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  1. Sinister04L

    New T.V. Recommendations

    I got a 77" LG C8 OLED back in 2018 for my theater room and it's still amazing. I was mad that they stopped making plasma but OLED raised the bar. I'm about to get another 77" LG OLED for the living room, probably a C1.
  2. Sinister04L

    What Color?

    Red isn't my favorite but Rapid Red with carbon fiber looks great on the GT500. Blue is my favorite color though. Either way you can't go wrong with a deep, rich metallic.
  3. Sinister04L

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    I was finally able to drive it after almost 3 months and it wore me out, but worth it! Love this car especially with all the new upgrades and cams.
  4. Sinister04L

    Something new

    Gonna be nasty! I need more pics of this beast. And yes stud it.
  5. Sinister04L

    Prayers Needed

    Omg that's horrible. Prayers sent your way.
  6. Sinister04L

    I will miss you Ellie

    Sorry for your loss bro. They just don't live long enough damn it.
  7. Sinister04L

    Blower swap and cams for my GT500

    Thanks broseph!
  8. Sinister04L

    Blower swap and cams for my GT500

    I can definitely hear mine, a long ways away. Shop recommended I ditch the cats especially if I up the boost. I need some straight through resonators that are a bit tamer than these.
  9. Sinister04L

    Blower swap and cams for my GT500

    Thanks everyone. ARH 1-7/8 longtubes, offroad X and Roush Extreme axleback. I'm probably going to swap that for Magnaflow to tame it down just a bit. It's a little too rowdy.
  10. Sinister04L

    Blower swap and cams for my GT500

    Thanks. Yeah it does sound like a race car. Videos don't do it justice. I stopped to run into a store and left it idling because my wife stayed in the car. I could hear it all the way to the entrance of the store lol.
  11. Sinister04L

    Enter the NSX...

    Awesome car. I loooove the NSX. Pictures don't do it justice. Seeing that color in person it's off the charts.
  12. Sinister04L

    Blower swap and cams for my GT500

    Thanks yeah it's a lot of fun.
  13. Sinister04L

    Blower swap and cams for my GT500

    It drives really nice. Tune is spot on and it handles traffic well. Clutch and shifter are still breaking in.
  14. Sinister04L

    Blower swap and cams for my GT500

    It feels awesome! Totally different animal. Scared the shit out of my wife when we took it out today lol.
  15. Sinister04L

    Blower swap and cams for my GT500

    Thanks! L&M NSR cams.
  16. Sinister04L

    Blower swap and cams for my GT500

    Got my car back from the shop. Had several things done including a 13/14 Trinity blower swap, L&M cams, full exhaust, etc. On 14# in 101° heat it made 671/692. Here's a quick start up and idle vid. More to come!
  17. Sinister04L

    Dodge Just Took The Gloves Off!

    If they get their way there won't be anymore ICE vehicles. That's the point.
  18. Sinister04L

    New Lightning... or what it should have been!

    Looks sexy. Still don't like the electric aspect but I could at least respect the truck. The one they're trotting out is a joke to the Lightning name.
  19. Sinister04L

    Gun Porn Thread!!!

    Absolutely. Definitely surprised how accurate it was out of the box. G2C is on the left. It is bigger all around and definitely thicker in the hand (that's what she said). Both hold 12 rounds.
  20. Sinister04L

    Gun Porn Thread!!!

    Took it to the range today. It shot pretty nice! I took a pic of the target but the damn thing didn't save on my phone. I was very accurate with it out to 10 yards. Not a fan of the trigger with its long pull but overall I really liked it. It is small but it's larger than my EDC (P365). Shooting...
  21. Sinister04L

    Gas Prices After The Cyber Attack (by Russia?)

    $2.55 for regular near me.
  22. Sinister04L

    Don't rely on Carfax

    One of my ex girlfriends was in 3 accidents with her car. All fixed with insurance. Carfax was squeaky clean when she sold it.
  23. Sinister04L

    Gun Porn Thread!!!

    I'll take it to the range soon and report back.
  24. Sinister04L

    Let's see those REAL dogs...