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  1. mysteed

    A Build of a Different Color- 1989 Jeep Comanche

    My whole life it seems that pretty much all of the vehicles that I have purchased (save one) have been Mustangs. Now I have always been a fan of Jeeps and of the Comanche especially and this week I finally took steps to procure my very own. I am not new to rebuilding vehicles from the ground up...
  2. mysteed

    How To: IRS install into a SN95 Cobra

    How To: SN95 IRS Swap It's been a few weeks since I've completed this swap and I have to say it's one of the best modifications that I have ever made to my Cobra. With the IRS in the rear the car feels so much more comfortable on the street and taking it through the twisties has never felt...
  3. mysteed

    2003-2004 Cobra 39lb injectors

    03/04 Cobra injectors Injectors came off a 04 with 58k. Asking $100+shipping
  4. mysteed

    WTB: Coolant Crossover and alternator bracket

    Looking to buy a coolant crossover and alternator bracket - preferably from a 99/01 Cobra.
  5. mysteed

    98 Cobra powerdercoated valve covers & IMRC motor

    98 Cobra Valve Covers Powdercoated black $125+shipping 98 Cobra IMRC motor $75+shipping
  6. mysteed

    WTB: IRS center carrier/pumpkin

    Looking to buy an IRS center carrier/pumpkin. I do not need the differential itself, just the case. Though if you have a carrier that already has the differential inside of it for the right price I may be interested in that as well.
  7. mysteed

    C&O on May 4th!

    Anyone else going? Trying to get a decent group together to go to C&O this month. Planning on meeting at the QT on 92 at 6:30am.
  8. mysteed

    The Restoration of a 1995 GT

    For a while now I have been looking for a new vehicle to replace my wife's current 94 V6 Mustang. I haven't been in too much of a rush as I have been quitely looking without her knowing and keeping such a thing away from her prying eyes has been a challenge in and of itself. Last Saturday...
  9. mysteed

    Flip Key Upgrade?

    I'm seeing more than a few of the new 11+ guys moving from the traditional OEM key + remote setup to one similar to that on the Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen's with the key included into the body of the remote & flipping open when needing to be used. I realize that I'd probably need 2 keys to do...
  10. mysteed

    Mustangs Unlimited car show 11-4

    Mustangs Unlimited is holding their annual Toys for Tot's car show on the 4th of November. Is anyone on SVTP going? The last show was a pretty big disappointment IMO.
  11. mysteed

    Flowmaster Hushpower catback install

    My friend and I installed a Flowmaster Hushpower 3" catback over the weekend on his 2011 Mustang GT. The instructions provided were clear and everything was packaged very well. Overall the install took right at an hour but it helped that we had the lifts and airtools at my shop to help with...
  12. mysteed

    WTB: M112, plenum, and TB

    Looking to buy a stock M112, plenum, and throttlebody.
  13. mysteed

    FS FR500 steering wheel

    FR500 steering wheel for sale Lightly used $450shipped
  14. mysteed

    4.6 to 5.0L stroker

    So my engine is at the machine shop and apparently I need a new crank since mine is trash. I'd prefer to go with a stock crank but several people have suggested running the 4.6 to 5.0L stroker crank. I already have forged rods and pistons so would going with a stroker be a good idea and is...
  15. mysteed

    WTB stock M112 pulley and stock injectors

    Needing a stock M112 pulley and stock injectors.
  16. mysteed

    Diecasts for sale!

    Autoart 01 DHG Bullitt Autoart 98 Laser Red Saleen S281 vert (in box) Autoart 98 Laser Red Saleen S281 vert (out of box & no lightbar) Maisto 03/04 Sonic Blue Cobra vert- SOLD to SBTerminator Maisto 03/04 Black Cobra coupe Maisto 03/04 Dark Shadow Grey coupe Maisto 03/04 Redfire vert...
  17. mysteed

    Cheap 03-04 Cobra Parts

    03-04 Cobra 2.93" blower pulley (Amazon Racing- silver)- $30 03-04 Cobra Billetflow pulley hub- $40 03-04 Cobra heat exchanger/intercooler- $30 03-04 Cobra heat exhanger/intercooler fluid pump- $20 03-04 Cobra plenum- $20 96-04 GT/Cobra DSS Pro-Lite FORGED pistons (rings not included)- $200...
  18. mysteed

    LOTS of parts

    03-04 Cobra 2.93" blower pulley (Amazon Racing- silver)- $30 03-04 Cobra Billetflow pulley hub- $40 03-04 Cobra heat exchanger/intercooler- $30 03-04 Cobra heat exhanger/intercooler fluid pump- $20 03-04 Cobra plenum- $20 96-04 GT/Cobra DSS Pro-Lite FORGED pistons (rings not included)- $200...
  19. mysteed

    4V Timing kit

    Can I please get a price on the Ford Racing 4V Timing Kit (Part# M-6004-a464)shipped to 30189? I also noticed that some sites list the kit as not working on 93-94 vehicles. Obviously it can't be used on 93-95 cars but what about the 96-98 cars? I have a fiasco of a car that I'm dealing with...
  20. mysteed

    COP conversion with harness

    I'm looking to do the COP conversion in the near future and I had a few questions. I have an engine harness from a 1998 Mark VIII that I had for another project (my old 4v swapped 98 GT) and I was wondering what the differences were between my 98 Cobra and the 98 Mark VIII (other than the Marks...
  21. mysteed

    Intercooler, TB, and Misc items

    I'll update this list as I organize more parts. 03-04 Cobra plenum and throttlebody- $100shipped 03-04 Cobra Billetflow hub (no pulley)- $80shipped Amazon Racing 2.93 silver pulley- $60shipped Accufab plenum- SOLD! 03-04 Cobra intercooler- SOLD!
  22. mysteed

    Mysteed's 1988 Notch V6 drag car build

    After years of searching for the perfect car, I FINALLY found it. The car is a 1988 Mustang LX notchback. It currently has a C5 trans and the motor is a carb'd 302 with a Victor Jr. intake, MSD ignition, Flowmaster exhaust, and a Holley 650 carb and to top it off the car actually runs...
  23. mysteed

    Caffeine and Octane 12.5.10 **DUW-lots of pics**

    Caffeine and Octane is held the first Sunday of every month in Northern Georgia. This was my first time attending and the last time that they were going to hold the event at this location but nevertheless some very sweet vehicles pulled in and parked. Caffeine and Octane is a very informal...
  24. mysteed

    WTT SRA for IRS in Georgia

    WTT my SRA for your IRS WTT SRA out of my 98 Cobra for a IRS out of a 99/01 or 03/04 Cobra. Mods: 3.73 gears BBK adjustable upper control arms BBK lower control arms Tokico shocks Aftermarket quadshocks (I believe they are Tokico) Ford "B" springs Fresh differential oil
  25. mysteed

    The saving of a 1998 BAB Cobra

    Roughly a month ago I came across a thread in the Marketplace where a user wanted to sell their 1998 BAB Cobra or trade for a more user friendly DD. Realizing I had a snowballs hope in hell of actually obtaining the car using what funds I had in my bank account, I offered the gentlemen a trade...