stock 2012 Heat Exchanger and intercooler tank.

    Ive got a stock heat exchanger and intercooler tank off my 2012 GT500 with 27K. Ive also got the stock hoses as well from the tank to the pump and the tank to the intake. No issues when removed just upgraded to a dual fan unit. Comes with some free Idaho bugs as well...$165 for all of it. You...
  19. OldYeller

    WTB 3.2 Alternator Pulley

    Anyone got a 3.2" alternator pulley for the 03/04 cobra they want to get rid of? Shoot me a text for quickest response if you do I am ready to buy today! Dan 907-two eight zero-9 three three three
  20. OldYeller

    MGW Cobra Shift Knob

    I've got a shift knob I got with the MGW shifter I bought off another member on here. It was brand new when I got it and I used it for a week or two. Nothing wrong with it I just went a different route. $45 shipped or make me an offer.
  21. OldYeller

    VMP 3.0 pulley

    3.0 pulley for the VMP TVS. I've also got a used stock length belt that I'll toss in with it as well. The belt fits the 3.0 pulley if you have one auxiliary idler installed. Both have less that 2K miles on them. $70 shipped.
  22. OldYeller

    SCT 2400 MAF JLT 1st Gen CAI JLT Pre Filter

    SCT 2400 MAF with the housing. Worked great but pegged and I had to upgrade. 170 shipped in the lower 48. JLT 1st Gen CAI. Filter has maybe 4k miles on it, I have both the high boost tube and the standard tube. $100 JLT Pre Filter brand new, I decided not to use it but lost one grommet so...
  23. OldYeller

    Stock Shifter and Exhaust Manifolds

    I've got a stock shifter and pair of Exhaust Manifolds off my 04 Cobra. Both are in good shape and came off the car with about 48k on the clock. I'd like 65 shipped for the shifter and 90 shipped on the manifolds in the lower 48. PM me a phone # or text me for pictures at 907 two eight zero 9...
  24. OldYeller

    Stock exhaust Manifolds

    Pair of stock Exhaust Manifolds off my 04 Cobra. 47k miles on them no cracks that I can see. $75 bucks shipped. PM me with phone number and I can send pictures if interested. Thanks Dan
  25. OldYeller

    WTB SVTPP Front Wheel 2012 GT500

    Found One. No longer in the market.