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  1. josephcostello

    FOR SALE: New 2001 Bullitt Side Skirts - NOS - $2500

    Brand new set of Bullitt Side Skirts, in factory box and wrapping. This is a NOS part that are no longer reproduced. Perfect for a project Bullitt. Will not separate. $2500.
  2. josephcostello

    FOR SALE: NOS 2001 Cobra Rear Bumper

    I have a brand new OEM 2001 cobra rear bumper in factory wrapping. As many know these were produced for one year only. This is a new Ford part that has never been unwrapped. Primed and ready to paint. Ford part # YR3Z - 17K835 - CA. $1,600 + the ship
  3. josephcostello

    FOR SALE: NOS Parchment Interior Pieces

    Everything listed below is brand new Ford stuff that was bought over the years and stored away. I will give a complete list at the end of this post and if you see something you like I'll cite what post has pictures of the exact item. Nearly everything is unobtainium and will be priced...
  4. josephcostello

    FOR SALE: NOS OEM 03/04 Convertible Top - Parchment

    Brand new 03/04 cobra convertible top in the factory box. Ford part number 2R3Z-7652700-AAA. This was purchased new and has been sitting in a box ever since. Only removed to take pictures. $1,150 + shipping.
  5. josephcostello

    FOR SALE: 2001 Cobra 4V 4.6 Complete Drivetrain - $5,750 - Northern California

    Selling the complete drivetrain out of my 75k mile 2001 cobra which will include the engine, transmission and fuel tank. All wiring, accessories, hardware, lines, ECU, cluster, radiator, brackets, drive shaft, etc will be included. Everything needed for a complete cobra swap in a v6 or gt, or...
  6. josephcostello

    MG 2001 Cobra Terminator Swap - Build Thread

    This thread will document the build of my 2001 cobra from start to finish. I will be taking a complete terminator drivetrain out of an 04 cobra car and putting it into my 2001 chassis. If you are looking for a high horsepower build with a built motor, trans, rear end and a big blower this is not...
  7. josephcostello

    Anybody able to verify mileage on this terminator for me?

    Vin is 1FAFP49Y24F197767 Please PM me if you can, it would help me a lot!
  8. josephcostello

    Looking for someone near Rockford, IL to go look at a car...

    Could be very interested in a car on the outskirts of Rockford. Looking to pay a member to possibly go look at the car for me if anyone is close. Please PM me if you'd be willing to help
  9. josephcostello

    Looking for a terminator owner near Memphis, TN...

    Mods please delete or re-locate if needed. I am looking to pay a fellow cobra owner in the Memphis, TN area to look at an 03 cobra for me that is coming up for auction. If this is something you may be interested in, please PM me for my number and let's talk. Most likely within the next couple...
  10. josephcostello

    WANTED: Wrecked 03/04 donor car

    Looking for a complete 03/04 cobra wreck to swap my car. I would prefer a car that is no longer road worthy and beyond repair. I missed one on here a couple months ago so I am hoping another will pop up. Please text me if you know of any cars, 650-305-0508 Preferences: - Under 100k miles - 10th...
  11. josephcostello

    2001 cobra engine/swap value

    Looking to sell the engine/transmission out of my car later this year and have no idea what to ask for it. Everything will be included and will be a plug/play swap for the next guy as I will be replacing everything. I am having a hard time finding much of any cobra parts online, where's a good...
  12. josephcostello

    99/01 cobra bumper sac, ca

    OEM 99/01 cobra bumper. Comes with fogs and mounting brackets. Primed and ready for paint. An extra I have had in storage, $1000 firm. Will not ship at this time so local pick up near Sacramento, ca.
  13. josephcostello

    99/01 Cobra Tail Light Harness (Ambers) - $175

    I have a pair of harness pulled from a 99 cobra that are specific to the amber tail lights. The harness themselves are in nice shape with no cutting or abrasion to the wires. A couple bulbs are missing, but they are complete other than that. $175 shipped. I will only accept paypal (I will pay...
  14. josephcostello

    99/01 Cobra 03/04 Mach 1 Throttle Cable (3)

    I've hoarded these but its time to get rid of what I won't use. I have three OEM throttle cables from 99-01 cobras and 03/04 mach 1's. These are specific to the factory intake manifold these cars came with and will not work on terminators. Two of them have brackets, one does not. W/ bracket...
  15. josephcostello

    2001 MG Cobra Coupe - Nor Cal - $13,800

    Time has come to part with this car. I bought this car about four years ago from the original owner in Oregon who bought it off the show room floor. His wife drove it up to about two years before I bought where it sat on jackstands in a garage with roughly 58.5k miles. The PO did tasteful mods...
  16. josephcostello

    FS: 03/04 Cobra Mirrors - $500

    Set of terminator mirrors for sale. One is sonic blue, the other torch red. I completely took these apart to paint, and then never painted them MG for my car. It took me 6 months to find a set with the base black plate in as good as shape as these as I didn't want a set where it was faded and...
  17. josephcostello

    99/01 Mustang Cobra 03/04 Mach 1 Throttle Cable

    Picked this up recently and will let it go for the right price. Its in nice condition no rips, kinks, etc. $170 shipped. Text works best but I will respond to PM's. 650-305-0508
  18. josephcostello

    WTB: Stock throttle body 99/01 cobra

    Need a stock throttle body to pass smog here in CA. If you have one, pm me a price and a picture. Thanks.
  19. josephcostello

    99/01 Cobra Amber Tailight Harness (set) - $120

    As the title says, I have a set of harnesses I pulled from a wreck. They are in nice condition with no damage. They comes with the bulbs. Price is $120 shipped or local pick up in Placerville Ca. Any questions can text/pm me, 650-305-0508. Thanks.
  20. josephcostello

    FS: 2001 Mustang Bullitt - $3800 - Nor Cal

    Up for sale is a dark highland green bullitt. Car has 132k miles on it and the mileage represents the condition. I purchased the car from an auction and was going to keep it for myself but I want to free up the cash. Car runs very well and most everything works like it should. Car holds a...
  21. josephcostello

    FS/FT: 99-04 SLP Catted X pipe - $225

    Pipe was bought new off American Muscle for $436 + tax. It's about a year old and was used one for roughly 40 miles. It will work for stock manifolds/shorty headers. My car was pretty low and therefore I scraped the cats pretty bad going over my gate. I took them off after I drove the car once...
  22. josephcostello

    WTB: Rear Spring Top Isolators (H&R Sport)

    As the title says, need top isolators only (1/2 inch). Isolators for other springs should work. PM or respond to thread if any of you guys have some.
  23. josephcostello

    99/01 Cobra Bumper $650

  24. josephcostello

    What's everyone running for rear tires?

    I'm about to pull the trigger on tires for my 18x9s/18x10s, and I really don't want to put something that looks small out back...:cool: I'm thinking about the nitto nt555g2's: 245/45-18s and 295/40-18s for the rear. I've seen a 285/40 on a 10inch and it looks a little hideous IMO. What...
  25. josephcostello

    Need advice: keep 01 or "upgrade" to a rebuilt title 03

    I currently have a 72k mile 01 cobra. I'm the second owner of the car and it's a very clean car IMO. I've wanted a terminator since I rode in one when I was 15, and was hooked ever since I heard the supercharger whine. I have bounced around the idea of getting into one and selling my car but...