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  1. 1wild-horse

    Kenne Bell snout disassembly

    Searched all over the internet for some pictures or a how to for taking apart a snout and replacing bearings. Blower is a 2.0 KB with a snout upgrade.. (confirmed the blower with KB) The only thing I found was an old thread on a Dodge forum. According to that, the shaft should come out the...
  2. 1wild-horse

    FOR SALE: King Main Bearings MB5283HP

    Bought these new to use for a cast iron Romeo block. Not the correct ones. I believe they fit aluminum blocks? Opened but did not install. 70.00 shipped to the lower 48. Buyer to cover the fees or send FF. Forgot to mention, they are standard size.
  3. 1wild-horse

    2020 Kia Telluride

    Been researching this vehicle the last couple days and seriously considering replacing the wifes daily with one. Reviews seem really positive and for the money at the SX trim level you get a lot of features. Starts at 44k for the SX package with AWD, add 2k for the Prestige package gets you...
  4. 1wild-horse

    1995 Camaro Z28 convertible

    Clean and straight 95 Z28 convertible for sale. 39800 actual miles on this 2 owner car. Always adult owned. Comes with a a treasure trove of original documents including window sticker, build sheet, pre delivery paperwork, dealer jacket from the original sale, dealer literature, and owners...
  5. 1wild-horse

    Used car jackpot

    Back in August I bought a used 1995 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 convertible. It had some mechanical issues that needed to be ironed out and I was up for a project. It's a 2 owner car with low miles, 39 K original miles. What I didn't know was that the original owner kept all the original documents...
  6. 1wild-horse

    LT1 experience? Step inside please

    So, I recently purchased a nice 95 Z28 convertible from a guy who spent a wad of cash trying to get an overheating condition resolved. So the shop that did the work ran down the gambit of cooling system parts, 2 water pumps, and had the heads off twice. I removed the radiator after I purchased...
  7. 1wild-horse

    Help with wifi range

    So I spent way too much time today searching, reading, watching videos... can't seem to figure this out. I'm trying to get some wifi from the house out to the shop. Have an old Linksys WRT110 router, trying to use it as an access point. Trouble is the existing router is in the opposite end of...
  8. 1wild-horse

    T.V. repairman in the house

    So I should probably just let this go being it's working on 10 years old. But it really didn't get much use for half it's life. Have a Philips 47" that the screen went black. Sometimes you could switch it off then back on and it would come back. Finally gave out some magic smoke and I found...
  9. 1wild-horse

    NIB 09-14 F150 tail light assy

    Brand new, never installed R.H. tail light assembly. With black trim inside found on FX4, Harley, trim levels. Shipped to the lower 48 for 120 .00
  10. 1wild-horse

    Just changing oil, found this!

    So, car runs great, not chasing any gremlins or anything, just dumping oil and filter before I head to the rally this week. Looked up and damn! Have it tore down in this pic and the broken piece turned out by hand luckily. Havent touched the alt since 2010, and never noticed it before. No...
  11. 1wild-horse

    Stock toe link inner spacer

    Need someone to help me out with the location of the black spacer used in the stock toe link setup. Did it go top or bottom on the inside joint? Reason I ask is that I made my own setup for toe links with greasable hiems so I made spacers to to get the centerline of the new toe links the same as...
  12. 1wild-horse

    Ford remote start 2005 F-150

    Looking for a Power Code Ford accessory remote start for a 2005 F150. Curious if these are available yet and what they cost. TIA.
  13. 1wild-horse

    80 lb FRPP injector, just one?

    Can you buy a single 80? Have a set but I think I have one leaking down after a hot soak. Would rather buy one instead of a whole set but can't find anywhere that sells just one. Thanks, Joe.
  14. 1wild-horse

    U.S. Street Nationals in Bradenton

    Anyone headed out to this show this weekend? Im south of there for the week just wondering if there is usually a good turn out for qualifying. Might be able to go Fri or Sat.
  15. 1wild-horse

    [B]F/S Local Billet specialties Street Lites W/ Tires[/B]

    Wanting to sell these locally. Don't want to hassle with shipping really. Located in Iowa, willing to meet within reasonable distance. Set of bigs and littles. $1300 Fronts are 15x4 w/ 1.625" backspace and 26x7.50 Mickey front tires. Rears are 15x10 w/ 6.50 backspace and 27x11.50...
  16. 1wild-horse

    Broke an axle? What component?

    Just for curiosity, what is the most common breaking point for the half shafts on our cars. I broke a drivers side splined shaft. broke at the outer joint.
  17. 1wild-horse

    TESLA Motors releases patents, wants to start an open source movement I don't think we will ever be done with fossil fuels, at least I hope not. But this could be the start of a major movement towards electric vehicles.
  18. 1wild-horse

    Wtb/iso: Cobra halfshaft parts

    Looking for an outer boot and the shaft (only). I have 1 good inner and 1 good outer joints just need the shaft to piece it back together for a spare. Post up or PM what you have, pics helpful. TIA.
  19. 1wild-horse

    Kids rock cover of TooL 46 & 2

    Talented J5VGILERzgg
  20. 1wild-horse

    sum beach! cobra spotted

    Don't know if anyone posted this long time ago, I've never watched the video but there's an 03/04 redfire convertible in the first part. (04 I think, drivers door lock cylinder is chrome.) Blake got the road rage attitude part right but foreign car?? Casted wrong. /JTT2LEyjdC4
  21. 1wild-horse

    Shelby Raptor

    For those like me who haven't seen it, might be old news but did a quick search and didn't see anything: Shelby's outrageous 575-hp Raptor - Video - Personal Finance A blown 6.2L would be fun, but I think I could find my own supercharger and exhaust for less than 18K, which is the upcharge...
  22. 1wild-horse

    Want to adapt this to the Cobra

    Dont know if this has been shared yet on here but saw it for the first time today and thought it was kinda cool. Now I really want it on my cobra. Had a 2014 Mustang dropped today I got to pre-deliver. Upon opening the door there was a "pony" running across the floor. Turns out it's in the...
  23. 1wild-horse

    AFS Cobra reps. 17x10.5 satins/spacers/toe links

    1/4" wheel spacers 5 on 4.5 $20 shipped/ pp'd. 19" swaged tubes with teflon lined heim joints. Used as toe links for irs, went with bars with greasable ends, $75 shipped/paypal'd.
  24. 1wild-horse

    Mustang GT / other misc, parts

    Intake air tube and air cleaner, almost new take offs 03 mustang GT. $40 shipped paypal'd. 1/4" wheel spacers. Fits mustang or 5 on 4.5.$20 shipped paypal'd. Brand new Roush pinion snubber. $10 shipped/pp'd AFS satin finish '03 Cobra reps 17x10.5 w/ snake centercaps. Gonna take...
  25. 1wild-horse

    Not your average day at the office (Roush content inside)

    Well not for me anyway. I work for a small town Ford dealer and we are an authorized Roush dealer as well. Had a customer call in the spring and wanted advice about supercharging his 2011 RS2 Mustang. I said why not and he bought a TVS2300 Roushcharger kit from us. Last week he dropped it...