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    2008 Shelby Vert

    Men Looking at a 2008 Shelby GT500 Vert with just under 30K miles in very nice condition , new clutch and tires a few minor mods 3rd owner clean carfax. Seller wants $26K does that sound like a fair price for it ? Bill
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    2013 Mustang GT Premium / Roush R3

    Guys Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but I'm looking for your opinions, I found a low mileage 2013 Roush R3 which I really like and its being sold for not much more then a low Mileage loaded 2013 GT Mustang Premium car . What are your opinions on these cars ? Pro's and Con's ...
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    WTB 2013 -2013 Boss

    Want to buy a 2012 -2013 Boss under 15K miles , prefer 2013 but will consider a 2012 as well prefer red or white but will consider other colors want a stock car no mods. Looking to spend between $30K and $34K, willing to travel up to 250 miles from Louisville KY. Bill
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    New Clutch

    I was wondering what the cost would be to replace a clutch in a 2014 GT Mustang ? What performance clutch would you recommend ? Can anyone recommend someone in Louisville KY to do the work? Thank you Bill
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    WTB 2013 -2014 GT500 - Kentucky

    Hello Everyone, As the post says looking to buy a 13 /14 GT500 in Kentucky willing to travel 200 to 300 miles for the right car. Target PRICE : Under $42K have cash in hand Miles : Under 15K less or slightly more OK Preferred Options : Performance Package / Electronics Package / Shaker Radio...
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    Terminator Purchase Looking for Feedback

    Guys I found a 2003 Terminator Vert for sale , original owner, never modded, very clean. It has 38K miles on it and the seller is asking $20K do you feel thats a fair price? Thank you Bill
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    2014 GT500 Shelby

    I found a 2014 GT500 locally for sale with 13,000 miles on it all options but glass roof and track pack. The current 2nd owner is willing to sell the car for $43,700, It in really nice shape clean carfax, it seems to be a very fair price. Do you feel with the introduction of the new 2020 GT500...
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    2004 Vert

    I looked at a 2004 Vert this weekend with 27k miles on it , 100% stock ran great and looked great, The car Fax showed it had 5 previous owners, no issues no accidents or water damage. The only issue I found was the interior of the car really smelled moldy and musty, I also noticed that the...
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    Auto Check Report ?

    Hi I'm looking to purchase a Terminator and the auto check report shows its had 5 previous owners and it was auctioned early in life. The car is bone stock and has under 27K miles on it should I be concerned with the number of previous owners ? Thank you Bill
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    Rear wheel stud replacment

    I need to replace a rear wheel stud on my terminator is it a difficult job? Any suggestions or shortcuts would be appreciated, Thank you Bill
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    Value of a Terminator

    I've been looking to buy a Terminator and looking for your opinions, the prices are all over the place from $20K - to $40K+ but few seem to sell. Edmunds puts a price on them for between $14K and $18K What would be a fair price be to spend on a 2003-2004 Vert with under 30K that is stock? Are...
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    Local Car Transport

    Looking for a Local car transport to pick up a car in Northern NJ and bring it back to Hartford CT prefer enclosed trailer. Bill
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    Car Transport

    I might be buying a Cobra does anyone know someone with an enclosed trailer that would be willing to transport a car from Northern NJ to Hartford Ct. Thank You Bill
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    2004 Cobra Vert

    Hi, I'm interested in buying this car, has anyone seen it does anyone know it? The Listing ended I guess the car was sold lucky I didnt buy it, I found out the car fell off the truck when being delivered to the dealership and had suffered some major damage but was repaired by the...
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    2003 Vert E- Bay Find Phoenix AZ

    E-bay Find looks nice for the money Ford : Mustang Ford : Mustang | eBay
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    2003 Coupe New York

    Craigs list Find if you like Yellow it sounds like a good deal 2003 Cobra
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    Advise on a Cobra Purchase

    I found a 2004 Cobra that I want to buy it has 28k miles on it the only mods are a CAI and exhaust. Buying it from the second owner it has been adult owned and driven my concern is that it was never tuned after these two mods.Could I have any issues if it was tuned after these mods?
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    Crusin on Main Street in Manchester Ct

    There is a very big show in Manchester Connecticut this Sunday it was canceled last week due to the weather. They close down Main Street in Manchester to make room for all the cars,I heard several thousand cars show up.
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    Local Car Transport

    I'm looking to transport a car from Oceanside New York to Manchaester Ct, can anybody recommend someone who is resonable but responsible and insured. Thanks for your help Bill
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    I want to Buy your Car - Connecticut $21K

    Fellow Members I live in New England and I have been looking to purchase a 2003 / 2004 Cobra for about a year now with no luck yet, maybe my expectations are too high. Could you sellers do us buyers a favor and post the location and the price you want for your car in the title line so we...
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    Does any Member Know this car?

    I'm in the process of buying this vehicle can anyone give me any feedback on it? Ford : Mustang: eBay Motors (item 260656912215 end time Sep-04-10 05:38:16 PDT) ThanK you, Bill
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    I'm Looking for a Terminator in the Connecticut Market

    I'm looking for a 2004 or late 2003 Terminator vert or coup low miles, stock if possible or with as few mods as possible. I live in Hartford but I'm willing to travel within the New England ,New York or New Jersey area for the right car. I'm ready to buy now !
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    2003 Cobra Tune Question

    I have a stock 2003 Cobra and I'm thinking about putting a CAI and Magnaflow cat back exhaust on it will it require that I have it tuned ?
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    2003 Cobra For sale

    Does anyone know about this car in Connecticut? Ford : Mustang: eBay Motors (item 120613327083 end time Aug-28-10 10:30:37 PDT)
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    Good Tune Shop in CT

    Can anyone recommend a reasonable but good Dyno / Tune shop in Connecticut ?