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  1. rich5150

    Off-Road Testing a 2020 Ford F-250 Tremor | Coastal Carolina Sand-Pit | Full Review

    I'm just glad there was cold beer available & fire to discuss when we were finished. I liked that truck/engine combo so much, I bought one. (Well ok a F250 Lariat FX4) but close enough.
  2. rich5150

    Win a Free Cooler | SVTP Tool-Tech | Tourit Voyager Backpack Cooler

    Perhaps we should put it to yet another test saturday?
  3. rich5150

    2007 gt500 coolant, confused on which ford premium/Gold to use.

    Ordered some up for the flush on Saturday. :)
  4. rich5150

    Just completed my first solo flight.

    Congrats man! You've taken the first step! Having that freedom to fly is an amazing feeling! I started my journey decades ago, but believe it or not, out of fear, not interest in flying. Fly safe!
  5. rich5150

    How many Mustangs have you owned?

    7 1993 Cobra - Most regrets in selling 1995 Cobra - Current Car 2001 GT - My First Mustang 2003 Cobra - My first 600+WHP car 2008 GT500 - My first 800+ WHP car lol 2013 GT - My first coyote car 2015 GT - My first IRS / coyote platform non mustang but also a 2004 Lightning.(of...
  6. rich5150

    2020 2.3L High Performance Package Mustang | Stepped-Up Styling and Power

    I really liked the color in person, the ride was really nice. Power wise, it needs a touch of tuning to bring the power up a tad from what you'd expect from this car.
  7. rich5150

    Official Focus ST Photo Thread

    '18 ST3, mods coming here in a week or so.
  8. rich5150

    We've lost a good one at SVTP. R I P Larry

    RIP LL I've known of him for well over a decade, used to be on a funny email chain he would send out years ago. Very surprised with this awful news. :/
  9. rich5150

    392 Wrangler.

    MPG on the daily driven bronco will walk all over a 6.4. That's a no brainer. Has anyone seen what a tuned/boosted 2.7 Ecoboost will do yet? It's very impressive, to say the least. With that said, I'd love to find the Bronco with a bigger powerplant, but it comes down to accountants & cafe...
  10. rich5150

    Let’s see those Bikes!

    2007 Honda 450R Stg 2 cam / Full exhaust 2019 Indian Scout Bobber ABS Vance & Hines slip ons, Dynojet Powervision Tune
  11. rich5150

    C8 VS dodge demon

    No, but "Mahk" makes an appearance.
  12. rich5150

    2021 F-150 is HERE!!! | Details and a Ton of Pics

    Really like the new digital dash, the 12" screen looks huge, anxious to see that in person. I'm also curious to see if the onboard power inverter will actually power something more than a 2w iPad charger without tripping a breaker.
  13. rich5150

    Corona Virus Gives You Another Shot to Pick Up an SVTP Hoodie or T-Shirt

    I own one in every color. The quality & warmth on this is fantastic. If you're on the fence on buying one, go for it, you'll love it.
  14. rich5150

    Major Mod | The Whipple Supercharger for the 7.3L Godzilla V8 is Here

    Fantastic article. Looking forward to getting my hands on one of these combo's this year.
  15. rich5150

    gt500 vs tesla

    LOL That's just insane.
  16. rich5150

    2019+ Ford Ranger FX4 Review | Way Better Than Expected

    Great Article. Thanks for the info, killer in-cockpit video as well. Super informative.
  17. rich5150

    7.3L Godzilla Ford V8 Bottom End Teardown — How Big Can this Engine GO? Crank, Rods, Piston, Block

    The 6.2L is at 9.8:1. According to an old front-page article right here on SVTP, "the 7.3L is going to be several points higher than the outgoing 6.2L".
  18. rich5150

    How much did you spend on aftermarket parts in 2019?

    ~4500.00 give or take for all of the suspension goodies, exhaust, SnEEC OBDI tuning gear.
  19. rich5150

    The New SN95 Cobra Official Dyno Thread

    Dynojet 1995 Cobra——256----302——72——Shorty Headers,70mm TB,90mm MAF,SCT_Tune/SNEEC
  20. rich5150

    My 2020 Shelby GT500 video and review!

    Great write up! Thank you!
  21. rich5150

    SCT Value Files

    If you installed SCT at its default location they should be here : C:\Program Files (x86)\SCT\Advantage III\Value Files Diving into specifics for Ford for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\SCT\Advantage III\Value Files\United States\2018\Ford-Linc-Merc
  22. rich5150

    2019 Carlisle PA Ford Nats

    A few shots of the car at Carlisle this year.
  23. rich5150

    New 1.5KB setup won’t start. Help!

    It would be worth checking to see if you crankshaft position sensor is plugged in & working. If the harness doesn't receive a signal from this sensor, no spark will happen. The round 4-pin sensor is for your upstream O2 sensors on either side of your exhaust/headers/manifolds.(when in closed...
  24. rich5150

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    My 1995 Cobra last night for a quick drive
  25. rich5150

    Win a Free Cooler | SVTP Tool-Tech | Tourit Voyager Backpack Cooler

    Great video! My dad and I do some canoeing up in Franklin/ Oil City PA area along the Allegheny river and get tired of lugging a huge cooler along with us for an overnight trip. This looks like this would more than foot the bill for holding some beverages, some steak & all the fixin's for an...