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    Oklahoma Performance Fords

    $25/year to become a member, and includes a club T-shirt, sticker, a members only keychain, lots of sponsor perks, and access to our member only events and cruises.
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    Another Kenwood/Maestro install thread..

    Sorry to bring this back from the dead, just trying to figure out my issue on my 2011 Base. To my knowledge, I don't have a Sync module, and therefore cannot utilize my bluetooth buttons on the steering wheel. Can't view this gallery, but were they able to utilize them?
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    Member's Rides

    Are you a member of Oklahoma Performance Fords? Post your vehicle information below!
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    Bob Hurley Toy Drive Benefiting Project Reach Tulsa

    Toy Donations: A NEW UNWRAPPED Toy Ages: Newborn - 12 years Old Gender: Boy or Girl Restrictions: NO guns, swords or violent toys or stuffed toys will be accepted. GOAL: 2,000 Drop off at any Bob Hurley Location: November 7th - December 3rd. Final Collection Day: Saturday...
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    Fastest stock converter NA auto car?

    Whats the fastest anyone has been NA on the stock converter? Struggling to get below a 2.00 60' and 12.4 @113 with 275/55/18 M&H Racemasters, full bolt ons and UPR suspension. Hoping that the issue lies with my worn out Koni Str.T shocks. Got some Koni Sports to put on but havent been able...
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    WTB: 2011-14 Saddle leather seat skins

    Looking for saddle colored leather seat skins. Located in Tulsa, OK, let me know what you have. Will take full seat if the price is right but for ease of shipping I'd probably prefer just skins.
  7. FiveLeeter918

    OKSCA Mods Vs. Rods Shootout and Turbo 4 Ford Nationals at Tulsa Raceway Park Oct 8!

    Mods Vs. Rods is back at Tulsa Raceway Park, October 8th in Tulsa, OK! It's that time of year when we settle who's the best between the Push Rod and Modular versions of the Ford world. In addition to the drag racing shootout, Oklahoma Performance Fords will also be hosting a Show & Shine...
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    Oklahoma Performance Fords

    Hey guys, I'm Lee, President of the Oklahoma Performance Fords car club. Just wanted to post up for anything in the state of Oklahoma or surrounding areas to let ya'll know about us, we are a family friendly group of enthusiasts that share a common passion in the Ford brand. We do weekly meets...
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    WTB: 2013-14 Mustang automatic shifter assembly

    As title states. Looking for a shifter assembly from a 2013-2014 automatic. I don't think it matters, base, gt, v6, premium, it's all the same i believe. Located in Tulsa, OK.
  10. FiveLeeter918

    Installing a 2013 Premium Cluster into a 2011 Base Automatic

    I've spent the last year going back and forth on whether or not to do the 13 premium cluster swap, and finally decided to pull the trigger. I have a 2011 auto, and have been reading into the changes that need to take place for this to work. I got the As Built data for a 2013 Premium Auto, I know...
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    6r80 valve body issues?

    Anyone experienced issues with the 6r80 valve body yet? My 2011 has 95k miles with basic bolt ons (boss, cai, e85) and a Lund flex fuel tune, and is starting to show signs of issues that I can't seem to find by googling or searching. To my knowledge the tranny fluid is the original fluid from...
  12. FiveLeeter918

    2011 GT A6 downshift issues?

    Hey guys, so I have an NA 2011 GT, stock engine, stock trans with basic bolt-ons and e85. Occasionally (not always) when I get into a roll race on the highway (in Mexico), the car will exhibit some weird things. If I am in D at 60 mph (6th gear) and hammer down, instead of the car jumping down...
  13. FiveLeeter918

    Tires tracking and vibration at highway speeds

    Normally would never ask something like this online, but I'm at my wits end. Car is a 2011 GT, new Nitto NT555 255/45/18 tires all the way around. Kong Orange shocks/struts (05-09 GT), Steeda Ultralite springs, UPR tubular poly rear lower control arms, adjustable pan hard bar, camber bolts...
  14. FiveLeeter918

    Nitrous Outlet Plate with the Accufab 84.5mm throttle body

    Hey guys, getting my car setup for Nitrous and had some questions. Currently running the Boss manifold and an Accufab 84.5mm throttle body. Bought a Nitrous Outlet hardline plate kit, and went to install. I had to get 10mm longer bolts to clear the plate, and went with Allen key cap screws...
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    How much timing with e85 (2011 Mustang NA)?

    delete duplicate post.
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    Excessive brake dust and squeaking from Hawk HPS pads?

    Hey guys. I bought a set of Hawk HPS pads last month to start breaking in for when I do some autocross this year. Also did Russell SS lines at the same time. I decided on the HPS pads because they were supposed to be quiet and low brake dust while still giving a good bite and good on both the...
  17. FiveLeeter918

    Best setting for fans to reduce a small knock retard?

    Been working with my tuner for the last couple weeks trying to get a new tune design lined out, and power is crazy stupid for what's done (butt dyno) but I have a 2.5 degree KR between 5100-6000 rpm and then it stairsteps down to 1.5 at redline (7000 rpm). Measured AFR is almost perfect, tune...
  18. FiveLeeter918

    Tracing a vacuum leak with JLT intake?

    2011 GT A6 Car is pulling 5 degrees of timing throughout the powerband above 3500 rpms. Thought it was my tune, so my tuner sent me a revision thinking that it could have been due to the winter blend gas. Well, even with 3 degrees of timing pulled, still doing it. I had an old tune from...
  19. FiveLeeter918

    Koni str.t struts too tight?

    Install konis and steeda sport springs with gt500 mounts last weekend. Car has had some bugs to take care of, but overall not too bad but rougher than stock. Today I went in for an alignment and the tech told me my springs in the front weren't compressing properly and that it was like...
  20. FiveLeeter918

    Upgrading 24mm sway bar bushings?

    Rear sway bar end links are starting to pop, and while I am installing all my other goodies I figured I might as well look to upgrade them. At this point, the only thing I can find are the OEM replacements. I have seen the Prothane bushing kits, and the Steeda/BMR upgraded endlinks for the...
  21. FiveLeeter918

    WTB: GT500 Strut Mounts

    Looking to see if I can score some low mileage GT500 strut mounts before I bought a set from American Muscle. Anyone got some that came off a car for CC plates? Paypal ready.
  22. FiveLeeter918

    WTT: My Eibach Sportline springs for your Steeda Ultra lites

    Bought a set of Eibach Sportline springs about 4 months ago for my 2011, and love the stance, but they scrape everytime I go in my driveway. Thinking about trying to see if a 1.25" drop will do the trick instead of the 1.5" that these offer. Looking to trade straight across. Anyone looking to...
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    WTB: GT Premium Interior Upgrades

    Guys, In the market to start working to overhaul some of the crappy features of my Base model GT. Looking for: - GT Premium steering wheel (with or without radio controls) - Interior Upgrade Package components (brushed aluminum dash piece) - Black leather seats - Seat heater buttons...
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    What do you think I will run?

    Well, taking the car back out to the drags for the season opener this Saturday. Car is a 2011 GT, Automatic. 42k miles. Last time out, I was bone stock minus a JLT intake, GT500 axleback and a baseline tune. Ran a 12.76 at 113 mph with a 2.01 60'. I was launching at 2000 rpm and spun like...
  25. FiveLeeter918

    Sportlines on 2011 base GT?

    Got my sportlines a few days ago, just waiting on the camber bolts to come in and then I am planning to do the install. I have read in a few different places that doing the install with the base 18" wheels and 50 series tires is a no-no. Can anyone confirm this, or any experience from people...