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    Another craft brewery shut down :(

    These types of incidents are getting out of control. Just pushing out the small guys: Ridiculous. Friday joke day ;)
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    University attack underway in Kabul - RoP strikes again

    The American University is under attack by the religion of peace in Kabul with hundreds trapped:
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    Rear clunk under hard acceleration in 1st gear

    Hey Guys, My car has developed a weird issue. If I launch hard, or stab the throttle hard from a roll in 1st gear, the car will clunk very hard. I swear it feels like the drive shaft hits the floor pan in the back. It does not do it in any other gear. Anyone have any ideas? I was under the...
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    '14 Focus ST daily driver?

    Hey Guys, Looking at getting a new daily, my office is shifting locations so can't take the train anymore. I currently have a `15 Buick LaCrosse (Wifes) and a `13 Mustang (which I don't want to daily). I found a ultra clean 2014 Focus ST for just under $19k. Its a base model with upgrade...
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    Any flight sim/race sim guys here?

    Pretty stoked, I picked up a Warthog HOTAS and mounting kit for my cockpit (Obutto R3volution). Amazing flight stick for sure. I use it to play DCS A10C (and other modules). also mounted you can see my fanatect Club Sport V2 wheel base. I have interchangeable F1 wheel and GT3 steering wheels...
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    19 Dead - 45 Injured - Tokyo stabbing rampage

    So sad :( happening now. People are crazy. P.S. BANGUNS
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    Active shooter at a Mall in Munich, Germany

    Up to 15 people killed in shooting in Germany Here we go again: Shooter opened fire at a mall inside a McDonalds. Shooters whereabouts are unknown.
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    #Brexit: Its happening!

    +1 for Sovereignty , way to go Brits.... **** people 3k miles away, unelected officials, making decisions for you!
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    Best X-Pipe for stock headers?

    I was going to order the Pypes off road X with cat deletes but everyone is out of stock for 5+ weeks. Anyone got another good one, most of the ones I have found either do not have cat deletes or have horrible fitment according to the reviews. Thanks!
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    Anyone cruising to the Weathertech Sportscar Races at Laguna Seca tomorrow?

    Just checking to see if anyone is going down, ill be in my DIB '13 parked in preferred parking.
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    Cobrajet or Boss (N/A for ~1 year then turbo)

    Hey Guys, I am currently saving and building the foundation for the twin turbos I play on purchasing in the next 12 months. My question is this. Cobra jet or boss? It will be N/A for a year with an offroad X pipe, but stock headers (not doing the work for longtubes since they will go bye...
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    To stripe or not to stripe....that is the question

    What do you guys think? I have seen a few DIB mustangs around so I kinda want to do something different. I was thinking about GT500 white stripes or maybe the supersnake single stripe. Ive seen the GT500 DIB in person with White and another one with Red stripes and I think they look great...
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    Learning how to weld?

    Hey Guys, I am looking at the possibility of getting a welder. I have two projects I am going to be picking up (a 66 mustang) and a an 89 notchback. The 66 I want to do some suspension stuff and some other custom fabrication. The 89 is going to be a track car only. Anyone here do...
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    Any easy way to figure out what gears are in my car?

    Just wondering as my gear shifts are super short in the MT82. Really feels like 4:10's I have in my fox. Any way to check via VIN? Bought the car with 28k on the clock and was bone stock.
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    Talk me into a tune?

    Figure its time to void my warranty at 30k .... should I tune stock engined car as is? Only mod is Roush A/B...
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    Brake upgrade for street use?

    So my car has 30k miles and I decided, without looking, that the brakes are in need of replacement ;) Anyways want something aggressive for the street and occasional track day (maybe 2 - 4 times a year), but not interested in going to larger rotors. My thoughts were to keep the stock...
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    Stereo Build - Pics Incoming during the install next weekend.

    Stereo Build - Pics Incoming during the instal Hey Guys, I love my music...both engine and stereo. So I am going to replace my base model stereo in the GT with something that will be awesome. I am going to do the install next weekend, just about to order up the parts from Crutchfield...
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    Fuel Gauge? Check engine light after Fuel flow issues?

    Hey Guys, Checking to see if anyone ran into this before. I was at just under a 1/4 tank of gas on Saturday and was driving to the gas station to fill up. I had 170 miles on the tank. Anyways i was driving and the gas light came on, dinged, and the car sputtered. I tried to start it again...
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    Holy mother of all bolts - UCA Mount bolt Q?

    Hey Guys, Midway into my Adjustable UCA and Mount install. I have never in the life of me seen a bolt as crazy torqued as that UCA bolt inside the car... i had to use a 5ft breaker bar to get it loose as it was killing my impact wrench. Once I got it free I swear to god I felt like King...
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    Recommended angle finder? Pinion angel

    Recommended angle finder? Pinion angle Hey Guys, Tracking down the vibration issue still, so its time to measure my pinion angle. Does anyone have a recommended angle finder, and who's procedure for the 2 piece driveshaft measurement is best? Seems everyone has an opinion I just want to...
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    Strange thing today - Cold start surging, almost stalled at a light, gas smell warm

    Hey Guys, I posted in the surge thread a few days ago but my car did something wierd today. Notes - bone stock save for roush A/B. No tune ever. So about a month after i bought the car (used with 28k miles on it), i started noticing what seems like a miss at idle. Nothing crazy. Anyways...
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    X Pipe worth it on stock mustang + tune?

    Hey Guys, Just going through my parts list and doing research. Was about to order a Offroad X, CAI + Tuner for my otherwise stock engine + Roush A/B combo However after talking with everyone i think I am ditching the CAI since the stocker performs well. So my next question is...besides...
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    Driveline vibration (chassis vibration) - any thoughts?

    Hey Guys, I swapped out my whole suspension package to whats in my signature. After doing so I have a vibration in the chassis somewhere buy I can not for the life of me figure it out. The vibration happens above 60 mph and get somewhat worse the faster you go. It happens regardless if the...
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    Cowl hood - Yay or nay (gratuitous car pics inside)

    So I was out taking pics of the car today and was wondering what you guys think of cowl hoods. Would you do it to: I am looking at the Cervinis prepainted 4" or Cobra R style...what do you think?
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    Broke a strut mount bolt - safe to drive to a shop? + 1 more Q.

    Hey Guys, I put my shocks/struts/springs in and when reassembling I torqued the them to 26lbs as per the directions, however one snapped :( So i have 3 torqued to spec on that side and 4 on the other. Is the car safe to drive for a day or two (no getting crazy) while I wait for the new strut...