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  1. rich5150

    Supercharged 2015 Mustang GT Performance Pack

    $34,000 OBO Supercharged 2015 Mustang GT Performance Pack 23,000 Miles Loaded, every option Recaro Seats, NAV, Shaker sound system w/Sub Modifications: -MGW Shifter ~475.00 -VMP Supercharger Stage 2 ~10psi ~650RWHP (retails for $7,200.00)...
  2. rich5150

    2011+ GT JLT Black Intake 200.00 OBO

    This intake I had on my car for approx. 25k miles. Really good condition. Painted black with clamps, coupler, heatshield. New is 350.00-ish $200.00 OBO Paypal/Cash/Money order accepted. Buyer pays shipping to them, or I can add on 25.00 flat-rate to the bill.
  3. rich5150

    1993 Red SVT Cobra

    I'm selling my 1993 SVT Cobra with 71,000 miles on the ODO. I'm in the market to buy a new SVT Raptor in a week and need this thing gone asap. I hate to get rid of it, but I want to start fresh :) The sweet sound of a 6.2L raptor with a 2.9L Whipple on it calls my name. Details/Modifications...
  4. rich5150

    IPAD2 64GB 3G+Wifi

    Contact Info: Rich Hanewald Milton, WV PM me for my cell # Item Description: This is a IPAD2 like new condition, used for about 4 weeks. 64GB, Verizon Wireless 3G service + Wifi (Loaded) Includes Apple protective sleeve/binder/charger/ External Keyboard I bought this to use for my private...
  5. rich5150

    SVT Ford Lightning Intercooler 1L3Z-6K775-CA

    SVT Ford Lightning Intercooler 1L3Z-6K775-CA This is a BRAND NEW GARRETT OEM Intercooler for a 1999-2004 SVT Ford Lightning. I sold the truck and this has been sitting on my shelf for a while.... There are approx 4 left in inventory around the US in Ford Dealerships. :beer:
  6. rich5150

    2004 Fully Built Lightning for sale in WV

    I'd let me lightning go if the price was right. Its a 2004 32k on the clock. Some mods include FordGT 5.4 Alum block Trick Flow 44cc heads/custom cams KenneBell 2.6 with JLP Intake plenum and dual 75mm TB Built 4R100 w Circle D 2600 Stall Complete fuel system rails/10AN...
  7. rich5150

    Main Cab removal?

    So after deciding I have a possible passenger-side head issue, I honestly anm not looking forward to yanking the engine yet again. I have ARP headstuds, so I don't foresee pulling head off while still in the truck. Anyone ever pull the cab off of a 1999-2004 F150? Easy? Hard? Comments...
  8. rich5150

    Help with weird issue at WOT

    The car is a 1993 Cobra, 64k miles Near STOCK configuration -no smog pump FRPP shorty headers/MAC Prochamber/Cat-back exhaust. I just recently got the car, replaced the plugs with stock plugs, replaced the rotor/cap, new fuel filter, new oil, new air filter....etc. The car has ran great...
  9. rich5150

    How to set pinion angle on a 05+ S197

    Need help setting the pinion angle and like to see a movie rather than an instruction sheet? This should work. i8FNgaNqS8s
  10. rich5150

    3.4 Whipple + 5" Monster Intake System

    I've put about 600 miles on this system and I'm going with a different setup. Includes: 3.4L Whipple Blower/ w stock intake elbow 5" Woodbine Motorsports Custom intake elbow setup HUGE throttle body Multiple pulleys to fit this blower(upper) The blower/kit everything you get is like new...
  11. rich5150

    Another Aluminum wheel cleaning question...

    I've searched through the threads here and can't seem to come to any conclusion on what might work best for the app that I'm currently working on. I have hard-water stains/brakedust on the inside of my Boze Alloy rims and am having a hard time getting them 100% clean. I've enclosed some pictures...
  12. rich5150 Window Laminate for MW 2010

    Stop by the trailer at Mustang Week 2010 and pick up your window sticker. Each one is 8 1/2" x 11" and laminated. Throw it on your dash/window/under the wiper to help set your car apart from the rest. Below is a descriptive pic: Below is the FULL...
  13. rich5150

    Camshaft/Valvetrain damage....anyone explain this?

