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  1. bigmoose

    Escape ABS help

    I'm fighting an ABS issue on my '13 escape, AWD, 1.6L. initially the abs light came on, hill assist turned off, and the vehicle thought it was spinning a tire so it would cut power. Temp fix was to turn off traction contry so it would drive ok. Hooked up my IDS tool which reported a rear...
  2. bigmoose

    A/C Techs - Step in - Mini Split ?

    So i installed my own 3 head LG brand mini split about 4 years ago. I ran and flared my own line sets. I pressure tested and ran a vacuum to evacuate the line sets prior opening the condenser service valves (condenser came pre-charged). System has been operating great so i think its safe to...
  3. bigmoose

    Compression numbers

    I'm ran a compression test for a potential buyer for my car. To me the numbers all look great but I was wondering what could explain a slight variance bank to bank? My guess is timing differences between the banks but want to hear from the experts. 1-4 were 190-195 5 - 180 6 - 175 7 - 172 8 -...
  4. bigmoose

    Axle seals? 2011+ explorer

    Has anyone here replaced their rear axle seals on a 2011+ explorer? I have a '13 explorer with leaking seals. Book time is 2.8 hours. Thinking of tackling it myself instead of paying $400. One thing in particular I'm looking to figure out is if the axles use c-clips which would require me...
  5. bigmoose

    Ecoboost woes

    I DD a '13 Explorer sport that has about 100k miles. This has the 3.5EB. I recently got the dreaded cam-crank correlation code. Sure enough the chain was stretched and the phasers were locked up. Dealer cost to repair about $3k. I was under the impression this was a 2010-2011 issue, clearly...
  6. bigmoose

    Let's talk home Espresso

    This past year I've jumped into the home Espresso game. I'm completely hooked making my own hot/iced americanos. I currently have a Baby Gaggia semi automatic with MDF grinder. Overall great setup to learn on but has it's limitations. I plan on stepping up to a prosumer E61 double boiler...
  7. bigmoose

    Helm Inc service manual and wiring diagram 2004

    I've had these for a while and am selling the car so don't need these anymore. Includes the workshop manual, spec book, and full wiring diagram book. I find them alot easier to use than the digital version when I'm in the garage with dirty hands. $200 shipped
  8. bigmoose

    FS: Mystichrome Convertible #180

  9. bigmoose

    Rare Mystichrome shift boot

    SOLD I'm selling my rare Mystichrome shift boot. This came from TMI a few years ago and was from the leftover original Mystichrome leather. It has one imperfection in the leather shown in the picture. Comes mounted to the OEM console plastic as shown. Does not include the 12V power source...
  10. bigmoose

    "Powered By Ford" Coil Covers

    I've had these on the car for a few years now. Plan to list the car in the spring so I put the stock covers back on. Overall good condition. They do have clear coat issues as seen in the pics, which is how they came from Ford new. $250 shipped CONUS, PayPal included.
  11. bigmoose

    "Powered by Ford" value?

    I saw talk of these come up in another thread a little while ago. Given how hard these are to get, what's the thought on how much these go for? Edit. To clarify I'm talking about the COP covers that were from the 05-06 Ford GT.
  12. bigmoose

    Whole house humidifier?

    I'm looking ahead to the heating season and need to replace my old junky freestanding evaporative humidifier. I came across this: Aprilaire Model 800 Whole House Steam Humidifier | Sylvane I have baseboard fed by a natural gas boiler. No ducts. This unit is available with a simple flush...
  13. bigmoose

    Heavy duty roof cross bars for Explorer?

    I have a '13 explorer sport. I have the factory cross bars but they are light duty. I'm looking for a flat steel bar setup with side ears that will clamp to the factory side rails. I'm looking for something heavy duty to hold a ladder and wood from time to time. Anyone have any suggestions?
  14. bigmoose

    Left or Right?

    So I ordered some replacement wiper arms for my cobra. I selected the parts off the Tasca website which had the ford parts diagram. Since I needed both I just got both the left and right wiper arm. The problem I have is one is defective and I already removed the wipers from the packaging. I...
  15. bigmoose

    FTBR bumpsteer ?

    So I recently installed a set of FTBR bumpsteer tie rods. Here is a pic of the stud on the spindle. As you can see in the pic on the bottom there is a silver nut then a gold colored nylon nut. The problem here is the gold nut won't thread on enough for it to reach the nylon. Has anyone run...
  16. bigmoose

    Wheel rechrome

    Has anyone had their wheels rechromed near RI? Any pics and ideas on cost would be helpful.
  17. bigmoose

    FPDM pigtail?

    Does anyone know where to buy a FPDM pigtail? I bought two of them years ago when I made own dual setup but thats long gone. I'm looking to make my return setup prime like stock but the previous owner cut the wires I need out of the stock pigtail. If all else fails the junk yard is an option...
  18. bigmoose

    F/S Magnaflow exhaust for IRS Mustang. Pickup only.

    Exhaust is gone.
  19. bigmoose

    Fuel Filter after 3 years of E85

    Switched to E85 three years ago and have run nothing since. I've stored it with E85 over the winter for 6 months each year. I also have been adding Lucas ethanol treatment to each tank. Decided to take apart my fore stainless filter to see how it looked. Appeared brand new with no signs of...
  20. bigmoose

    Home Generators

    I'm looking for some thoughts and feedback on home standby generators as i'm considering getting one. I've determined i need 10-12k unit to power my entire house with some headroom. I have natural gas so i plan to go that route. I want a whole house transfer switch as not to deal with...
  21. bigmoose

    Coating on a Mystichrome?

    So my Mystichrome is stored in my heated garage for the winter. I'm looking to give it a full polish as time permits. I'm interested in trying out a ceramic coating so I bought a kit from Adam's for a pretty good price. I'm looking for input on whether to use this on my mystichrome. The...
  22. bigmoose

    Tasca Show

    Anyone here planning on going to the tasca show tomorrow in Cranston?
  23. bigmoose

    Test Sent from my MotoG3 using Tapatalk
  24. bigmoose

    IAT2 Observations

    Just wanted to post some "cool" IAT2 observations and comparisons. Setup 2.2 KB setup for 18# JLT RAI - NO shroud Killer Chiller, All lines insulated, bypassed H/E, Aftermarket HE tank. So today I went for a cruise and took down some numbers. Ambient was 85*F. IAT1 @ 55mph = 100*F IAT1 @...
  25. bigmoose

    Another What's my car worth...

    So i'm considering selling my Mystichrome and am trying to gauge the value, both what I should ask and what I should consider taking. I'll start off by saying that the whole reason to sell would be to afford to refinance my house down to a 15yr mortgage at under 3%. I just bought last year...