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    Thoughts on GAFA

    What are your thoughts on this latest news?
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    Anyone Know of a Good Mustang Shop

    Anyone know of some good Mustang (Terminator) shops in the Greenville, SC area? I want to get my coolant flushed and blower oil changed.
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    Car Cover

    My car is going to be sitting out side for a little while and I'm looking for a good car cover for it while it is out there but I don't want to spend a lot of money on the cover if I don't have to. I plan on putting it back in a garage in a month or so but will still use the cover in the future...
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    Extending the Builds

    Looks like what some people thought is coming true with the Ford GT. $450,000 Ford GT supercar production extended by two years due to demand
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    And so it Begins - Asgardia

    Well it was only a matter of time before we started to see things like this I suppose. A very interesting read of moving into space. Asgardia: The problems in building a space society
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    What's in your Stable

    I saw a thread like this one on another site and it was very interesting . I don't think we have had one of these posts done on here in quite a while, forgive me if I'm wrong, but what kind of vehicles do you guys have in you collection? Any make and model is welcome. I would post pics of mine...
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    Space Car....Literally

    So there is a car in space. Who wants to send theirs?
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    A Great Link I Found on Camaro6

    I'm loving the interior of this Mustang. Looks like it's a well done build.
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    Car Cover

    Well I'm looking at getting a car cover for my Cobra. I have no knowledge on this stuff and where to buy one from. What are some good leads on this? Where is a good place to get one from? What are some good brands? What type should I get for an 03 Cobra? And of course the budget. I'm not...
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    Looking at a Simple Cleaning

    I'm looking to strip the car, in a very safe and light way. Nothing too intense and do want to do it by hand instead of using a wheel. I wanted to see what product was best for doing this. I plan on doing a simple seal and a wax after this. What are some of the best products and steps for...
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    What are some Good Shops in Greenville, SC?

    I'm unable to work on my car right now and just have the simplest of things to get done to my car. I was wondering what were some good shops in Greenville, SC area, or close by, to take my car to.
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    Looking For a New Car

    I'm looking for a good daily driver. I would rather have a brand new car that is rear well drive. I don't want a total piece of crap but nothing expensive. I was thinking Honda Civic, Chevy Cruz for a little while but they are front wheel drive cars. I want something that is reliable, easy on...
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    An Exhaust Code is coming up

    I have an off road H-pipe, MAC, and a 3 inch MAC cat back system on my car. The rest of the exhaust is stock. I'm getting a code of P0420 for an exhaust sensor. Two of the O2 sensors have already been changed and the code is still coming up. The one on the driver's side pipe and one upstream...
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    Stupid Question about O2 Senors

    I'm looking to replace my oxygen sensor on the H pipe of my Cobra on the driver's side. That is considered the just a regular O2 sensor, right? Would this be the right one to buy? This sensor is for the left...
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    Back at it - New Exhaust Setup

    Well I did some looking for a new exhaust setup months back and wasn't happy with what deals I was finding at the time on stainless steel 3" exhaust for 03/04 Cobras. I have recently looked at the MAC website, LMR and American Muscle and didn't find a lot of options for the Cobra. I would...
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    Brake Pads

    Looking to get some new brake pads for the car. I'm not really wanting to replace them with the factory Hawks simply because their lifespan is horrible. I'm not going to ever to take my car to a track event so I really don't need anything that gives me ultimate performance. I'm just looking for...
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    Looking for a Top Gear Vid

    Does anyone know where to get the Patagonia special for this latest season of Top Gear? Any you links to it that aren't infested with viruses?? Ha
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    Looking for a Good Exhaust Setup for the Cobra

    Throwing new exhaust on the car. Going with a new H pipe and cat back. I'm looking for something that offers a great fit, good sound and nice quality. I have MAC cat back right now with a MRT off-road H pipe. I love the sound of my setup now but ready for some better quality cat back. MAC offers...
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    Looking for a Good All Around Tire

    I'm not looking for the best grip or best performing tire out there. I'm looking for just a good tire to put on the back of my Cobra that will last and not screw up. I like the looks of the directional tires and would like to get something similar to those. In 2009 or 2008 I bought Goodyear...
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    Jacking Up the Front

    I did a quick search on this and wasn't happy with what I came up with. My jack that came with the car crapped out on me and I need to do an oil change without using it. Sadly my low profile jack isn't quite low enough to get to my typical jacking point that I can reach in conjunction with the...
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    FS: New MRT Catted H-pipe

    Sold and delivered. I bought two MRT H-pipes (one off-road and one catted) for my 03 Cobra and decided I'm not going to use the catted one ever so I'm selling it off. It has never been used/never been put on a car so it is brand new. From MRT it was $515.99 so I'll sell it for $440 shipped to...
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    Race Red Thread

    Well after a short stint of being wrapped up in Red Candy I inevitably went back to my "bright" red roots (both Mustangs I've bought were bright red/Rio Red and Torch Red). I've seen threads on here for other colors and thought a Race Red thread needed to be created. Feel free to post them away...
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    Alcatraz: Bullitt Chase Scene Remake

    This was posted in Road Side a few days ago but I figured a lot of people didn't see it in there. Interesting stuff...
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    Bodies of 21 German soldiers buried alive in WW1 trench

    A little bit of history. No bodies are shown, just remains of the trench and items found in it...
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    Looking for a New Background - Come on in Photoshoppers

    I was wondering if any of you photoshoppers out there could photoshop the new 2013 GT500 pictures into one like the pic below (lowered with that background.....fatter rear tires would be great too). ....with the following pics. This background is pretty nice in this one. It would be cool...