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    Error code P2237

    So, I got an Error code P2237 which is an open circuit on the O2 Sensor. Couple of questions Is this the passenger side? Is this the front O2 sensor or the one after the catted X pipe? Is the front sensor the Wideband or is that the back one? If I buy a new one I want to make sure I am...
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    torn bolt holes on the bumper

    So a little while back I hit a curb and it tore the bolt holes in the bumper. I temporarily fixed it but this weekend I want to do it right. I am a novice at this but it doesn't seem hard so let me know if I am missing something. 1.Remove the bumper 2. Sand the plastic down around any bolt hole...
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    Trouble getting the 60' lower

    After multiple trips to the track with my new setup I am having trouble getting my 60' lower than 1.7. In fact on every run it ranges 1.69 to 1.71 every time. I am trying to get that down into the 1.5 range but I am out of ideas. The car is running 275/60 MT Pros and 3:15 gears. All on prepped...
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    unknown leak

    Take a look at he photo. This is right behind the AC compressor. It looks like grease or oil but the oil level is normal. This just started when driving home today, normal driving. I can't tell what it is no check engine light. I am debating cutting the AC belt to see if it stops. Thoughts
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    Pulley down without a tune

    Ok, dumb question but maybe you can help. My tuner is swamped so I don't want to harass him as we are all getting ready for an event next weekend. Currently I am running a 3.25 inch pulley on about 6.5lb of boost. Can I pulley down to a 3 inch without a new tune? I know I will get more benefit...
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    Racestar 15x8 and 15x10

    Yes, the search function doesn't work for me for some reason and yes, the topic is a dead horse at this point. BUT... Currently I run 275/60/15 on a 15x8 tire and it rubs on the sidewall of the tire. The car is lowered with Steeda springs about 1.25 inches and the panhard bar is centered. I was...
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    1st timeslip

    So. yesterday was my first time at a where I could see my times. I am not showing my first few timeslips lol. I hit the rev limited once, had a 2.4 60' once and then got in the grove and eventually got kicked for no rollcage, fire jacket or the right seatbelts.
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    Discharging the AC system

    Does anyone know the steps to discharge the AC system? Is this something I should take to a shop to have done or can I actually do it myself? Thank you
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    Draining water from Heat exchanger

    I am going to need to drain the fluid on my Edelbrock system in order to do some additional cooling work. Is there a proper way to refill the system so it doesn't get air pockets? Do I need to purge it somehow? In short I am going to install a Killer Chiller system to keep the IAT's low and I...
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    Killer Chiller Drag setup

    Anyone use this mounted in the trunk? I was thinking about buying it with the drag kit and installing it myself but couldn't really find any threads on the install. Is it relatively easy to install?
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    Race gas

    So, E85 isn't exactly plentiful out here in Seattle. I recently had some tuning work done by a local guy using pump gas but for track days he mentioned mixing some race gas into the fuel. What kind of race fuel should I be using and how much should I be mixing into my tank? I know Sunoco sells...
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    Car stalling after header installation

    So, had my performance shop drop in BBK headers and catted mid pipe yesterday. They also replaced the from O2 sensors with factory Ford parts from the dealer because the stock ones were welded in there tight. They didn't get a chance to tune it, that will be Tuesday along with a 3 inch pulley...
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    3 inch pulley

    I am having a 3 inch pulley installed on my car with ID1000 injectors and a BAP. Curious if anyone knows approximately how much boost this will make? I trust the guys dyno tuning my car as they are a Mustang shop and tune a ton of boosted cars. Currently the car has a 3.25 inch pull on it. Thanks
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    wheel width versus tire width

    I tried searching the forums for this but how much wider can you usually go for tire with versus wheel width. For example on my 15 x 8 race stars I have 275's on them which is 10.8 inches on an 8 inch rim. My stock rims are 8 inch also so is it safe to stick 275's on them?
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    Front tires

    I am not sure what tires to use on the front when running drag radials on the rear. I am looking at the 17 x 7 front race star wheels. Is it ok to run a normal radial on the front? Like a 235? Thanks
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    Creaking noise

    Need some help, yesterday I took a right turn into a parking lot a little faster than I should have. Ever since then I have a creak in my passenger rear suspension (at least that's where I think it is). I jacked it up, everything looked tight. I greased the LCA and panhard bar but it's still...
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    Kind of new

    Just a few pictures even though I had done a few things since these. Pretty much everything in my signature is done. This is by far the fastest car I have ever owned and I love racing this thing. I tried to load some pics of the engine with the supercharger but it won't let me for some reason...
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    Loading new gauges on sct x4

    Does anyone know how to load different gauges on the sct x4 using live wire? I want to read IAT2 and boost pressure and afr which currently isn't loaded on the default gauges.
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    Water/Meth injection or E85 fuel

    Forgive me as I am new to all this. I just had an Edelbrock installed and I am very happy with the product. Because I drag the car in temps up to 100 degrees I need a way to lower my IAT's. I was thinking of installing a Water/Meth injection kit or running E85 but I am not sure of a few things...