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    Pulley and Tune on 2010 GT500

    I friend of mine recently bought a 2010 GT500 and is looking to get a smaller pulley and tune in San Antonio, Texas. I know quite a bit about the 03/04 Cobras but not that much about the GT500s. What size pulley should he get and where in San Antonio should he go? South Texas Perfomance...
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    Walmart Joke

    Got this from another forum and thought I'd share. Dear Charlie Sherrill, Over the past six months, your son Robert has been causing quite a commotion in our store. We cannot tolerate this behavior and have been forced to ban both of you from the store. Our complaints against Robert are...
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    Tie game, 25-25, Rutgers in field goal range with 1:07 left.
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    How long of a production run?

    How many years is Ford going to produce the GT-500? Thanks, Scott
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    Am I crazy?

    Or did a thread of a black KB Cobra crashing disappear? :shrug:
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    Eibach Springs-where to buy?

    Every single place I've checked for these springs say they are on back order until mid December. Anyone know who has them in stock now?
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    SSR GT3 on a Silver Cobra

    First off, sorry I don't know how to post pics. I've been looking for some aftermarket wheels that will look good on a satin silver cobra for quite a while. In another thread, someone had SSR GT3s on his silver cobra and they looked OK. He stated in the thread that they look much better in...
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    New Tires

    Getting close to needing new rear tires on the snake. Any suggestions for replacements. Looking for something that will last a little longer than the stock ones and will let me go over 50 mph in the rain. Thanks
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    New Mods

    Well, I took the pulley plunge and had a 2.93 pulley, diablo chip and accufab tb installed at Strickly Performance in Houston. My dyno #s before the install with a K&N filter and a Bassani x-pipe and catback were 376 rwhp and 366 rwtq. I was a little disappointed with that after reading...
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    True Story

    Back in 1995, I was on my way to Brunswick, Georgia traveling east on I-10 in Florida I believe. I was driving my Chevy Z71 and doing between 90 and 95 in the passing lane. The only reason for my speed that I can think of is I had been driving for two days and I wanted the trip over with ( not...
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    I have read several threads that debate which CAI is the best or which ones caused problems so try not to flame me too bad for this question. Is there any noticeable difference between a CAI and a dropin K&N filter with the silencer removed? Thanks in advance for any replies.
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    Chip & Pulley

    I am looking to get a chip and pulley in about a month or so. I don't feel comfortable installing this myself so does anyone know of a place in or around Houston that may have experience doing this?