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  1. 97greensnake

    took some pics this weekend

    so my boy just got an s2000... on sunday we detailed the cars early in the morning and cruised all day around miami and took some pics.. these are the ones i have so far
  2. 97greensnake

    check engine light

    it just came on yesturday... i checked all the fluidss and only powersteering seems low... why else would it come on ?> its running fine.. i know my old roommate's celica used to automatically turn it on every 7k miles or so so that the dealer could keep up with the car or...
  3. 97greensnake

    disabling seat bell chime

    i need to disable a seat belt chime in a 06 Mercedes CLS-550. in my 06 GT it was a pretty simple code with the seat belt buckle and it was gone forever. is it the same in a BENZ ?> ive also heard that if i do disable it (in some cars) not all airbags will blow in case of an accident...
  4. 97greensnake

    MAJOR PAYNE quotes....

    "I'll put my foot so far up your ass, the water in my knee will quench your thirst!" :D "You eye me one more time I'll snatch it out and put it in Heathcoat's cookie bag! " :loser: a cadet asks to go to the bathroom "You hold it or else I'll break it off and kick it around on the...
  5. 97greensnake

    the greatest american just came upon this in an old NEWSWEEK. i cant find the entire list. anyone remember ? or have a link ? number 14 was Albert Einstein, wasnt he German ??>
  6. 97greensnake

    lisenced contractors inside

    Im taking the Florida Plumber's Contracting Exam in Dec. to get my license. Is anyone here a licensed contractor that could give me a few hints or advice on the test??
  7. 97greensnake

    8th graders dont know who Malcolm X is ??

    I'm a sub for MDCPS (miami) and today there was a question on a test that read.. "Pilgrims landed on ____ rock" and i told the student to think about one of Malcolm X's most famous quotes "we didnt land on plymouth rock, plymouth rock landed on us" and the student looked at me and says "malcolm...
  8. 97greensnake

    UCLA student shocked after not showing ID ? your thoughts...

    This was sent to me today. I hate this site. Its such a radical site. These people are truly on another plane. They call cops "the gestapo" and say things like "the cops barked at". So please dont think I look at LEO's in this way. I appreciate LEO's that service my community and country...
  9. 97greensnake

    Doogie Howser, M.D I never saw that coming. Especially after harold and kumar... sorry bout the repost. damn people on here are QUIK!>
  10. 97greensnake

    need a driver for a printer

    i got a mac ... and i need a driver for a LEXMARK X8350 printer/scanner/everything.. the thing is that the company doesnt seem to make a driver for it. so what do i do ? get some kind of ghost driver that it could work with it ?>? i read that these ghost drivers make the printer think its a...
  11. 97greensnake

    if BELTS determined driving skills

    i posted this a couple years ago. lets see what we have grown up to over the last couple years.. If people recieved belt for their driving skills...what would u be ? we should keep this kinda white would be ur daily ricer...and blk would be highly exp in many diffrent...
  12. 97greensnake

    how do i make a poll ?

    i got a good idea for one.
  13. 97greensnake

    so my cousin calls me ....

    and he says he got some new stuff on his car to come to the front of my house. so i go... what do i see ??? how random is that ?> he had been crusing around MIAMI all day on the horse. is that legal ? thats my horse next to his horse.
  14. 97greensnake

    getting out of a lease

    so i thought i was ready for a new car (payments). but im really not. id rather put that money towards school looans. i pay 470 a month for my GT. honestly i wish i still had the cobra. i was wondering if there is any way out of a lease ? at least to where my payment will go down by half...
  15. 97greensnake

    wheel hop

    whenever it seems i get a strong jump in this car the end comes loose jumpin! BABABABABABABABAAA how could i get rid of this ? sticker tires >? subframe connectors ? ....this was never an issue in the COBRA
  16. 97greensnake

    good 80's quotes

    i need a few gooood 80's quotes for a series of posters im duin. they could be from movies, music, politics...whatever thanks!!
  17. 97greensnake

    White Terminator In Miami

    so im heading to the beach and i see a real nice white 03-04 cobra. so im like.. race ?? nawww. so i just keep listening to my music and drive on. well the cobra JETS AWAY..FAST!! when i catch up to him at the entrance in south beach by alton WAS A COP!! :eek: be careful...
  18. 97greensnake

    Miami Meet?

    i say we get some kind of meet in beach or something, at night. maybe we could arrange something in a hooters ?? to take the parking lot ? INTIMIDATOR was good at this. where you at ?!
  19. 97greensnake

    19 inch blk bullitts

    so im looking for a pair of 19 inch blk bullitts, deep dished for the back and pair of 18 inch blk bullitts for the front... any good links ?? these are the prices i have found 18x10" for $160 shipped 18x9" $142 shipped i was under the impression that they made these rims in...
  20. 97greensnake

    honeycomb trunk cover

    im looking for the honeycomb insert for the trunk. this is the one i found...are there any other cheaper ones ??
  21. 97greensnake

    SHELBY gt-h hood

    i ran into one of the GT-H shelby's on the road and DAMN DID THAT HOOD LOOK GOOD!! its the nices hood i think made so far for the s-197 model. i been looking around the net but cant seem to find who sells it. can anyone help out .. price ? some pics, not the best shot of the hoods though. I...
  22. 97greensnake

    pics of YOUR s-197

    lets show off a bit. you know everyone wants our cars....lets show them off...ill be taking some pics tomorrow at south beach... ill post them up ASAP curious to see what everyone else's looks like. :pepper:
  23. 97greensnake

    s-197 with hood scoops

    i dont think they look good.. they dont go with the lines of the car. the hoods on the GT-H look GREAT and the gt500 also . but the dealers option of the hood scoop looks ugly!! what u guys think ?? im at work so i dont have any pictures but when i get home ill post some up so you guys see...
  24. 97greensnake

    shifter questions for 06 GT

    how come my shifter feels great when im casualy shifting... but whenever im shifting hard, the shifter feels like its snapping or breaking?? i really hate how it feels...the shifters from previous model gt's and cobras never felt like the design that diffrent ? i need to invest...
  25. 97greensnake

    i want another COBRA

    i sold my 97 COBRA in may....bought a 06 GT... its nice but i really miss my cobra...the shifter in this thing feels like tri-x was amazing ! and i miss my COBRA growl... i want to get another one. in like 6-7 months i wanna get a white 97 .. my other one was a pacific green...