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  1. me32

    Black Friday purchases - what’re you getting and where?

    BF deals sucked this year. Best deal was from Walmart a few weeks ago on Samsung 65in for $428. Did order from Amazon
  2. me32

    What gears are suggested

    Keep the 456, it really is a good grear for the 96-01 cobras. Not really worth it to step down to 430s. 410s at the very least. But i personally dont think it would be worth the money.
  3. me32

    Saving a 1972 Pantera

    Engine looking good
  4. me32

    Saving a 1972 Pantera

  5. me32

    Jetta GTL

    Pretty gay if you ask me. From fusion to jetta.
  6. me32

    Photos wont upload

    Should work then. What was the size of the old files? What format where they? What format are the new pictures?
  7. me32

    Photos wont upload

    Possible changes when it tries to upload notice you only have 8 posts you may be limited in your function.
  8. me32

    Photos wont upload

    Means the file is too large you will have to resize or use a picture hosting site.
  9. me32

    Can't Decide Between a 4-Door Bronco, Raptor, or Classic???

    Looks good, but at 126k ill pass
  10. me32

    Photos wont upload

    Nice explanation. Maybe give some info.
  11. me32

    Super Duty Death Wobble and Tuning

    Thanks for the response.
  12. me32

    FOR SALE: TN: 1997 GT 5SPD Mustang Vert

    Needs rule #7 with the vehicle you are selling.
  13. me32

    ISO Motocraft coils

    Normally best to buy a new set. When one fails another will done the road.
  14. me32

    FOR SALE: 2.9 Whipple Gen 2 Crusher

    The picture with the username is not with the blower just the box. Im asking for the picture of user name and date with the actual blower. That is rule #7 in market. Thanks
  15. me32

    FOR SALE: 2.9 Whipple Gen 2 Crusher

    Do me a favor and get a picture of the user name and date with the actual blower. Thanks @jaypurehell
  16. me32

    Super Duty Death Wobble and Tuning

    The ones that you have seen come in for the death wobble has there been a pattern of a particular part that has to be replaced on all of them?
  17. me32

    Went to Laguna Seca and saw some familiar faces.

    So awsome, sounds like the mach 1 with handling pack can more than hold its own.
  18. me32

    Car revved itself up to 8k rpm’s , turned it off won’t start now, only crank.

    I agree, making it way to complicated.
  19. me32

    Frying Pan Into the Fire -- Chip Shortage

    That is interesting, i wouldn't think the extra labor would be worth it. Unless they are taking that out of the destination fee for the dealership cut.
  20. me32

    ‘20-22 GT500 Predator crate engine

    Wow pretty awesome. What is done to these motors for that class?
  21. me32

    Frying Pan Into the Fire -- Chip Shortage

    Im thinking at some point this might cause issues.
  22. me32

    Brake Pad options - recommendations

    Correct they did, and the backing was a softer compound for no noise. Used them on an F150 and they were great. But never used them on a performance vehicle because i didn't believe they would hold up to what i would put them through
  23. me32

    Took my ‘69 Lincoln Continental to a track day

    Nope was a limited production.
  24. me32

    20 GT Tune Only new PB 11.78

    Always seems like a hassle for the Ca folks.
  25. me32

    2022 GT500 Order Guide

    Thank you