    I'm in the process of tearing my GT500 engine apart, due to a hole in a piston #8.... Anyways got to the valve covers, I noticed that the follower was OFF, laying inside the head, and damage to that specific lobe.... Basically #8 got too hot, broke part of the piston off, I'm guessing that...
  14. rich5150

    Woman asked to take flag down.... this makes my blood boil.

    I usually don't get political, religious...etc that sort of thing on here, but I do really love this country, thus the reason why I posted this story below..... When I see things like this on the news, you always have to take into consideration the validity of the story, where did it come...
  15. rich5150

    2.8KB(GT500) blower vs. 3.4 Whipple (Lightning) blower Side by side comparison

    I bought a 2.8KB for my GT500 a while's still in a box, and I just received my Whipple 3.4 for my Lightning. I just wanted to show everyone some basic design differences between the 2 compressors. If anyone has any questions or wants a different pic posted, let me know. :rockon:
  16. rich5150

    Nitto NT05's and Nitto 555r's pics/review

    Just wanted to give everyone a quick look of the Nitto NT05's on the Gen 2 Lightning. I honestly think the NT05 is the ugliest tire I've ever seen in my life as far as tread pattern goes, but for dry-weather hookup/stability around corners, this tire is leaps and bounds above the stock...
  17. rich5150

    2009 F350 V10 First impressions

    I've posted up some information on my new F350 with a V10 over on Anyone with a SVTP username/password can login to that site and check it out! CLICK BELOW: First Impressions 2009 F350 V10 Lariat -
  18. rich5150

    2009 F350 V10 First impressions

    I've posted up some information on my new F350 with a V10 over on Anyone with a SVTP username/password can login to that site and check it out! CLICK BELOW: First Impressions 2009 F350 V10 Lariat -
  19. rich5150

    Friday 13th !!

    Does anyone hold any water to the weird-ism's of Friday the 13th? I don't think I do, but the day isn't over yet, that could change :??:
  20. rich5150

    Need opinions on this wheel for the GT500

    I'm shopping for some wheels at the moment, and I'm trying to decide if going with 19's will still look great, and function good without the infamous rubbing...etc. Here is a pic of my car, and keep in mind I DO have the FR3 Ford Racing Suspension/lowering kit on the car that brought it down...
  21. rich5150

    Heading to Miami/South Beach soon..

    Ferrari F430 Pictures/ Miami Trip Hey guys, A good friend and I are Heading down to South Beach, Miami for a few days Dec11th-15th for a little R&R. Staying at the Ritz Carlton, renting a F430, the whole nine yards ..should be a fun trip. Anyone that lives in the area or knows "what to do"...
  22. rich5150

    GT500 owners w/aftermarket blowers...come in

    Just wanted to get some thoughts on choosing between a 3.4 Whipple or 2.8H Mammoth KenneBell for my new 08 GT500. Any comments related to this are welcome.
  23. rich5150

    My new 2008 GT500 **updated pics page 4**

    Well I finally took the plunge. I picked up a 2008 GT500 tonight. I just got it home and washed, look for more pictures here in a few days :) Let the modding begin. :rockon: Thanks SID297 !!!
  24. rich5150

    Thanks LethalPerformance! & **partial whipple rant**

    I just wanted to drop another thanks to all the staff at Lethal Performance. I've made another few recent purchases including a MagnaFlow Catback exhaust, and a Whipple blower kit for my new 2007 F150 FX4. Lethal Performance has always given me prompt, friendly, accurate service since day one...
  25. rich5150

    My KB 2.2 Cobra vs C5 Z06/heads/cam/exhaust

    Here are 2 runs from a place we call "mexico". My friend scott has a 0x C5 Z06 with heads, cam, exhaust, tune I'm in my 03 Cobra vert, KB 2.2, crower blower cams, full exhaust/tune (4119lbs without me in it)(about 180lbs of stereo/dynamat) 1st run 30-140mph (I was watching his car...