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  1. FunkyBoss

    FS: 1994 Ford Mustang GT in Northern VA - $3500 OBO

    Up for sale is a 1994 Ford Mustang GT with an automatic transmission and 122k miles. The exterior color is red, freshly painted, and the interior is black and tan with leather seats. The ground work has been laid for this car, I just don't have the funds to finish the project as I am trying to...
  2. FunkyBoss

    Sold the Cobra.....Downgraded

    Since the Cobra was pushing 170k miles and needed a paint job, not to mention my lack of funds to do anything about it, I went ahead and sold it. It was a sad day, I only slept for 2.5 hours that night :( ! I sold it Monday, and Wednesday I picked up a '94 GT, AODE, red exterior painted 2...
  3. FunkyBoss

    FS: Steeda Springs - $150

    I have a set of Steeda springs for sale. I was told that they were the comp springs, however the part number on the rear spring is 555-8200R, which I believe is the Sport spring part number. I had these on my '97 Cobra and they seem alot stiffer than the sport springs I had on my '02 GT. They...
  4. FunkyBoss

    Gear Install Problems

    Just finished up my gear install (4.10's) last night but I ran into some issues that are bugging me, first and foremost is run-out. I was having trouble setting backlash correctly as I kept getting different measurements around the ring gear, so I checked run-out only to find it in the .020...
  5. FunkyBoss

    WTT: Steeda Comp Springs for Drag Springs - Staight axle

    I have a set of Steeda Comp springs on my '97 Cobra that I am looking to trade. They lowered the car about 1.25" and they handle great on the street. However, I am looking for a better drag setup as this car will be taken off the street soon and and become mostly track driven. Let me know...
  6. FunkyBoss

    Bad day at the track!!!

    What a sorry day at the track! I couldn't hook up to save my life, my best run was an [email protected] with a 1.9 60' (on DR's), and to top it off, I snapped 4 teeth off of my ring gear! I'm suprised I made it home without the rear-end locking up. I'm most likely going to replace the gear with 4.10's...
  7. FunkyBoss

    FS - Parts from '97 Cobra and '02 GT

    I'm located in the northern VA area, all parts are available for local pickup or I will ship at the buyers expense. All items are OBO: Stock springs from '97 Cobra - $75 Stock upper and lower control arms from '02 GT - $30/all
  8. FunkyBoss

    FS - Parts from '97 Cobra and '02 GT

    I'm located in the northern VA area, all parts are available for local pickup or I will ship at the buyers expense. All items are OBO: Stock shifter from '02 GT (Tr-3650) - $30 Custom shifter handle, similar to Pro 5.0 but positions the knob alittle closer to driver - $15 Stock fuel pump...
  9. FunkyBoss

    Finally dropped the Cobra!

    I finally got around to dropping the Cobra, no more 4x4 :)! I picked up a set of Steeda Comp springs for $125 and couldn't be happier with the results. The drop was perfect and it takes corners much better. Next will be Stange Adjustables all the way around as I'm sure the stockers will go...
  10. FunkyBoss

    Quick.....Should I use this or not???

    I would have posted this in my parts thread, but I was hoping for some quick opinions and thought a new thread would help. I was getting ready to install my new diff, however, upon further inspection I decided it would be best to replace the carrier bearings as the rollers on the old ones were...
  11. FunkyBoss

    FS - IMRC Controller From 1997 Cobra - $25

    I went with delete plates, so the controller is up for sale. The car had 168K when I pulled it, but it was working flawlessly and the cables are in great shape. $25 + shipping or local pickup in NOVA.
  12. FunkyBoss

    FS - Stock Spring From 1997 Cobra - $50

    I finally upgraded to some Steeda Comp springs, so my stockers are up for sale. $50 + shipping or local pickup in NOVA! Edit: I also have some stock upper and lower control arms off of a 2002 GT, $25 + shipping for each set.
  13. FunkyBoss

    Parts are coming in.........

    thanks to my tax refund! :banana: After snapping my axle last year, I've learned my lesson and will be prepared this year: TA Girdle: Moser 31-spine axles The 31-spline diff should be in today and I should be installing this weekend!:)
  14. FunkyBoss

    Strange or Moser?

