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  1. SHOdown220

    Mid-size trucks

    After buying our first home I am seeing more and more that I need a pickup truck. Would rather something new or slightly used. I have always just considered the full size truck market but I'm considering a midsize option. Needs to be crew cab to hold my family with 2 kids in car seats Needs to...
  2. SHOdown220

    Who’s given up motorcycle riding?

    Like the title states who here has given up riding motorcycles? How long did you ride for? What made you give it up? Background I’ve been riding since 2011, back then I was younger, single and had tons of free time. I rode everywhere, my first bike passed 10,000 miles in the first 3 months I...
  3. SHOdown220

    Man killed filming "Prank" Robbery

    I've been wondering when something like this would happen, sad situation all around, but man you can't do stupid shit like this. I feel bad for the guys family that was killed but I really feel bad for the guy who did the shooting because he didn't know it wasn't real, he had to take someone's...
  4. SHOdown220

    How old is too old for a tire?

    How old of a tire would you feel comfortable running on your DD? Long story short I have a tire that was taken off a new ST when I worked at Ford due to a nail. Turns out the nail didn't puncture the tire so I brought it home and put it in the garage. The time has come for a new set of tires...
  5. SHOdown220


    Happy fathers day to all you dads out there. I hope your day is filled with grilling, beer and spending time with family!
  6. SHOdown220

    Neighbors dog crapping in my yard

    As the title states, I keep seeing on my security camera the neighbor is walking his dog (lab) into my front yard to take a dump, to be fair its not always mine, but he walks through my yard and several of the other neighbors yards and his dog usually picks mine to do his business. I'm a big...
  7. SHOdown220

    Is anyone at all buying the new ranger?

    I was talking with a co worker this evening and we were discussing the new ranger and realized neither of us have seen more than 1 new ranger around. It's been out since what late 2018 early 19? I've seen exactly 1 ranger out on the road although dealers always seem to have them parked out...
  8. SHOdown220

    What's your "Perks of the job"?

    We've all heard the line "perks of the job", but what are your personal perks of your job? I'm not talking health insurance or things like that, but what are some perks in your job/industry that the average consumer would not get? Freebies, company cars, first in line for new products or...
  9. SHOdown220

    Hurricane Florence

    Looking like a major storm heading this way. Hope you guys at the coast make it out ok and hope your property stays safe. I'm just north of Charlotte and already see the stores selling out of water and gas stations selling out of fuel in the smaller towns, can't imagine how everyone is reacting...
  10. SHOdown220

    Storing tires?

    I picked up a set of new tires for the ST yesterday unexpectedly. I don't need them yet but the price was a steal. I tossed them in my garage for now but in the summer it's probably around 85-90 degrees in my garage every day. They will sit until probably this winter before they go on, any...
  11. SHOdown220

    Need advise on apartment damage

    I'll try to keep this short so bear with me My wife and I recently moved from our apartment that we lived at for just over 2 years. After moving we received a letter in the mail with a bill for $1352 for carpet replacement. This is a 591 sq ft tiny 1 bedroom apartment with cheap carpet mind...
  12. SHOdown220

    Another one bites the dust

    Poor mustang, crazy lucky driver. Looks like a shelby but can't tell for sure.
  13. SHOdown220

    New DD, (back in a ford )

    Hey guys as the title says I picked up a new DD, been eyeballing these things since they came out and finally pulled the trigger. Couldn't be happier with it, it's a blast to drive. Not sold on the stripes yet, dealer will delete them if I request. Thanks for looking and tell me what you think...
  14. SHOdown220

    Anyone had a vehicle lemon lawed?

    This is in NC, but I'm sure suggestions from anyone will be helpful. My 2014 Harley is having continuous issues out of the ignition switch. It has left me stranded twice, and a third time I got it to the dealer before it could leave me stranded. It's always the ignition. First time the...
  15. SHOdown220

    f150 or mustang?

    I'm ready to ditch the focus, I bought it a few years back when I needed the fuel efficiency and have been bored with it since then. times have changed and I've moved and started a new job. Now that the money flow is better and fuel mileage isn't an issue, I've been looking for a mustang. Had my...
  16. SHOdown220

    Trade in or fix then trade in?

    Just wondering which would be the smarter decision money wise. I'm looking at trading the 2012 focus in on a new mustang. As the focus currently sits, it has 42,000 miles with the original tires that are worn down to 3/32nds, and lucky me just got a huge Crack in the windshield. Other than those...
  17. SHOdown220

    15 mustang. GT or ecoboost?

    I've been toying with the idea of getting another mustang in the next few months. My plan originally was to pick up a used 13/14 gt, but the more I look at the 15, especially the interior, the more I like it. I said I would never own a mustang without a V8, but something about the little...
  18. SHOdown220

    Lost my dog today

    Had her 14 years, she was the sweetest dog, loved everyone especially me. About a year ago she developed some breathing problems, not much we could do but keep her on medication. Didn't think she would make it through the end of last year but she kept going up until today. It's crazy how...
  19. SHOdown220

    How much do you pay for rent??

    Like the title states, how much do you pay for rent? Include dollar amount, if any utilities are included, type of place you are renting (apt, home, etc), and location. I'll start, I currently live in a small town (lexington, nc) in a average town home, nothing included, $425 a month. We...
  20. SHOdown220

    More money OR more happiness?

    Which would you choose? Ok backstory for everyone: Today I had two job interviews, both doing essentially the same thing, in the same city. I will note that I have not been offered employment by either company as of right now, but I have been moved into the second stage of interviewing and I...
  21. SHOdown220

    Anyone else carry and have a significant other that doesn't agree with it?

    I've been carrying a concealed firearm for the past 4 years (yes I have the permit to do so). This is a subject I take very seriously and I carry pretty much always except for at work. Well I started seeing this girl earlier this year and have developed a pretty serious relationship with her...
  22. SHOdown220

    background check gone bad

    I'll try to keep this short. About a month ago I interviewed for a job I really wanted, interview went great and I was essentially told pending my drug screen and background check I had the job. So a few days after the interview I fill out all my background check information and set my appt for...
  23. SHOdown220

    Anyone into vaping? (ecigs)

    Just wondering if anyone here has crossed over from smoking to vaping. It's gotten pretty big around my area with shops opening constantly. I was a smoker, 10 years about a pack a day or more depending on what I was doing. This is the only thing I've tried that's actually worked, and I've tried...
  24. SHOdown220

    Alarm clock immunity/deep sleep?

    Curious as to if any of you have this problem... I have a very difficult time waking up from my alarm clock. It can sit there and go off for hours and I'll sleep right through. I've tried different sounds/music with no success, I also set multiple alarms. It doesn't always happen but it happens...
  25. SHOdown220

    Question about storing a car for 3 years

    A good friend of mine in the navy is leaving for Australia for 3 years, he wants me to take care of his car (2011 gt/cs vert) while he is away. Unfortunately there is no garage to put the car in, so it will be outside under a cover. He doesn't want a lot of mileage put on the car while he is...