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  1. Relaxed Chaos

    Air/Fuel ratio question

    What are y'all seeing for Air/fuel range? I hit a rock while on a road trip. You can check out the details in my Solo Road Trip thread in Roadside Pub. It put a huge dent in my catalytic converter, among other damage. Anyway, I swear my...
  2. Relaxed Chaos

    Solo Road Trip

    I'm planning a solo road trip in my new-to-me GT350 in September. Leaving western Wisconsin and heading out to The Grand Canyon. The plan is to hit every excellent road between here and there, and then on the way back stop in Colorado and Kansas to see friends and family. I'll be staying at...
  3. Relaxed Chaos

    New GT350 or keep '14 RS5

    I am really struggling here with this first world problem. I have '14 RS5. It is by far the best car I have owned. Panther Black (dark purple) with Black Optics and Lunar (cream) interior. 48K miles. Possibly 1 of 11 in the USA in this combo. Really, it's an incredible all weather luxury German...
  4. Relaxed Chaos

    GT350 in the winter

    Anyone running their 350 in the winter with winter wheels/tires? If so, what's your setup and does it work worth a shit in light snow, slush, frozen roads? Thinking of picking up a '19 ruby red and driving it all year in Wisconsin. Why? Because I'm not going to live forever. Squeezed out with...
  5. Relaxed Chaos

    Terminator Leftovers

    I sold my Terminator. I have these parts that are leftover. Kenny Bell BAP – Used $125 OEM Chin Spoiler – 2R3X-17D997 - Original Production Part# - New - $ Make Offer BilletFlow Snub idler pulley and bracket – New $100 Instrument panel cover – $old Buyer pays shipping. Items in La Crosse, WI.
  6. Relaxed Chaos

    F/S: 03 MG

    SOLD! Price: $22,750 Zip Code: 54636 Miles: 55,000 Interior: 8.5/10 Exterior: 8/10 No squeaks or rattles. Everything works. No rust. No issues. It's a great car. Fresh Amsoil 10W40, Amsoil ATF Tranny fluid, Amsoil Severe Gear oil in the rear diff, and Ford Gold Coolant this spring. I bought...
  7. Relaxed Chaos

    XCal4 + LiveLink2 + FPDC reading

    I've just made some changes and I'd like some input on my data, specifically the FPDC. Magnaflow catback 2.76 upper pulley + snub idler JLT cold air intake Lund mail order tune (through Lethal Performance) From what I understand this setup is supposed to be pretty straight forward and not tax...
  8. Relaxed Chaos

    Inside report on iPhone5 production conditions

    This is how your precious iPhone 5's are produced. I suspect 0% of iPhone 5 owners are treated in this way by their employer, all for $2/hr. A snippet from the article: "We have reached the entrance of the production floor with a warning sign that says: “TOP SECURITY AREA”. We are told...
  9. Relaxed Chaos

    Doctors reprogram body to kill cancer

    How cool is this? One step closer to beating this crap. I suspect that, with further development, this technique can be used for all cancer types. Gene Therapy Destroys Leukemia in 3 Patients -
  10. Relaxed Chaos

    Open Track / HPDE question

    I was at Balckhawk Farms yesterday for an open track day. It's about 3.5 hours from my house. The day went pretty good, but I found out the hard way that my Falken 615's were tired of being sticky. Anyway, I find it pretty cool I can drive 3.5 hours to an event, run six 20 minute sessions...
  11. Relaxed Chaos

    Crank Position Sensor question

    Does the crank position sensor penatrate the block and could oil leak through this thing? I'm asking because I have a rather tiny oil leak with fresh oil appearing just below the crank position sensor and dripping on a wire bracket and running down some flex loom. The crank angle plug is a...
  12. Relaxed Chaos

    Black Hawk Farms HPDE

    Event has been cancelled due to lack of interest.
  13. Relaxed Chaos

    FS Feeler: 2003 Cobra; Mineral Gray

    For Sale Feeler 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra 45,000 miles Mineral Grey Metallic w/ chrome wheels Asking: $22,000 (No Trades) I bought the car in 2006 and I'm the third owner. I purchased it in Phoenix, AZ. I lived in Colorado until last summer. The car is now in La Crosse, WI. The car...
  14. Relaxed Chaos

    Possibly the best Christmas song ever?

    YouTube - Dick In A Box
  15. Relaxed Chaos

    NYT has evidence ticket quotas are real

    Could it be that cops are full of BS when they claim that there are no quotas? Nah, couldn't be true.... Ticket Quotas: True Fact, Says New York Times
  16. Relaxed Chaos

    Nuclear Reactor Facts

    Just a few interesting facts about how nuclear power could help us meet our energy needs, and its safer and less toxic then the other alternatives. Too bad we in the US are a bunch of scared panzies. Nuclear fall in: Why I'm becoming a pro-nuke nut
  17. Relaxed Chaos

    Warped Headliner

    Well, I'm finally thinking about replacing or repairing my headliner. It apparently warped during its previous life in Phoenix. I'm thinking the 120+ degree days did it. The front middle hangs down by maybe an inch as compared to the edges. Is this repairable or should I just get a new one...
  18. Relaxed Chaos

    Faasst Festival in Pueblo, CO

    Any Colorado or New Mexico guys going to Pueblo Motorsports Park this Saturday for the FAASST festival? Check their websight for details...
  19. Relaxed Chaos

    HPDE: 03 Cobra vs 07 'Vette

    Sorry guys, no video but, man, what a day. I show up at 8:00 at with my car all prepped and ready, expecting a bunch of BMW's and Miata's. Turns out that BMW instructor training is going on so when they are not running there is my '03 Cobra, an '06 STi w/ 425 HP, a stock 07 STi, an '07 'Vette...
  20. Relaxed Chaos

    Went to the Nurburgring: bummer

    So I'm in France working for the past week and this upcoming week. On Saturday I leave the hotel around 8AM, get to Nurburg around 11:30 only to find it is closed for maintenance! What a dissapointment. I checked their websight and apparently they don't keep it up to date because it did state...
  21. Relaxed Chaos

    Need input: $1500 worth of upgrades

    I've got about $1500 to spend on upgrades to the Cobra. This is not a daily driver but is more of a weekend toy to take through the mountains or out to the track. I'm not interested in power adders as this car has plenty of power to get me into trouble on the corners. And besides, engines are...
  22. Relaxed Chaos

    Custom License Plate Frames

    Any interest out there in custom engraving on liscense plate frames? A friend of mine has a CNC laser engraver and does some small business on the side. I am looking into getting a custom frame and thought some others may be interested. If there is interest I'll post some pics after I get...
  23. Relaxed Chaos

    We can have an effect

    Check out this article. Our actions can have an effect. now imagine if instead of just not buying crap, we only bought American crap. It could change how companies do business but a lot of people need to make the choice everyday and be able to live without foreign made crap until it happens...
  24. Relaxed Chaos

    Chrysler, R.I.P.

    A good article about the eventual death of an American icon. It also alludes to the death of GM. The big three really missed the boat. Typical of corportate politics and management staff that had no idea how to run businesses like these. I'm still amazed that they were, and are, so far out of...
  25. Relaxed Chaos

    Need advice: bleeding brakes

    Well, my cars been up on jack stands for 4 weeks. I've got new pads, rotors resurfaced and new SS brake lines. Part of the time was waiting for parts, part was me pouring 200 ft of curbing in yard, part was work, but the past week has been due to a spongy brake pedal. Dang, I've bled and bled...