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  1. Hone03

    Catch Can Setup - NEW

    ******SOLD****** Everything brand new. $320 in receipts for everything. Moroso Breather tank - #85465 6ft #10 hose 3ft #12 hose 3 - #10 straight fittings 2- #12 straight fittings 1- #10 90 degree fitting Y fitting (1- 12AN to 2-10AN) 2- #10 90 degree bulkhead fittings $200 shipped to lower...
  2. Hone03

    Maximum Motorsports Bumpsteer Gauge - New

    ******SOLD****** Brand new in the box from MM. Maximum Motorsports Item Page Fits All 4-lug and 5-lug Mustangs, 1979-current Rear 1999-04 Cobra IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) Retail $120 Asking $75 plus shipping and PP fees Message (813)384-8503 for fastest response
  3. Hone03

    Maximum Motorsports IRS Rear Grip Package - Super Street/Competition, 1999-04 Cobra

    *******SOLD******** Brand new, never installed and still in original packaging as shipped from MM. $925 retail Asking $750. Buyer to pay shipping and PP fees Message (813)384-8503 for fastest response Info from MM's site This Grip Box takes the Street IRS Grip Box a step further, enhancing...
  4. Hone03

    SCT BA3000 MAF

    *******SOLD******* Bought off this forum a while back and never used before the car was sold. $160 shipped to lower 48. For quickest response message (813)384-8503.
  5. Hone03

    10th Anniversary Floor Mats

    ******SOLD***** Brand new sealed in factory plastic with original box (opened for pics). $250 shipped to lower 48. Message (813)384-8503 for quickest response.
  6. Hone03

    Maximum Motorsports Coilover Suspension, K Member and Control Arms

    ***SOLD*** I have a complete coilover suspension swap for an IRS equipped Cobra. Bought all the suspension components new from MM several years ago and later picked up a used K member and control arm package. Never got around to installing any of it and have since sold the car. With the...
  7. Hone03

    Jlt high boost and MM tubular K member. Will it fit?

    Anyone using this combination? I am accumulating my parts and was all set to order the high boost when I saw on their site that it may not work with some aftermarket tubular k members. Also running a 2.6 KB, even better if anyone has that specific setup or knowledge of if it all fits. Sent from...
  8. Hone03

    best place for injectors

    best place to buy injectors Looking for 80# injectors. Any recommendations on who to visit?
  9. Hone03

    LTB Full exhaust 3"

    Looking for a 1 3/4" LT Header with 3" collector and a 3" in 3" out Off Road X pipe. For shits and grins a 3" MAC cat back would be sweet.
  10. Hone03

    Any recommendations on who to use for powdercoating?

    Wasn't sure if most are just using locals or if there is someone (maybe a forum member) that people are recommending/using. I have some local places here in Tampa but I know nothing about them. While motor is out was going to go ahead and do the valve covers, front cover, accessory bracket, etc...
  11. Hone03

    Last pics of my 03 before she goes under the knife

    Getting ready to pull the motor so I figured I would finally post some pics before she goes under the knife. Yes the belt is routed wrong I found out.
  12. Hone03

    Finally!! The Vtec Cobra has arrived! Sorry if this has been posted before. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2
  13. Hone03

    Terminator and 2.6H or VMP 2.3

    I currently have a KB 2.6H on my 03. Considering the average used selling price, would there be any worthwhile advantage to replacing this with a 2.3 TVS?
  14. Hone03

    Cobra just started blowing oil out the breather

    Have no idea what would suddenly cause this but my Termi just started blowing a large amount of oil out the passenger side breather apparently under heavy throttle. It has a collector off the driver side valve cover but just a standard filter breather on the passenger side. Any thoughts on what...
  15. Hone03

    Ford GT Supercharger feeler

    Any thoughts on what the above might be worth or if there is a market for it? Looks practically new with what I assume to be all the related components. Owner took it off for a turbo setup.