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  1. Sniperdog

    The time has come

    03 tenth ann cobra 592 rwhp for sale The time has come.,. my beloved cobra is for sale.,. o3 tenth ann cobra w/ kb 2.6 h is now for sale.,., car is in great condition Just hit 70k I have three sets of rims.,., oe tenth wheels, real saleen wheels, and newly purchased sve drift wheels all...
  2. Sniperdog

    03 tenth ann cobra 592 rwhp for sale

    the time has come.,. my beloved cobra is for sale.,. o3 tenth ann cobra w/ kb 2.6 h is now for sale.,., car is in great condition Just hit 70k I have three sets of rims.,., oe tenth wheels, real saleen wheels, and newly purchased sve drift wheels all three sets go with car,., and all rear...
  3. Sniperdog

    A car I may buy :)

    It has a bad ass cam as well 680 hp :) Time will tell Sent from Riddla's massive Johnson
  4. Sniperdog

    Starting a sleeve

    More to come :) Sent from Riddla's massive Johnson
  5. Sniperdog


    ***Edited by moderator since your pic bypasses the profanity filter.** Thought this was lol Sent from Riddla's massive Johnson
  6. Sniperdog

    Wife's b-day present :-)

    I got this for my wife's b-day :) It's pretty fun to drive too. Bikini top has been ordered, she is not crazy about the hard top, I may sell it, but it's a nice aftermarket top :thumbsup: Sent from Riddla's massive Johnson
  7. Sniperdog

    Wtb catback for 03-04 cobra,

    Mine was damaged :( pretty open on what kind, but I do need to replace it. Thanks Sent from Riddla's massive Johnson
  8. Sniperdog

    looking for a black alternator for our cars

    anyone know where I can get a black alternator??? would like a 170amp version if possible thanks Rob
  9. Sniperdog

    Official modern warfare 3 thread (xbox360)

    if this is out of line, then mods, please delete, or merge with the ps3 thread.,., I searched but did not find any for xbox,., I got this for Christmas and wanted to play with other svtper's online :thumbsup: but also have questions for the players that have been playing for a while...
  10. Sniperdog

    I know I will get more than one answer.,, but what is the best home gaming system.,,.

    Like the title says.,., I am getting a home gaming system for Christmas, but don't know what to get, I presume I'll be playing call of duty type games.,. but I am not a gamer at this point. My wife lives out of town 4 nights a week now, and instead of watching reruns and and stupid tv, I...
  11. Sniperdog

    new clutch cable

    my clutch cable is starting to go.,., so I need a new one, for an 03 cobra :thumbsup: thanks Rob
  12. Sniperdog

    Killed a magnum srt8 on the way to work this morning

    While driving to work (in mexico), @6:45.,., just minding my own business. I am pulling up to a silver magnum srt8.,. I think they are the best looking wagons out there, so I look, think nothing of it.,., keep driving, and he jumps all over it.,., I was like :dw: seriously?!?!? .,., ok I'll...
  13. Sniperdog

    Haulin ass!!!

    Put The Spark Back In Your Relationship Kinda gives new meaning to the term, 'haulin' ass'.
  14. Sniperdog

    Anyone know how to remove a rear view mirror?

    I got a new home link auto dimming mirror.,. but not sure how to get mine off :shrug: is there a special tool or just a technique that I don't know.,., I don't wanna break the windshield :eek: Thanks for the help Rob
  15. Sniperdog

    Any thoughts on what new smilies.,.,.,.,

    Any thoughts on what new smilies we should add to our current set up.,,. these are some I have found, but I am sure there are tons out there please add to it :rolling:
  16. Sniperdog

    Posi's got sum splainin' to do.........

    what's the deal brother?? :dw:
  17. Sniperdog

    My wife is so fricken awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    My wife is the DOCS (Director of Clinical Services) for a national home health care agency. They are having their national DOCS meeting in Tampa this week,..,people from all over the country and she got the DOCS of the year award :eek::banana::dancenana: I couldn't be more proud of her, and...
  18. Sniperdog

    03 cobra w/83k value??

    I may have an option to buy an 03 cobra silver fairly mint for 10,500 :eek: owned by a 60 yr old guy whats it worth?
  19. Sniperdog

    Turmoil and in need of SVTP advise

    Well apparently, my family is dysfunctional :nonono: My dad married a woman no one else can stand., she was at my wedding in 2000 and she didn't cause a problem. (She is normally loud obnoxious and a general ass hole) Now my brother is getting married and tells dad he can come, but his wife of...
  20. Sniperdog

    is this rice?

  21. Sniperdog

    Who will join my zombie outbreak response unit

    I know Jim Snover is on board,.,. (the Godfather of zombie killers) who else??
  22. Sniperdog

    Are there any runners in here??

    Accountability running log.,.,.,., I have run for exercise for about a year (3-5 miles per run),., but I have decided to up the ante, and train for a half marathon.,. Thurs I ran 7.3 miles and Sun morning I ran 12.1 .,., I would have kept going but I wound up at my house and I had to pee,., so...
  23. Sniperdog

    Another officer shot and killed in the Tampa area

    Another officer killed in Tampa area., very sad, RIP Please keep the families in your thoughts and prayers :nonono:
  24. Sniperdog

    Why do I want a Viper soo bad???????

    My neighbor put a cam in his 03 viper and took me for a ride.,.,it is badddddassssss!!!! I want one sooo bad,.,., but I don't want any debt :( he is getting his tune this week and says I am driving next time:dancenana: but then I will only want one that much more :bowdown:.,., I am trying to...
  25. Sniperdog

    Smart phone apps???

    is there an app to block calls between certain times, so that I will know they called but my phone doesnt ring, got a text last night an hr after I went to sleep :mad: and have also recieved calls after hrs as well, maybe an app that will let certain numbers through, daughters, family etc, but...