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  1. Blk04L

    Miami building collapse

    51 people unaccounted for to date. 1 confirmed dead. LIVE UPDATES: Surfside, Florida apartment building collapse leaves 1 dead
  2. Blk04L

    Baltimore has our best and brightest In his four years at Augusta Fells, France’s son earned a GPA of 0.13. He only passed three classes, but his transcripts show his class rank is 62 out of 120. This means...
  3. Blk04L

    Sean Connery dead at 90

    **** this year. Sean Connery: James Bond actor dies aged 90
  4. Blk04L

    Case involving home damage from SWAT

    A federal appeals court in Colorado ruled Tuesday that a local police department does not have to compensate a homeowner whose house was destroyed by 19 hours of gunfire between officers and an armed shoplifting suspect who had chosen to barricade himself inside to evade arrest. Judges on the...
  5. Blk04L

    Hurricane Dorian

    Tis the season again. Current Storm Information - Tropical Tidbits Don't like that slow down over the state. Last thing anyone needs is anything that resembles Harvey. Runs starting to nail down a path: Space coast to PBC:
  6. Blk04L

    Interest rates hikes

    Anyone else concerned about the Feds having so many set targets for interest rates? Sure, they have been low for a very long time, but I'm iffy on so many increases in a short amount of time. One more set for December of 18, and 3 more for 19. Housing has gone from a sellers market to a buyers...
  7. Blk04L

    Pedestrian Bridge collapse in Miami A pedestrian walkway in Miami collapsed on Thursday, killing several...
  8. Blk04L

    3.5L Ecoboost oil leak

    I have a 13 Explorer sport that has started a leak at or around the oil pressure relief valve. The dealership replaced the faulty one but I still see a leak that drips onto the oil filter, but never on the garage floor. Seems like it only leaks when the truck is on, and probably when the oil...
  9. Blk04L

    Ford canceling plans for $1.6 billion plant in Mexico, investing $700 million in Michigan expansion

    Ford Motor said on Tuesday it plans to cancel production of a new plant in Mexico, and instead invest $700 million in Flat Rock, Michigan. The U.S. auto giant said on Tuesday it will end plans for a $1.6 billion plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and make expansions to its plant in the U.S. Ford...
  10. Blk04L

    California National Guard awarded the bonuses in error fiasco Pretty ****ed up situation. And charging interest to boot.
  11. Blk04L

    Bombing at Brussels airport . Nbc news (tv) is saying at least 13 dead. Might of been suicide bomber
  12. Blk04L

    10 Dead in Oregon school shooting Saw a tweet that the death count may be up to 15, but, dunno how official that source is. Very sad. Suspect in custody.
  13. Blk04L

    FS-Tissot T-Race Blk/Rose Gold Watch

    Bought this watch on 8/15/13 from Jared. Wore it for 3 days, then put it back in the box. :kaboom: Guess you can say it was an impulse buy. I love the style of the watch, just, that I realized I already have a couple watches in the same style. Bought it for 675, and I'm asking 550...
  14. Blk04L

    Cop shoots dog

    Searched the topic, and nothing came up. It's a video, but you only hear audio of the incident. APD dashboard video of dog shooting
  15. Blk04L

    2009 Kx450

    Didn't think this day would come, but, it is time to sell my bike to speed up my truck rebuild. :kaboom: It's Electronically Fuel Injected, no more carburetor, and pulls hard at any rpm Bike runs great, has no aftermarket parts on it minus, radiator guards and new handlebar grips. Bike is...
  16. Blk04L

    Tropical Depression 16

    Looks like we are going to be hit with a Tropical Storm tomorrow Hope it cancels classes tomorrow. lol
  17. Blk04L

    Runs from thursday night

    Kenne Bell Mach 1(no turbo) vs Kenne Bell Cobra YouTube- KB Cobra Vs Turbo Mustang Cobra vs Friends Modded GTR YouTube- GTR Vs KB Cobra YouTube- KB Cobra Vs GTR Turbo S97 Vs Turbo Mustang GT YouTube- Turbo S97 Vs Turbo Mustang GT Turbo s197 vs Cobra vert YouTube- Gizmo Vs S/C Cobra
  18. Blk04L

    2004 Black Mach 1, 690 miles.

    Stock, only "mod" done to it is tint. 27% tint. Purchased in 2004. Paid off and not looking for any trades. Looking around $25k for it. Haven't driven it much this year, but, we used to take it out on short trips every couple of months.
  19. Blk04L

    Hedge Fund Manager: Goodbye ... And Think Pot Interesting read.
  20. Blk04L

    When boredom hits a new low.
  21. Blk04L

    Shaq headed to Phoenix pending physical IF Shaq can get healthy and back into shape watch out for the Suns.
  22. Blk04L

    Heath Ledger found dead in NYC

    EDIT: My bad, another thread is covering this sad news. RIP.
  23. Blk04L

    Possible Name Change.

    Can one of you guys change my Screen name to Blk04L? Thanks in Advance. :thumbsup:
  24. Blk04L

    Question about detonation

    This Friday I installed a MAFia because my MAF Voltage was around 4.7-4.8. When I took it out that night to datalog and to make sure everything ran fine, the truck ran great at temperatures 60-65. When I took it out Saturday night at around the same temperature the truck ran great with no...
  25. Blk04L

    Whippled V10 Excursion 9 pounds of boost with 12 degrees of timing. We had a custom intercooler installed since the whipple kit didn't include one. 4x4 with 4.30 gears. Sorry for the crappy vid, forgot the camera.