    The time has finally come to upgrade my rear-end components, thanks to my tax refund!!! I have been pricing everything out and it seems I can get Strange axles for about $50 less than Moser's, what would you guys do???
  15. FunkyBoss

    Intake leak (P0171, P0174)

    Ok, I'm almost 100% sure I found the leak that's been causing my lean codes that have plagued me for the past year, and it's actually in the IMRC plate. While I was installing a new FPR, I took water and poured it down where a bunch of fuel had leaked, in order to dilute it. When the water hit a...
  16. FunkyBoss

    Leaky Kirban FPR

    I'm installing a new Kirban adjustable fuel pressure regulator, and I can't get the damn thing to stop leaking. The o-rings look fine, I've oiled them up when installing, and even switched the o-rings from the stock regulator, damn thing still leaks. I can put the stock one back on and it...
  17. FunkyBoss

    B&M Fuel Pressure Gauge

    Does anyone have experience with this gauge? I just purchased one along with a Kirban FPR and both should be here Monday. The gauge is listed as a new item on their website, it's an electric gauge with a blacked out face when turned off. For $78 I was a little weary, but I figured I'd give it...
  18. FunkyBoss

    351w going into '97 Cobra!

    So I have finally decided my build route. After years of messing around with the mod motors, I am making the jump to pushrod. I sold my nitrous kit yesterday and plan to pick up a complete 351w long block over the weekend. A buddy of mine is selling the engine and he thinks it was rebuilt...
  19. FunkyBoss

    Pro 5.0 Shifter for T-45, $120 Shipped

    I have a used Pro 5.0 shifter I just took off my 97 Cobra. The shifter was used for about 10k and is in excellent condition. It comes with handle, but no knob. I just received a new shifter from the company I bought my transmission from and need to sell the Pro 5.0 to replace my fried clutch...
  20. FunkyBoss

    Anyone have a good How-To on automotive painting?

    The clearcoat on my bumper has been fading away and chipping off since I bought the car, so I'm planing on repainting the bumpers myself. I have a 10 gallon, 2 hp air compressor that should be sufficient enough, and I have a good idea on how to do it, but I would like a good how-to for...
  21. FunkyBoss

    Magnaflow Catalytic Converter Question

    I'm welding a set of Magnaflow Catalytic Converters onto my O/R H and have a quick question. Does anyone know if the converters have an inlet and outlet side, or can they be welded on either way? When I look into the cat, one side has an EU stamped on it, my first impression was that was the...
  22. FunkyBoss

    WTT: T-45 Pro 5.0 shifter for MGW or Tri-Ax

    I'm ready to try something new. I've done alright at the track with the Pro 5.0, but I'm always looking for improvement and want to see what the other shifters have to offer. The 5.0 is in excellent condition with about 5k miles on it. It's installed on my DD, so I'll have to wait for the...
  23. FunkyBoss

    Blew my tranny up this morning!!!

    On my way into work, I shift from 2nd going into third and BAM, missed! So I continued to push into 3rd but it ain't budging, the shifter is stuck. So now the car is being towed back to the house, not sure what the hell I'm gonna do. I guess I'll have to throw a stock replacement in there as...
  24. FunkyBoss

    New Best, 7's in the 1/8th

    I went to the track last night and ran a new best, finally hitting the 7's! Here's the results: RT .826 60' 1.789 ET 7.974 MPH 87.554 2nd run...... RT .825 60' 1.860 ET 8.213 MPH...
  25. FunkyBoss

    First track visit in the Cobra

    Today I finally made it out to the track with my Cobra. I got 9 passes in altogether, 3 NA and 6 on a 75 shot. I also had my MT ET Street Radials on, but the track prep sucked (or my suspensions does :shrug: ). So anyway, my first run ever in the Cobra was (drum roll please)....: 60' 2.302...