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    Jeep Magneto, Manual Trans EV Concept

    Maybe this is old news, but I found it interesting. My biggest complaint with EV's is they lack engagement. The Jeep Magneto concept integrates an electric motor in a way that "feels" more like ICE. I haven't see that done before. I understand that Jeep brings out a BUNCH of cool stuff for the...
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    Leave it to the Aussies! Turnkey V8 Ranger Raptors

    Man, this looks like a good time!! Supposedly they made it fit without cutting/welding & spent the time to sort out the CAN bus connections so everything works like factory stock. I'm sure they'll cost HUGE money...but maybe they'll offer it in "kit form" at some point in the future?
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    Vid of White Painted Steel Wheels on Base 2DR

    I thought this was interesting... A guy is hitting his new 2DR with white paint to give it a more "retro" appearance. I'm not sure if I could do it to a brand new truck...but the base rigs are pretty I guess its not surprising that a set of tires and couple cans of Kyrlon can change...
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    Frank Kelly - Fast, Sidways and Mental #3

    I can't remember if this has already been posted...But Frank Kelly has to be my favorite rally driver to watch!! As the title of their vid says "Fast, sideways & mental"...100%!!! Listen around the 1:53 mark, after a crazy WOT blast, for his co-driver to say "f**k me Kelly"...and start...
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    Shelby vs Shelby... GT500 vs Bronco driven by Shelby Hall

    Short fun video of a Bronco driven by Shelby Hall(granddaughter of offroad legend Rod Hall) vs a GT500 driven by Gary Patterson(Shelby American CEO) around Hallett Motor Racing Circuit.
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    Cool EV Mini truck? Alpha WOLF

    I don't know if this is a real company...or if they just made some renderings and are taking peoples money...? But damnit, I can appreciate an EV a whole lot more when it doesn't look like a blob or a spaceship. WOLF — Alpha Motor Corporation
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    Update on Manhattan Gemballa Carerra GT Crash

    CrAzY.... With all the footage/witnesses/physical evidence of this guy smashing his Gemballa Carerra GT through Manhattan...all charges are straight up, dropped...? Rob has it right, either incompetence or corruption.
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    ECS Winter Beater Porsche

    I'm at a point in my life where all my stuff is newer and pretty nice... So when I see stuff like it looks like fun to just THRASH on something fun...but, you don't really care about!
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    Drive Vid, 1976 F150 4x4 Resto Mod 5.0/Whipple/10sp

    I LOVE this truck! Wish this was the new Raptor....
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    Tremor Sport Mode?

    I recently test drove a 2020 7.3 F250 XLT with 4.30 gears and while it felt really felt like it was lacking something? I was wishing that it had a "Sport Mode" setting like my F150. I see that the Tremors have a Sport mode and was curious if that is a "Tremor Only" feature?
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    Fat Fender Garage's '76 F150 4x4 5.0 w/blower

    I've been waiting for Fat Fender Garage to do a full build video...but they never did. If you love Dentside trucks and modern drivetrain swaps...this thing is pretty perfect!
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    New 6.8L V8 for F150/Mustang?

    How did I miss this...? Is there really a new 6.8 V8 coming to the F150/Mustang...? DAMNIT!! Just bought a new PP1 GT 6 months ago.... This guy has some decent links he shares for "proof".
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    2002 Crown Victoria Sport, Manual Swapped

    Located in Upstate NY, near Elmira, 14894 169000 miles on engine, 80,000 on transmission Manual swapped 9,000 miles ago (2004 TR3650 Transmission) Garage kept, rust free, new tires & cold AC Many new parts to complete the manual swap, many performance parts also added: Mcleod street clutch...
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    New F150 Reveal Tonight at 8PM

    I'm curious exactly what they mean by "the toughest, most productive F-150 ever, and targeted to be the most powerful light duty full-size pickup." Considering the Hellcat powered TRX Ram is coming...maybe they needed to reveal now so that "most powerful" statement is true where it won't be in...
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    Like New Unilug Race Star 15x10 Wheels with Slicks, pick up only

    (I am not shipping, will need to be picked up in Corning NY 14830) For sale, pair of like new unilug 15x10 polished Race Star Wheels with like new Mickey Thompson 28x10.50-15 ET Drag slicks They were on the car one time and driven on the street less than 5 miles. Comes with lugnuts and unilug...
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    Monoblade Throttle Body $150

    For sale, monoblade throttle body. Unfortunately I don't know much about this unit. This was on a friends car and I received it and other parts in trade. There are no markings on it I can find. I know that Evolution performance installed it with an upper & lower pulley in early 2008. I THINK...
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    M122 12K miles with 2.6 Metco pulley $350 shipped

    For sale, stock M122 blower off my 2007 GT500. It has around 12,000 miles on it, 8000 of those miles with the 2.6 pulley. Removed for blower swap, like everybody else! $350 shipped
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    Moroso Aluminum Heat Exchanger Coolant Tank $120

    For sale, Moroso aluminum heat exchanger coolant tank. Fits '07-'12 GT500's. This unit was used very little, but there is some mild corrosion around the filler neck (see pictures) The rest of it is in excellent condition. $120 shipped
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    Evolution Aluminum LCA $75 (need bushings)

    For sale Evolution Performance aluminum Lower Control Arms. These lower control arms have about 15,000 miles on them. They were making noise when removed, so I strongly suggest replacing the bushings before installing them. $75 shipped.
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    2007-09 PHRP Bolt-in KR H Pipe & FRPP KR Mufflers $415

    For sale, PHRP KR style H pipe & pair of FRPP KR mufflers. This was by far my favorite exhaust setup when I was running factory cats. It produces a very classic/traditional muscle car sound. These items have roughly 8000 dry miles on them and are in very good condition. The H pipe is like new...
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    Amusing Review of Hand-Me-Down Manual Swapped Grand Marquis

    HA! Maybe this tickles my funnybone more than others because I have a manual swapped Panther! But this guy gives a rather amusing review of his low mile hand-me-down Grand Marquis with manual trans swap...and the costs associated with it.
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    All Wheel Tank Turn, Rivian R1T Electric Truck

    Well in the past there was a bootlegged animated vid of a Rivian R1T doing a "tank turn" that got shut down pretty quick... Looks like they officially released a vid of a real truck doing it! With 700hp and 10,000ft/lbs know someone is gonna be doing this in a walmart parking lot(or...
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    5 Star Tuning Stock 2020 F250 7.3 Dyno #'s

    I've been waiting for 5 Star Tuning to get their 2020 F250 regular cab 7.3 with 4.30 gears...and stumbled onto this on their page... Can't wait to see some tuned numbers! /0']Got A 2020 7.3L Super Duty? - 5 Star Tuning
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    Electric Turbo (Cleetus edition) Potential 4.6 Usage?

    I found these video's entertaining AND interesting... I have a high mile PI 4.6 in a Crown Vic & aren't willing to spend the time to install turbo or supercharger. After reading a bunch on this system...there may be potential for a version of this electric supercharger in a car like mine. It...
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    Tesla Cybertruck

    Has some neat ideas...its unfortunate about the window demo... I just wish it wasn't SOOOoooooo Ugly.....