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  1. *Jay*

    What did you do to your Ford today?

    Washed and topped the Raptor while the weather was nice today.
  2. *Jay*

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Guess I have two to choose from.
  3. *Jay*

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Im in this club too, social media is dangerous and empty.
  4. *Jay*

    Gun Porn Thread!!!

    Ive wanted a 357 ever since playing Resident Evil as a kid, thats a seriously nice piece. Shot my bro-in-law's Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan 454 2.5" and it scared the piss out of me until I actually shot it. Thought I was going to brain myself for sure. Go figure, a 2.75 pound with a short...
  5. *Jay*

    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    Ive only seen 2 in my travels. One of which is in my neighborhood, a Black 03 Vert with 16k miles. Already let him know if he ever wants to sell to call me, he drove it for a week while his minivan was in the shop. He hasnt driven it more than a warm up run in about 10 years.
  6. *Jay*

    JLT Cold Air Intakes Sold to S&B Filters

    I always liked their stuff, would have gotten their mudflaps for the Raptor had I known about them first. Got Rock Blokz instead but I like how the JLT follow the contours of the fenders. Thanks for reminding me I need to pick up one of their paper cone filters for the Cobra.
  7. *Jay*

    New black blood

    Care to post some pics and your thoughts???
  8. *Jay*

    Ford ESP for F250

    I went with Flood Ford, punch in your info on their site and see what it comes back with. When I purchased my 19 Raptor they were the cheapest I could find, not sure about now but its something you can use to compare. The chart below is for a 19 F250 PSD 4X4 with...
  9. *Jay*

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    Looking like the same for me, forecast says 60's till Friday then wintry mix starting on Sunday. Time to put some miles on before the last fillup.
  10. *Jay*

    My 2019 Z06 taking souls.

    Yikes, what speed were they going when they lost it. Just like the driver said, they really are lucky to be alive.
  11. *Jay*

    New daily BMW i8

    Rubber plugs on my trunk would drive me crazy, thats way too visible. If youre gonna pull the wing then you should fill the holes properly, hell even some paint matched plastic bumper plugs would be better than rubber ones.
  12. *Jay*

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    Looks interesting, how does it fare against a northern winter/salt brine on a DD thats parked outside???
  13. *Jay*

    2nd and 3rd gen Raptor owners,.....come on in

    Had a 7.3 F250 rental while my cam phasers were being replaced, I wouldnt really define it as fun when compared to my Gen2. Personally I keep going back and forth between a Gen3 or a TRX and I keep leaning towards a Gen3. That is until I consider MSRP if I'm lucky for the Gen3 and 8-10k off...
  14. *Jay*

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    Collonite 845 for me it is lol.
  15. *Jay*

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Wore a suit like that for my 2 year old family photo lol.
  16. *Jay*

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    Howd you botch the diy ceramic coat??? The amount of work needed to correct a ceramic coating mistake still keeps me from doing it myself but I still want to try some day.
  17. *Jay*


    Forgot about the moth ball bag, I only used those once and now just toss a sticky bug trap or 2 underneath. Never had an issue with spiders but I have noted cob webs in the wheel wells when I dont drive for a while up here in Ohio, may start using them again. Here is what I use for cheap...
  18. *Jay*


    Whenever I stored my Cobra for 9ish month deployments (now Ohio winters) the following has served me well: -Full tank of gas with fuel stabilizer, a full tank prevents any moisture collection. Have been using Seafoam for years. -Hook up to a Battery Tender or whatever brand you prefer. -Raised...
  19. *Jay*

    What did you do to your Ford today?

    Finally changed my cabin air filter. Thanks for the video, I really needed to see where those dam clips on the upper panel were located. Still felt like I was going to snap my CF panel in half but at least I knew where to apply pressure.
  20. *Jay*

    What did you do to your Ford today?

    Did you have to pull the panel above the glovebox??? Still have a filter in the garage I need to put in.
  21. *Jay*

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    What brake thread did this come from again??? Go there and update with your thoughts, not a fan of the smurf blue but those look killer.
  22. *Jay*

    Picked up a Mach 1 today

    Care to post a vid???
  23. *Jay*

    Anyone familiar with R1 Concepts big brakes?

    Dam that sucks to hear, first time I've seen that F/R kit. Guess I will keep stalking your brake threads.
  24. *Jay*

    2nd and 3rd gen Raptor owners,.....come on in

    I forgot to mention the trips for when my door latches froze shut at about a month into ownership. After 3 days they said they could not replicate, well no shit as it was above freezing at that point. Talked to the Service Manager and he had me bring it back, they took the door panels off and...