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  1. PIPO

    Straight trade for a 2016 ACR??!

    I’m sure most of you have figured out what I do on the side besides the military. With that said, I’m working on a possible deal to trade my CFTP with painted stripes with just 30 miles for a 2016 Viper ACR with 13k miles. Considering I can easily get $125k for the CFTP, would that be a good...
  2. PIPO

    Towing hooks

    I should be receiving my CFTP here in the next month or so. I want to make sure I have what I need to haul her on a flat trailer. The straps I currently have wrap through the wheel. That’s obviously a no-go with CF wheels. I’m pretty sure someone on here ordered some OEM hooks for his GT500. But...
  3. PIPO

    Got to love Dodge commercials!

    I think this one will be shown during the Super Bowl.
  4. PIPO

    Randy drives the GT500

    This is a really good video.
  5. PIPO

    Tuned GT500 goes 10.4

    Best et was 10.4, best mph was 136 and best 60’ was 1.6. Both bests on street tires and pump gas. Can’t wait to see this thing in full send mode. DA was 1300 Skip to 10:55 for the good shit.
  6. PIPO

    Stock Demon goes 9.57!

    9.57 backed up by a 9.58 on a different set of wheels and tires. 9.68 on stock wheels and Nitto tires 9.76 in 808 mode. He had everything lined up for him, no doubt. -DA and tailwind, I’m sure. Stock power, stock weight Demon beats Dodge’s 9.65
  7. PIPO

    Best GT500 content on YT?

    You mighty not like him or his monotone voice but the kid provides awesome content with great footage to boot...and he’s not a bad driver either. He’s also great example for kids his age.
  8. PIPO

    GT500s on ebay

    I’ve watched a few GT500’s on eBay, and I’m a bit surprised that just 1 out of 3 that have been listed, went a bit over msrp. What gives? Considering the cars listed are scheduled for mid November and none have been delivered. I’m comparing the to the demons. The first 3-5 demons listed on...
  9. PIPO

    WTB: Aluma tilt trailer 8218

    In the market for an open car trailer. I’m specifically looking for an Aluma 8218 Tilt. Probably a long shot. Or if anyone knows of a decent Aluma dealer between Kansas and KY. I had one and sold it for no legitimate reason ‍♂️.
  10. PIPO

    GT500 vs Hellcat - roll race!

    Saw this in another forum: EDIT: It's a Redeye Hellcat 797HP "So I don't post often but I was at Woodward this past weekend. I love all American muscle cars so I was excited to see the new C8 and the GT 500. On the night before the cruise I happen to catch up with a GT500 on the street, had a...
  11. PIPO

    Demon Under The Glass

    Behold a Rear-Engined, Demon-Powered Dodge Challenger Hellcat Rendered as Plymouth Barracuda
  12. PIPO

    Kicka$# horsepowerjunkies video, check it out!

    Too bad the video is no longer available. I remember the HPJ old days when the f-bodies/LS ruled...until the Terminator came along. Love those long ass debates there. Reference thread below.
  13. PIPO

    [email protected] - 4200lbs race weight

    On race gas and drag radials?!! I hope this is not true.
  14. PIPO

    Demon vs built nitrous Super Snake?

    FF to 5:10 to the the GT500 and 8:30 to see the race. OK, so is the owner of this GT500 on here? This was in TX. According to the video, he claimed to be stock but had a built engine, aftermarket S/C and nitrous but still got his soul snatched by Demonology. Wish they would show the times.
  15. PIPO

    2017 Ford Raptor Crew Cab - White

  16. PIPO

    New Demon record [email protected]

    Fastest trap was 149mph
  17. PIPO

    GT500 ordering?

    Is there any guidance out there on when/how/who can order a GT500? I stopped by my local dealer and not surprisingly they didn't have a clue. I'm not familiar with the ordering process of Ford special cars. Is it going to be similar to the Demon's process where only certain dealer receive few...