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    The cross road state Indiana

    With my field of work getting shitty here in NYC. There might be a opportunity with a local that has decent bennys etc. Is the 11hr drive worth it to check it out for a few weeks just myself? I would be willing 2 take the family and staying out there if all goes well. Some ppl say im crazy and...
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    Rodbuster/ Iron worker

    Any fellow rodbuster/ Iron workers on this site? And if so what part of the country are you from? Me and the other half might be thinking about getting out of the NYC area and booming oit just becoming worse and worse here.
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    2012 Durango

    I found on the local Craigslist by me a 2012 durango with the 3.6 V6 in it. It has 114k on it. Im not sure if i heard it here or in a magazine but isnt that the engine thats know for cam problems? The guy has it listed at 5700 but don't wanna buy my wife it then next year it's shot thanks guys
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    2 03 black 03 wheels

    For sale is 2 black painted 03 wheels 140 each obo preffeed pick up in Staten island text for pics 3478551691
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    My 03 DSG

    Love this color
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    englishtown swap meet

    Hey are you guys going to be setup there for the whole weekend?.Would love to get s set of drag radials and hankooks for my ligthning on that sunday
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    bassani exhaust question

    Hey i just bought a bassani stainless steel exhaust and was curious to hear that if a magnet sticks to it it supposedly isnt good stainless steel. Should i be worried about this or is it a urban legend?? I know that i was sent the right ones from late model restoration and advice is apprectiated:-p
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    new lightning

    Hey everybody i bought jojomofo21s 2003 dsg in september would like to ask opinions about doing the front end suspenion with new control arms and tie rod ends. There looks to be a lot out there just have no idea who makes what parts the best etc thanks:rolling: